Chanting gives peace of mind. Mind is always a mystery and the mystery of the mind can only be understood through deep meditation.

Hare krisna chanting is as powerful as hare rama and the two names are names of the supreme God Visnu. So powerful the names of God that they create vibration in the body, mind and sprit. The vibration that chanting produces can even reach every nook and cranny of the universe. All that is needed is how well you commute with God. Those whose paths are clean and cleared off all kind of material hazzards that can lead to sin are the true desciples of God, they become mureeds of Allha. Their paths are claen and they should be silent even they are moved by mob of the world as God speaks for them and they should always be faithful to God as through their faith the world awakens. When a mureed is awake he senses God all around Him and the awake is the Buddha.

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