[Scene 1]

ANNOUNCER - I now welcome everyone to Day 1 of the Olympic Games!!

CROWD - Woohoo!!!

ANNOUNCER - Within the next few minutes we'll have the following track events going on in order: 100m, 400m, 400x4m, 100x4m Relay, 110m Hurdles, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Pole Vaulting, Discus, Shot putt and finally the Javelin.

CROWD - (Crowd goes wild).

ANNOUNCER - It's going to be an action-packed 1st day. Let the games begin!!

ANNA - Guys, where's Brett?

JAMES - He's getting us all drinks.

JENSEN - Guys look! it's Frieda!! that fastest woman in the world.

ANNA - Oh my god ah!!! (in excitement).

DEAN - Guys can you quiet down, I'm trying to sleep.

JAMES - You hear that guys? he's taking a nap, at the stadium!!

DEAN - Then tell the stadium to quiet down.

JENSEN - Oh boy, here we go again. What? are you drunk?

DEAN - Nope (hiccup) nevah....

ANNA - He's drunk, again!

JENSEN - Every time, always Dean.

BRETT - Guys I'm back!

JAMES - About time, where were you?

BRETT - They had a huge queue at the snack bar.

ANNA - Couldn't you have used the vending machines?

BRETT - The cans they sell are so tiny, probably the size of a scotch cup.

DEAN - Man that's tiny!

BRETT - What's with him?

JENSEN - Drunk, as usual.

BRETT - Same old Dean. Just when you think game's have started, he gets drunk.

JAMES - Well come on he just did it at the wrong time.

ANNA - We almost never have breaks like this because we're always on duty.

JENSEN - On duty we're the intelligence agency, off duty we're what we call "party animals".

BRETT - Not really, just look at that thing.

JENSEN - Oh right, sorry. What I was meant to say was that we're the "party animals" and a drunk guinea pig.

DEAN - (Drunk) Oi! who're you callin' drunk, guinea pig?

JAMES - You.

DEAN - (Drunk) Me? I-I always thought that you were drunk.

ANNA - Guys it's starting!!

ANNOUNCER - Woman's 100m race, will commence in 3, 2, 1, Go!!

BRETT - Woo!!

ANNOUNCER - Frieda!! now at first position!! ooh!! now look there, we have Jan coming last by a meter.

ANNA - Poor Jan.

JENSEN - She knows she doesn't stand a chance against Frieda.

ANNOUNCER - Oh wait!! what do we have here! Jan's accelerating!! overtaking five positions!! now in a close tie with the second position.

BRETT - Wait what?? h-how did that-

ANNOUNCER - Oh my god!! she overtakes Frieda, and oh my what glory!! she beats Frieda!! who claims to be the fastest in the world!! my oh my what a magnificent race!

JAMES - (Shocked) Shoot!

DEAN - Jesus Christ!!

JENSEN - You're awake?

DEAN - I woke up the minute I found out Frieda lost.

ANNA - You too? t-t-this is unbelievable!!

BRETT - I know right? Jan probably trained hard.

JAMES - But she's from Dalek. Dalek never gets into the top 10 in the Medal standings.

BRETT - Well that's why we bought tickets, anything can happen.

[Scene 2]

ANNOUNCER - Next Event! we have the 400m!

ANNA - Who are you guys putting your money on?

BRETT - Natasha.

JENSEN - Natasha.

JAMES - Of course Natasha.

DEAN - Umm....Kate.

ANNA - I'm going for Kate. Natasha doesn't stand a chance.

BRETT - Says who?

ANNA - Hello? she broke her hamstring just last week because of the race at the Summer track meet.

JENSEN - She probably recovered by now.

ANNOUNCER - On your marks! get set! Go!

ANNA - Come on Kate!!

JAMES - Natasha!!

BRETT - You can do it!!

DEAN - Oh oh!! Verma's speeding up.

JENSEN - Wait what??

DEAN - Look right there, s-she's second!

ANNA - What the hell??

BRETT - That road-runner just overtook Natasha!

JENSEN - Now she overtook Kate!

ANNOUNCER - And Verma! finishes off in style!! first place.


BRETT - The hell??

(Dalek kept winning all the track and field events, they all covered first and second place. Not lower)

[Scene 3]

ANNOUNCER - Now up to the medal tally.......Dalek!!! team Dalek wins the track and field at the Olympic games with a total of 20 medals!

ANNA - (Shocked) t-t-twenty-

DEAN - Medals.

BRETT - Something's not right. I'm getting a strange feeling about this track and field event.

JAMES - Well what do you know? they actually took their national training really seriously.

BRETT - I'm not sure it is James. I mean it just struck me.

ANNA - What just struck you?

BRETT - You remember how you told me Natasha broke her hamstring last week because of the Summer track meet?

ANNA - Yes?

BRETT - That was the last track meet before the Olympics today.

