Most of my friends found their best friends in their school or class mates but I found two best friends at my home. My two experienced friends, who began teaching me alphabets and ended up learning basics of electronics!

The Veda says that parents are the source of knowledge to their children. From the very first cry till date they are the only people who stand beside you. They laugh at your poor jokes, they cry when you are disappointed.
They remain with you on all ups and downs of your life. Pampering, supporting, encouraging even all the best adjectives of the world could not explain the role of my parents in mentoring me.

Kabirdas truly said that a friend’s influence is like entering a room full of charcoal; you can’t leave the room without being smeared by the charcoal, that is no matter what you are influenced by your friend. I learnt things which I liked in them most and tried to change them, although I failed most of the times, I am like the spider still trying.

Like any other friend your parents like to hang out with you,help you with studies,etc,etc..You don't need me to tell what parents can do(curfews!!)and cant(chat with us on fb or whatsapp!!:P).

But nevertheless parents are your first best friends; you just need to think about it and realize which will happen in a matter of time. So, I do believe and can prove to all my friends who oppose the thought of it that Yes! Parents can be your Best Friend!

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