My life did seem complete,
When I settled on to the seat.
When I joined this site,
The fiction moved out of sight.
There was a lady with melody,
Laughing genuinely without parody.
By the name of mallu she went,
Scattering wisdom where she meant.
Eternalme was the name of a person,
The thoughts sending one to diversion.
As an entity,he was many moulded in one,
The focus of his was second to none.
David was a guy who wrote with furore,
His writings being renditions of God.
With his focus,he would go far,
Not falling once like the shooting star.
Sushree and smriti were the buds,
Waiting to blossom into flowers with time.
Anand wrote elegantly with passion,
His heart lay in showing people with compassion.
Prashant and utkarsh had the power of thought,
The duo were an invisible force to be fought.
Mukhtaar and riya were superb in their own way,
They commanded respect wherever they went to stay.
Persons were there who weren't meek,
For those whom I left,an apology I seek.
Last but not the least,
I would like to thank one guy.
Sri,make the world your own,
For you are the reason we all could fly!

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