ANNA - Point is?

BRETT - You guys have internet on your phone?


BRETT - Search up the results for the previous track meet events.

JENSEN - Okay.

(They search up the results)

JENSEN - Here they are.

BRETT - (Browses through all the results) I knew it!!

JAMES - What?

BRETT - See look, none of the Dalek athletes made it into the top five.

ANNA - I see...

BRETT - It takes a lot of training sessions to come into the top five, it isn't easy stuff.

DEAN - What are you going to conclude?

BRETT - Drugs.....I'm concluding with my hypothesis saying that they've been drugged.

(Shocked reactions by others)

JENSEN - You're probably right, there's no other possibility of their performance getting enhanced by a huge margin.

BRETT - Friends, we've got ourselves a new case.

ANNA - Yes!


ALL - Yes!

JAMES - What do we do now?

BRETT - We need to disguise ourselves into looking like tourists.

ANNA - Got it.

[Scene 4]

BRETT - (Whispers) This is their team's room. Follow my lead.

ALL - Got it.

GUARD - Oi! Oi! sorry, exits are that way.

BRETT - Sorry to bother, but I want to speak to team Dalek's head coach.

GUARD - No can do, this place is off limits. Not allowed.

BRETT - But please! y-you've got to understand us please! m-my brother is diagnosed with brain tumor. He won't live any longer, his final wish before he passes away was to take a picture with Team Dalek.

GUARD - Hmm.....

BRETT - (Whispers to the back) Jensen, act like you're diagnosed with brain tumor.

JENSEN - What??

ANNA - Just do it!

JENSEN - Fine! fine! (acts it out).

GUARD - A-Alright then, but only for a short while and that's it. If the council finds out, I'll get fired.

BRETT - Don't worry about that, w-we'll be quick. Come on Jensen.

JENSEN - (Acts in a funny-ridiculous way)

GUARD - Oi! who are you??

BRETT - T-They are my cousins and siblings, t-they're coming too.

GUARD - Oh okay, proceed.

[Scene 5]

HEAD COACH - Good job! you really showed it tonight!! I'm happy with all of you!!

BRETT - (Whispers) Follow me with every move. We're going to ask him to take a snap with the discus thrower.

ANNA - Why the discus thrower? why not Jan?

BRETT - The discus thrower is younger than everyone. It won't be hard to interrogate her once we've done the kidnap.

JAMES - Wait what?? we're going to kidnap?

BRETT - Ssh! yes we're going to kidnap. Follow my lead.

HEAD COACH - Oi!! what're you doing here!! this is off limits!!

BRETT - Sorry sir. We d-don't mean to disturb but this is Jensen, say hi Jensen.

JENSEN - (Says hi in a retarded way).

DALEK TEAM - (Says hi back with a weird reaction).

BRETT - Oh I'm sorry. Jensen here is diagnosed with brain tumor.

HEAD COACH - Brain tumor? oh no! t-that's horrible.

BRETT - The doctors say that he won't live long. His final wish was to take a picture with the young discus thrower from team Dalek.

HEAD COACH - Oh! y-you like discus?

BRETT - Reply Jensen.

JENSEN - (Nods).

HEAD COACH - Well okay then, but just one photo and done alright?

BRETT - Right sir.

HEAD COACH - I feel sorry for you Jensen. Lily! go and take a photo with them.

LILY - Sure.

ANNA - Could you come to the back so we can take your picture?

LILY - Alright.

(They go to the back).

BRETT - (Whispers) Find the exit.

DEAN - Across the hall.

BRETT - Are we away from the team?

DEAN - Yes.

BRETT - Good, now hand me that anesthetic.

LILY - Now then where would you like the-

(Brett sprays her with anesthetic)

LILY - (Unconscious).

BRETT - Carry her body, hold the exits. I'll make a run for it now and get the car.

ANNA - Got it!

(They all rush quietly down the hall, towards the exit. Brett pulls in close to the exit with his car)

BRETT - Put her in the back!

(They drive off)

HEAD COACH - Lily are you done....Lily?...Lily!! where are you! She's gone!

DALEK TEAM - What?? s-s-she's gone?? b-but how??

HEAD COACH - Come on! where could she possibly be?! the qualifying rounds are in two days. Wait hold on a second....(suspects the 5 people) God damn it!!

[Scene 6]

(In the car while driving)

ANNA - Where to Brett?

BRETT - Our secret hideout.


HEAD COACH - This is the Head Coach of Team Dalek. I'm calling to report a team member, gone missing!

POLICE OFFICER - Gone missing?! oh dear this is bad, really bad.

HEAD COACH - We need her urgently! the qualifying rounds are in two days! we can't participate in Women's Discus if she's not here.

POLICE OFFICER - Right then. Name?

HEAD COACH - Lily, Lily Schwartz.

