Reaching home from office, hungry, waiting for my metro to reach Sector 28 station, am busy thinking what shall I make in the kitchen as soon as I enter, yummy and quick snack along with Ginger Tea.
My evening snacks and tea is the best time of my day which I spend with myself, good cozy moments after a long day..
Today also I zeroed down to Cheese (Paneer) Sandwich which I generally make with lots of veggies, oregano, sauces, chilli flakes and like it grilled and hot. While I was cutting Cheese slices; went into flashback of some childhood memories...Summer evening, my uncle, aunt and their two children same as of my age almost ten years old were having last meal of their visit at our place after spending around three day vacation. Mummy was serving cookies, hot tea and cheese sandwiches to them. My eyes were rolling over sandwiches, very simply made with only Cheese, black pepper and salt but looked so yummy.
Within minutes my mother realised my intentions and told me with a whisper ' you dont take please, cheese is limited, let them finish first' I was so much aware of these statements of hers, heard a couple of times before as well, I understood immediately, as programmed; realising cheese is costly; meant for the guests and assured her of my actions.
From that day to this day, I want to tell my mother, whenever I cut Cheese slices I remember the incident and smile on my own, thinking how lucky I am today, how things change, how much yummy was that sandwich at that time which I never got.
Sitting in the balcony, sipping tea, thanking God for everything and having simple cheese sandwich with only salt and pepper I am enjoying the moment, here and now; thinking to give my mother a call after finishing.

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