Note: We all know what the word CANCER is potent of. There are lakhs and crores, fighting this battle courageously. But there also are some unfortunate souls out there, who couldn't make through it. This work is a small dedication to those brave souls, whose fate did not allow them to win...

Couldn't I get another chance?
I had to dream, I had to live!
Life had just started yesterday
And today came the day to leave?

World owns many shades of sorrow
But I believed it had joy too!
Was this what optimism deserved?
Death penalty for no wrong do?

People talk of destiny and fate!
No, it is not an answer to me!
If Newton's law was so correct,
Without action, how could reaction be?

I never smoked, I never drank,
I never broke rules or misbehave!
Yet it chose me to brood in,
Spreading deep, walking me to grave!

Through the years I lived,
I have learnt a tested truth;
Death is easy to understand,
Strong, solid, sour is its root.

Roots from those, life tree grows,
Taller and wider, greener the leaf
Tree must fall when root give way!
Death is deaf and a dreamer's thief!

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