POLICE OFFICER - Don't worry sir. We'll take immediate action (drops the call). Alright team! gear up! we're searching for Lily Schwartz, a team member from Dalek. Let's go!!

(Police squad jumps into action)

[Scene 7]

(Car stops just outside the secret hideout)

JENSEN - Bring her in Dean.

DEAN - (Carries her body along with James).

BRETT - Switch on the lamp, aim it towards that chair.

ANNA - Interrogation?

BRETT - You know it.

JAMES - Man! gosh she's heavy!

DEAN - What do you expect. She's a discus thrower, of course she's all packed up with muscles and strength.

JAMES - I mean come on! out of all the people we've kidnapped and interrogated, she's the only one who feels like a manikin.

DEAN - Joke?

JAMES - Nah I'm serious.

ANNA - Tie her arms and legs behind the chair. Duct tape her mouth.

JENSEN - Got it.

BRETT - Everyone all set?

ALL - Yes.

(Brett takes a cup of water and splashes it onto Lily's face)

LILY - (Wakes up) Mm?! (pants) Mmm!! Mmm!!! (squirming, trying to get out).

JENSEN - Shush!

JAMES - Calm down, we're not going to do any harm.

DEAN - We're the CIO, Crisis Intelligence Organisation.

ANNA - We're just going to ask you a couple of questions. This is regarding you and your team's performance today.

BRETT - Right then, I'm sure you're now aware of the procedures. When I remove the duct tape off your mouth don't go off screaming, and don't worry once we're done we'll let you go.

(Removes the duct tape off her mouth)

LILY - (Pants louder) Huh?! phew...w-what do you want?

BRETT - First of all I want to commend your excellent performance today. That was a whopping throw you did today.

LILY - Oh um...thanks.

BRETT - You uh, happy about your win?

LILY - Yes, I'm very happy. Never felt better y'know.

JENSEN - I don't mean to be rude to you but...are you aware of being drugged?

LILY - Drugged? no! never, I never take drugs. It's perfectly against my wish.

ANNA - Really? are you sure? are you lying?

LILY - I'm not lying! I haven't taken any drugs.

JENSEN - Tell us the truth! are you hiding it from us because it's your team's secret?

JAMES - Spit it out!

LILY - Stop!! I-I-I'm not lying I haven't taken drugs! w-why don't y-you believe me (sobs in sorrow).

DEAN - I don't think she's lying, she probably did train hard don't you think?

BRETT - That's one possibility. But there's still a chance, were you given any vitamin tablets during training sessions with your team or at home?

LILY - Yes! I-I only take vitamin tablets my team gives me.

DEAN - Interesting....(whispers) Brett, I'm guessing they've drugged their team players.

BRETT - (Whispers) That's what I'm thinking. Lily, how old are you?

LILY - 19.

ALL - (Astonished).

BRETT - Heard that guys, she's 19.

LILY - What about it?

BRETT - Lily, tell us how your sporting career took off.

LILY - W-Well back in Grade 8 I was a very good discus thrower. I entered national level track and field competitions and came first. I had a successful winning streak right from Grade 8 till Grade 10. Everything changed when I received a letter from the Dalek Capital Athletic Club. They gave me a scholarship to enter their school. After a huge talk with my family about this, they finally allowed me to give up my studies to be in this Athletic Club. From then on it was strict training from morning to evening.
Our everyday routine would be to get up on our feet, work on our discus drills and skills from 8am till 5pm. This was the case everyday. I didn't do well in the first couple of track and field meets, this is my first Olympic game. Our team's nutritionist introduced a new supplement for us to enhance our performance, he gave this to us and our team 6 months in advance before the games. Every lunch time our nutritionist would gives us that supplement.

BRETT - Hold it right there. Was that supplement a tablet?

LILY - Yes.

BRETT - Anna, bring me the drug encyclopaedia.

LILY - Why the drug encyclopaedia? I'm telling you repeatedly, I haven't taken any drugs!

DEAN - Shush!

BRETT - Now I'm going to flip page by page. You stop me where you see the tablet you were given okay?

LILY - (Nods).

[Scene 8]

(Keeps flipping the pages. Now on section S)

DEAN - Well? is it any of them?

LILY - No....wait! wait!! stop!! that's the one! that's the one they gave me.

BRETT - This? y-you mean these pills?

LILY - Yes yes! those pills. They gave us 2 of those for every lunch period.

JENSEN - (Shocked) Oh god.

JAMES - Not good, not good at all.

LILY - W-Why?? i-is this bad?

BRETT - Unfortunately Lily, yes. This is bad, y-you've been drugged.

LILY - (Shocked) M-Me?? d-drugged!! No!

ANNA - Shush, quiet down.

JAMES - But Lily didn't you realize there's something different about you?

LILY - What's different about me?

DEAN - Look at you. Your body structure is like that of a man, couldn't you make it out during this transformation??

