Guess I do not care, if I'm alone. What matters most will be what I

To be sane? Or just be the same of what I am. Some have what
is needed to fill all of the voids. Others have emptiness that makes
them live in shame.

Some people need much, others need only there self.

I wish I knew what I was, and where I should be. Is that to much to ask?

Where do you dwell in life? On top, or at the level of deep sorrow?

Maybe I say to much. I wonder what you think.

Tomorrow will give us a new day of time, maybe sunshine, or maybe gloom.

Choices we make, will shape our tomorrow.

Be careful of your decisions. I say only from my life.

Live to love others, others will do the same.

No some will not, but rid them from your presence.

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