SHE :- Some one has said me that you are leaving me for a year.(with teary eyes).

HE :- No baby,, who said this, even i cant think about this..!! you know..

Your voice is my favorite sound,
that i always want to hear..

Your name is my favorite noun
that i always want to take my dear..

Your heart is my favorite home-stead
where i always want to live..

Your arms are my favorite bed
where i always want to sleep..

Your eyes are my favorite mirror
in which i want to see myself..

Your beautiful hair is my favorite shed
under i always want to take rest..

Your face is my favorite scenery
which i always want to peer..

you are only my lucky charm
You are only my dear..
I cant live without for a moment,
who said for a year..

SHE (Put her both arm around he and said) :-

You are my love, you are my faith
You are my heartbeat, you are my breath..
So my dear, live near
Because, every moment without you
feel like thousand year..

HE (with one hand in pocket to take his hanky out and whisper in to her ear ) :-

O my sweetheart, O my dear
you know,
You don't look beautiful in tear..
So please don't cry
I will be with you forever..

SHE ( with sweet smile on her face, and whisper in to his ear ) :-

Then do me a favour
Take your hanky out quickly
and wipe my tear..

Tags: Poem

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