LILY - Well sorry, I-I didn't know because everyone else I was training with was just like me. So I thought I was normal.

BRETT - What about during the games this afternoon, didn't you notice something different amongst you and your opponents?

LILY - (Silent in shame).

(At the Olympic stadium)

POLICE OFFICER - Security cameras were in every team room right?

SECURITY - Yes sir.

POLICE OFFICER - Including the hallway to the exit?


POLICE OFFICER - Right then, I need to take a look at the footage.

SECURITY - Sure sir.

POLICE OFFICER - Rewind...Rewind. Stop! is that her?

HEAD COACH - Yes! t-that's her!! and those were the people!

POLICE OFFICER - Can't see their faces properly. Show me the front camera which is on top of the exit.

SECURITY - Yes sir.

POLICE OFFICER - Hmm....wait a second? Brett, Anna, James, Jensen and...Dean.

HEAD COACH - Y-You know them sir?

POLICE OFFICER - U-Um y-yes I do actually. I'll ring them right now.

HEAD COACH - You even have their contacts??

POLICE OFFICER - Sir don't worry. No harm has been caused, just leave the rest of this to us alright.

LILY - (Sobs) I always thought I-I was special. B-But now I'm not!! I-I'm just a faker!

BRETT - (on the phone) Hello?

POLICE OFFICER - Ehem Brett, it's me. Looks like you've kidnapped Lily from Team Dalek, am I right?

BRETT - (Silent) Yes, yes we have. Before you can jump conclusions tell the coach that everything's alright. She'll return in a matter of 30 minutes.

POLICE OFFICER - She's alright coach, nothing to worry about.

HEAD COACH - Who are the kidnappers?? what are they doing it for?

POLICE OFFICER - What's this kidnap about?

BRETT - I'll let you know later. Can you hold on for a second? Lily before playing were you drug tested?

LILY - (Wipes her tears off) N-No. I don't know why though, coach said we were cleared beforehand.

BRETT - (Signals to his team) Officer, we'll be there in half an hour to explain everything. Right now I want you to clear your station's interrogation room.

POLICE OFFICER - S-Sure I can do that, bye.

HEAD COACH - What happened?

POLICE OFFICER - The kidnappers and Lily are coming back here soon. Stay calm. Constable!

CONSTABLE - Yes sir?

POLICE OFFICER - Go to the station and clear the interrogation room. Brett needs it.

CONSTABLE - Oh I see where this is going.

POLICE OFFICER - Yes, hardcore interrogation.

[Scene 9]

(At the Olympic stadium car park)


LILY - (Exits the car and rushes inside her team room).

HEAD COACH - Lily! you're back! t-they didn't do any harm to you did they?

LILY - No sir t-they didn't!

HEAD COACH - Officer! I want a clear explanation on why they kidnapped Lily, Now!

POLICE OFFICER - Sir hold on for a moment, I'll clear your doubts. (On the phone) Brett, where are you?

BRETT - Right here.

POLICE OFFICER - Found you and your team. I'm coming with the coach.

BRETT - Right.

(They meet)

HEAD COACH - You!! how dare you-

JAMES - Sir calm down. We're the CIO: Crisis Intelligence Organisation.

HEAD COACH - (Confused).

JENSEN - I know what you're thinking, why would we want to kidnap your team member?

ANNA - We're doing an investigation regarding the players being drugged.

HEAD COACH - Drugged?? what nonsense, there's no way they've been drugged. I can assure you of that.

BRETT - We'll come to a conclusion when we do her drug test.

JENSEN - When are we doing it?

BRETT - Now.

HEAD COACH - (Eyes opened widely and turns back to walk, after 10 steps he makes a run for it).

BRETT - Get him.

(Jensen, Police Officer and Dean chase after the coach)

(The coach runs down the stadium hallway)

DEAN - Go to the front and block him! I'll catch up!

(They rush to the front door and catch him)

HEAD COACH - Let go of me!! do you know who I am?!

POLICE OFFICER - Enough with your big introduction. (On the phone) Yes Brett we've got him what do you want us to do now?

BRETT - Bring him to your station's interrogation room, and tie him up in his chair. You know the drill don't you.

POLICE OFFICER - You betcha!

[Scene 10]

JAMES - Supervisor!

SUPERVISOR - Yes can I help you?

JAMES - We need to take a drug test immediately now. Can you arrange for it?

SUPERVISOR - Sure, come with me. What's the issue?

ANNA - We just have doubts on this young athlete.

SUPERVISOR - Hmm....me too though. I was wondering how such a young athlete could throw that far.

LILY - (Eye contacts with attitude towards the supervisor).

(In the Drug test room)

DOCTOR - Yes can I help you?

SUPERVISOR - We need to drug test this athlete.

DOCTOR - Sure, hold on for a moment while I get the apparatus ready.

BRETT - Sure.

LILY - I-I'm scared....what i-if it says positive! d-do I have to go to jail? a-am I going to be banned from the Olympics?? (sobs) w-will my sporting career be over with??

JAMES - No calm down Lily. Listen, it's not your fault. There's still plenty of clean air in you. It's only if you've taken them by choice you'll have to face those consequences. Although there is another case scenario: If you were tested positive before the games, you would've faced one of the three consequences. Luckily you're saved.

LILY - If it wasn't for coach I-I wouldn't have been tested.

ANNA - Yes, what are we going to do about coach?

BRETT - Oh that. We've taken care of him, he's at the Police station.

ANNA - Oh! for that right?

BRETT - Yes.

ANNA - This is one hell of a hectic day don't you think?

BRETT - Justice never sleeps. If it does sleep it means we're not doing our job properly.

JAMES - I can just frame this in my room for the whole world to see.

BRETT - I'm an intelligence specialist, not a poet.

JAMES - Just the tip.

DOCTOR - Right then, you're name is...

LILY - Lily.

DOCTOR - Lily, okay Lily. In this test I'll be taking a sample of your blood.

LILY - Okay.

(Doctor takes a sample of her blood)

DOCTOR - Give me 10 minutes to confirm the results.

ANNA - Sure, take your time.

[Scene 11]

(At the police station)

POLICE OFFICER - Open the door!

HEAD COACH - Let me go!! I will not waste my night at a bloody police station!! you hear me!

DEAN - Hold him down!

JENSEN - He's straining too much.

POLICE OFFICER - Got it! I've tied his arms around the chair. (Ties his legs).

JENSEN - All done.

HEAD COACH - So, you think it's all over once you've tied me up to the chair?

JENSEN - Dean, get me the silencer.

HEAD COACH - Silencer? what you're going to read me a bed time story?

JENSEN - (Tapes his mouth with duct tape).

HEAD COACH - (Shocked) Mmm....mm!!...mm!!

DEAN - Gosh, I wonder how Brett's going to handle this one.

JENSEN - (On the phone) Hello?

BRETT - Is everything okay there?

JENSEN - Yes everything's taken care of. Brett this guy is going to be a hassle. We taped his mouth with duct tape and he still won't shut up.

BRETT - That's weird, normally they shut up by the time their mouth's are taped. Oh well, just give him the shot.

JENSEN - Sure, bye! Pass me the shot.

HEAD COACH - (Confused reaction).

JENSEN - (Sprays him with anesthetic).

DEAN - Phew.

[Scene 12]

DOCTOR - Yes you're right. Her results are positive.

ANNA - Knew it.

DOCTOR - She's been drugged with steroids. Her testosterone levels are high, she has more male hormones compared to female hormones.

LILY - (Shocked) S-S-So I-I'm now....A-A man?!

JAMES - Calm down Lily.

LILY - How am I supposed to calm down when I'm practically a man?!

JAMES - Listen Lily, you're not a man. You just have more male hormones than female hormones. So you'll be going through what the males do.

LILY - That's what I said!

JAMES - No listen to me Lily. Eyes up here okay! you-are not-a man. The purpose of drugs like steroids in sport is to enhance our performance.

DOCTOR - Drug use in sport is called Doping, Lily. Doping is a form of cheating in sport, mainly because athletes use drugs to enhance their performance like James said. Reality is that males have higher testosterone levels than females meaning if I compare you with a male of the same age, height, weight, level of training and fitness. You'll still be beaten by him because he has more testosterone.
Purpose of steroids is to increase testosterone levels in an athlete so that their performance is better, and if you have higher testosterone levels it means you'll be growing like how a man would. Having the same hormones as men, experiencing similar moods and all, this includes similar features too.

LILY - H-How do I stop this!!

DOCTOR - Drugs in general are very addictive. Just like how kids are addicted to games. By the looks of it, you are motivated to stop taking drugs. Solution is to stop taking drugs.

LILY - Okay, I-I can do that (she's shivering) t-though drugs possess me like candy, I-I'll just r-reject!

ANNA - That's the spirit Lily.

LILY - Yes!

DOCTOR - If you resist yourself from taking drugs from now till next week, I can arrange for a vaccine. It'll give you your normal female hormones.

LILY - What if I still take drugs before the vaccine next week?

DOCTOR - Then we have to keep pushing the date till you finally stop. If we do it next week prior to what you said then it'll be impossible because your male hormones would be highly active and not stabilized.

BRETT - Okay Lily? remember you can always trust this doctor. If anyone offers you a tablet or medicine and you have doubts on it, you can see this doctor to check if it's the right medicine for you.

LILY - T-Thank you all. I-I would've n-never come this far if it wasn't for you.

JAMES - Our pleasure to help. Oh and your head coach will be interrogated, there'll be a chance of him, you know not coming back. A-Are you okay with that?

LILY - Yes please!! a-and don't spare the nutritionist too! these two miscreants can't be forgiven for what they've done. Not only me but they've let the entire team, and the nation down for doping! d-don't spare them.

ANNA - (Stops voice recording on her phone) Good, now I've just voice recorded what you've said so that unnecessary riots don't occur in Dalek or here because of the Coach's fate. The public will trust you for sure because of the tone you're speaking with.

LILY - (Wipes out her tears) T-Thank you, finish your duties! (Salutes to the team).

(The team salutes back to them).

[Scene 13]

DEAN - (On the phone) Hello? Brett?

BRETT - (In the car, driving) We're almost there, hang tight.

DEAN - Okay. Jensen, he's almost here.

POLICE OFFICER - When is the big thing going to happen?

DEAN - He's on his way. It'll happen.

POLICE OFFICER - Okay, I'll be out for a while to get a burrito and a drink. Can you guys take care of the station during the time being?

JENSEN - Sure.


(Police officer exits)

DEAN - Jensen, what do you suggest we do now?

JENSEN - We have to stay alert in case he wakes up, as well as taking care of the station.

DEAN - I know, but what else?

JENSEN - Well....

BRETT - Hey guys.

DEAN - Oh hey! what happened?

BRETT - We drug tested Lily. Results were positive.

JENSEN - Woah.

ANNA - She was panicking a little when coming to know about her transformations and all. She's okay now. Doctor said if she resists taking drugs for another week he can give her a vaccine, to retain her female hormones.

JENSEN - Sounds great.

JAMES - And...Anna got a voice recording of Lily saying she doesn't want the coach or the nutritionist to be spared. So we're in the clear to take action.

DEAN - Woo! great. Brett, shall we begin?

BRETT - Yes.

[Scene 14]

(Brett is alone in the interrogation room along with the coach)

BRETT - (Splashes water on the coach's face to wake up).

HEAD COACH - (Wakes up) hmm....(shocked) mm!! mm!!

BRETT - Shush! (takes out his gun).

HEAD COACH - (Shocked, nods for no).

BRETT - I'm going to remove the duct tape off your mouth. I don't want to hear any screaming or wailing alright?

HEAD COACH - (Nods).

BRETT - (Removes the duct tape).

HEAD COACH - Huh! phew!

BRETT - We drug tested Lily. Results are positive, she's been drugged with steroids, and I know very well you're involved in this too because you tried to escape earlier on. Let me tell you one thing: Competition is not only used to see who's the best and who's the worst. It's also also a system used to tell where you stand. How does that happen? we test and see each competitor's abilities.
More specifically in sport, we have competitors aiming to win as well as the audience who are ready to get thrilled to see the exciting competition. Let me ask you a question: Will the audience be pleased to see the same results over and over again? same speed, same winner, over the time period of 100 or 200 years?

HEAD COACH - It isn't about the audience. It's about winning and bringing glory to the nation!

BRETT - Okay, so let's take this the way you put it: glory to the nation. Say for example your country wins in every event over the time period of 10 or 20 years. All of a sudden one day, they all come to know that they've been using drugs to win in sports. Drugs if you're aware of it is a form of cheating. Your nation will come to know that they are worthless, they don't stand in sports in reality, the only reason they're winning is because of the drugs given to players.

HEAD COACH - You don't understand! I didn't want to do it! but we've never stood in the top five in any track and field event over the past 10 or 20 years. You know the pain me and the nation go through?! how many families and children have cried because of the nation's inability to come to the top?

BRETT - Train!! train hard!! drugs isn't the solution! let me tell you one thing, you can give the same dose of drugs to a 10 year old and he'll be unstoppable when in the games with the professionals. Your players won't feel they're special after seeing that. Drugs doesn't only have that effect on your players, it's the same for everyone! train your team to becoming more better! give them better drills, good food options to stay fitter and all. Don't go the risky way of putting their sporting career in danger.

HEAD COACH - (Grins) Still, I don't have the patience. Don't influence me with my job!

(Brett goes out of the room)

BRETT - Anna! pass me your phone.

ANNA - (Gives him her phone).

(Brett goes back in the room)

BRETT - (Plays the voice recording).

HEAD COACH - (Shocked).

BRETT - I think you already know what's coming to you, don't you?

HEAD COACH - (Shocked).

BRETT - I gave you options to get better, I told you all the pressure and bad stuff you'll be under. You still didn't listen, now (loads his gun).

HEAD COACH - Please! please d-don't d-do this t-to me!

BRETT - Dean! stop the recording!

DEAN - Done!


BRETT - You see, every time our team does this whole interrogation drill we always video record what's going on in here.

HEAD COACH - (Shocked).

BRETT - So now everything you've said: plans, rebuts, is all here. We don't want unnecessary riots going on in here and Dalek because of what's going on later on, it'll get complicated. So yes, once my job here is over I'll send this recording to those who need it and boom! all clear.

HEAD COACH - W-What's g-going t-to happen l-later o-on?

BRETT - The big finish (aims the gun at the coach).

HEAD COACH - What! p-please! d-don't kill me! I-I'll do a-anything!

BRETT - Anything?


BRETT - Well in that case I'll open this new matter to you. I know very well that this drug scheme was put up by you and your team's nutritionist, I also know very well that there's a third figure involved in this.

HEAD COACH - T-Third figure?

BRETT - All athletes before the game have to be drug tested before the games. Your team didn't get tested, and no one from the Olympic committee pointed a finger to ask why you haven't been tested.

HEAD COACH - (Starts breaking a sweat).

BRETT - A black sheep from the Olympic committee is involved in your scheme. Tell me who that is.

HEAD COACH - You need to know who that is right? I-I'll tell you! i-it's the Olympic drug police!!

BRETT - Hmm....

HEAD COACH - We bribed him a s-sum of $10 b-billion to skip our drug test, and also to not question why!

BRETT - Ooh, $10 b-billion. Wow! how many sports equipment, fitness apparatuses could you have bought out of that money to improve your team's ability?

HEAD COACH - (Silent).

BRETT - I see. Well, thank you very much!

HEAD COACH - I-I'm off the hook r-right?!

BRETT - (Points his gun at the coach again).

HEAD COACH - W-What?! w-we had a d-deal?!

BRETT - We had a deal. You heard the affected athlete. Your act has caused this young athlete to have sleepless nights from now on, leading into depression and trying to cope with her unhealthy body. Too much to handle for a young athlete I can tell you that for sure. The girl wants you dead! her wishes, my command (shoots him on the head, and blows his gun in style) (Takes the coach's phone out of his pocket).

(Brett exits the room).

BRETT - (Packing his stuff) Well, looks like my work here is done.

ANNA - Well? any further investigation.

BRETT - Yes, apparently there's a third party involved in this. We'll meet up with this third person and give him the same treatment. For now, lights out!

JENSEN - Great move Brett.

[Scene 15]

(Back at the stadium)

BRETT - We're the CIO. We want to see Lily from Team Dalek.

GUARD - Yes, you may go in.

BRETT - Thank you.

D. MEMBER #1 - Hey it's them.

LILY - Hey guys. W-What happened?

ANNA - The coach (uses her finger to cut her neck).

LILY - Really?? wow! t-thank you!! phew I'm so relieved now.

D. MEMBER #1 - What's going on over there?

LILY - C-Can I tell them?

DEAN - Go for it.

LILY - Guys our coach is dead!

TEAM DALEK - W-What?!! h-he's d-dead!! w-what the heck!!

JENSEN - True story everyone.

D. MEMBER #2 - H-How?? d-did he die??

BRETT - We umm.....killed him.

TEAM DALEK - You what?!

D. MEMBER #3 - How dare you!! I'm calling the police!!

JAMES - Hup! before you do anything first listen. We're not really kidnappers okay! we're from the CIO: Crisis Intelligence Organisation.

TEAM DALEK - (Confused).

JENSEN - We don't destroy for unnecessary reasons, we destroy to protect.

D. MEMBER #5 - W-What did coach d-d-do very wrong?!

BRETT - Anna, play the recording.

ANNA - (Plays the video recording of what happened in the interrogation room. Every athlete is shocked).

D. MEMBER #10 - W-What!! w-w-we're-

LILY - Yes, w-we're all drugged. That's why we've been magnificent today.

TEAM DALEK - (Moaning and panicking).

BRETT - Everyone calm down! I hope you all by now know why we did this to your coach.

D. MEMBER #6 - Salute to you sir! y-you've done a great job. Our sporting career's would've been ruined anytime. More over o-our lives would've been in more danger if this was going on for much longer.

D. MEMBER #16 - You've done a good job CIO. We as a team thank you.

ANNA - I hope you all understand why we had to take drastic measures. We think twice before doing something like this. We considered the fact that your lives and sporting careers are at great risk, the Olympics won't be good for the audience as the results are easily predictable and, it's a shame for the entire nation if the truth was out.

BRETT - Any comments, questions or concerns?

D. MEMBER #20 - We still have our qualifying rounds. W-Will you drop us out of the games?

DEAN - No, we're excusing you all just for now because you were all unaware of this.

D. MEMBER #26 - We don't have our coach with us now, w-who will train us now? g-give us tips and all?

JAMES - That umm...d-don't worry about that. We're going to make those arrangements pretty soon. You'll have your replacement coach by the qualifying rounds, d-don't worry.

JENSEN - Anything else? very well, we'll be taking off from here.

BRETT - Finally one more thing: Don't go about spreading this news to everyone alright? we are the only bearers of the evidence, we don't want press media and other key people bugging us for the evidence all at once. We ourselves are going into further investigation with this case because, it's not over yet. If anyone asks don't tell them unless they keep bugging you, okay?

TEAM DALEK - Okay, thanks!

ANNA - Your welcome. Rest well! and don't worry, we've made arrangements for you all next week to get your vaccines from the doctor here. Two types of vaccines will be given: for the men, your vaccine will lower your testosterone levels. For the women, your vaccine will not only lower your testosterone levels but also give you back your female hormones.

TEAM DALEK - Thank you CIO!

JENSEN - Your welcome. Take care!

[Scene 16]

(Next day morning)

BRETT - (Wakes up and picks up his phone to dial).

ANNA - Hello?

BRETT - It's me, Brett. You remember our plan for today right?

ANNA - Yes.

BRETT - In another hour and so meet me at the Olympic stadium, North Gate. Call and tell the others.

ANNA - Sure, bye! (Dials the others using conference call).

ALL - Hello?

ANNA - In another hour and so meet me and Brett at the Olympic stadium, North Gate. We're going to execute today's plan.

ALL - Got it!

(Everyone gets ready and drives to the Olympic stadium, North Gate).

ANNA - Hey!

BRETT - Hey! are the others on their way?

JENSEN - Hey guys!

JAMES - What's up?

DEAN - Yo yo!

BRETT - Doin' good. Had a good rest last night?

DEAN - Yes.

JAMES - Just, had enough sleep.

BRETT - Okay. Today we don't have much to do, we're just going to repeat the same drill with this Olympic drug police and make arrangements for the replacement head coach.

JENSEN - We'll split into two! you and Dean go for the drug police.

BRETT/DEAN - Got it.

JENSEN - Rest of us will make arrangements for the new head coach. We need the replacement by tomorrow or it'll be too late.

ANNA - Good plan, let's go!

(The team splits into two, now heading to do their jobs)

[Scene 17]

GUARD - Yes sir can I help you?

DEAN - We're the CIO, we want to meet the drug police.

GUARD - Sure, come in. Now just go straight down the hall, third last office to your left.

BRETT - Thank you.

(They go down the hallway).

DRUG POLICE - Yes, come in.

(Brett and Dean enters the office and plops themselves down on a seat).

DRUG POLICE - Yes men, can I help you?

(Brett and Dean give each other an eye contact signal).

DEAN - We're the CIO: Crisis Intelligence Organisation.

DRUG POLICE - Yes, yes, carry on (writing his paperwork).

BRETT - We're doing an investigation, regarding Team Dalek's performance.

DRUG POLICE - (Stops writing all of a sudden, keeps his head down) O-Okay, w-what do you want me t-to do about that?

DEAN - $10 billion.

DRUG POLICE - (Shocked) W-What??

DEAN - The bribe amount which you had accepted.

DRUG POLICE - (Shocked) W-W-What??! h-how do y-you-

BRETT - You think it's easy to just spot the criminals don't you? I'll tell you what, it's easy to spot criminals and black sheep.

DRUG POLICE - (Shocked).

BRETT - (Makes the noise of a sheep to intimidate him more).

DRUG POLICE - (Attempts to throw a pen at Brett).

BRETT - (Reacts and moves his head away) Oh so that's how this is going to work huh?

DRUG POLICE - (Pushes everything off his table and tries to make a run for it).

DEAN - I'll get him!

BRETT - I'll get the car, North Gate.

(The drug police and Dean in a big chase).

DEAN - (While running he comes close to the police, side by side. He kicks the back knees of the police).

DRUG POLICE - (Falls down in much pain. Lays down as if he's willing to surrender).

DEAN - Nice try, punk! (pulls him along and brings him outside the stadium).

BRETT - (At North Gate, sees Dean with the police) Chuck him inside.

DEAN - (Stuffs him in the back of car).

(They drive off).

[Scene 18]

ANNA - (On the phone) Yes we need a replacement coach urgently! the current coach here is unable to stay with the team, his health is serious. You are? okay thank you very much! i-is he well qualified and trained? yes, thank you that'll be great. Your team's qualifying rounds are tomorrow, we need him by then. Thank you, thank you very much. Yes, we'll pick him up, don't worry. Bye!

JAMES - We got 'em?

ANNA - Yes.

JENSEN - Why didn't you just tell them that we killed the guy?

ANNA - Seriously man, I don't want to deal with nonsense talk going for the next hour or so about his death.

JAMES - You could've told them that we have the evidence to back it up. That'll shut 'em up.

ANNA - It's not that easy. If it's here only then it's okay. We're going to be dealing with problems from all three sides: Our investigation, Olympic regulations regarding the coach's presence and riots and mourning in Dalek. Just too much.

TIM - Hey guys what's up?

JAMES - Hey Tim.

JENSEN - What's up?

TIM - I umm....(nervous) want to say something important (giggling).

JAMES - Oh boy, here we go again.

TIM - