I wanted to invite my fellow writing enthusiast to join in something old with a new twist! This project is open to anyone and everyone, writers and readers alike, as it needs both to participate to make if possible. Join the Many Voices book project and help carve its pages from the tree of life! Its a project about all of us I hope you'll join me on an adventure down onestoryroad. A place for writers and host to this project for all. Please enter all entries at https://onestoryroad.com/contests/new

Below is a brief description. Feed back and any help is welcome!

Anyone and everyone is invited to share true stories they believe we all can identify and relate to at onestoryroad.com. Then anyone else is invited to vote on the stories and over a total of 30 round the stories will be selected by the community at large; The final 20 entries will be chosen by and independant panel of judges.

The project is about exploring and discovering what stories might resonate across the globe and the contest creates the book. The site for sharing is https://onestoryroad.com and authors retain full rights to there work, only giving limited license for us to publish. The following link is where you can find complete details about the project: https://onestoryroad.com/about_one_story_road

Entry Fee: Free

Awards: 100 dollar prize to finalists and the 20 Winners are also published in the final book. The authors collectively recieve 25% of royalties from book proceeds. (Note:50% of proceeds goes to Charities)

Dead lines: Click the following link to see full list of Deadlines https://onestoryroad.com/many_voices_rules_and_guidelines

Although it utilizes a contest the book project is about connecting all of us and the majority of proceeds go to charity and the author.

Thank you for your time. Enjoy and help explore whats down onestoryroad!!!

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