Waking in the cool sand.
Tide coming in.
Moonlight and emptiness.
No not emptiness.
Life is everywhere you just can't see it
Sharks are feeding.
Stars are burning
Fish are hiding.
Waves crashing on the shore.
I Lay alone. My friends are somewhere else
I lay in the cool, powdery sand.
Soft and caressing.
I look at the stars and sing amazing grace softly
Without notice my eyes tear up.
I think of Maa.
God took her this winter.
I think if what you stood for.
More tears.
I think of my faults. My sins.
I realize I am strong.
Independent. Though I yearn for love I can wait.
I Can be happy with my flaws and body.
No more insecurities.
I never felt so free.
I am a changed person.
And soon everyone will See.

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