We change our mind set for more happiness. We change our habits to be able to survive in this

dynamic world. When people do not want to change and become rigid the real problem comes.

We change ourselves for our passion, ambition, better career opportunities and our contentment.

Demonetization was a great change nationwide but it changed the entire country. We have the history of constitutional amendments. Change is for growth, awareness and betterment. It applies to everyone and it is required in every stage of life. Change is a kind of revolution which can take you to the desired goals through ease. You change and move ahead in life. Throughout our journey we keep on changing.

Changes can be major or minor depending on the circumstances.

We alter our clothes to fit in, we change our hairstyle to enhance our looks , sometimes we change our religion to get married to a person of our choice , sometimes we change our rules, our system, our thought process. Every work you do is related to the changes made by you.

We change our lifestyle, our food habits for good health. We change for our parents and also for our children. Change remains constant

Changes made in wrong directions can ruin us.

It is a continuous process and it is inevitable. Change yourself and become a better human being.Be that person and change the world.

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