I have been here for quite a period and now I have this feeling that in the smooth tangent of the quality of literature enriching us , now a days,is having few notches in its course.Certain posts now seem to be quite useless just like those crispy and crunchy snacks packets which contribute nothing to health but just titillate the taste buds and resulting in lust for more.
I feel that the budding writers are getting away with the Bollywood method for getting easy popularity by including the spicy and 'masaaledaar" topics and writeups having erotica and other stuff. Those stuffs ,in my opinion ,hardly contribute anything to creativity.I don't think there is lack of subjects and events to write about and contribute something new and help this platform to evolve in a new and unique way.
Well this was only the pits I was talking about.There are many posts which I have come across and it was so good to read these posts and gave eternity to the mind ,I thought of giving speechless many times if it had been possible.
In my opinion,The creativity should come from the depth of heart and not just applying marvellous quality of mind over such topics which already have so much contributers from ancient times :D
In present times ,we require those creative minds on more important event and topics in todays context.
Happy Writing...:D
P.S.-The above views are individual perceptions of the author.

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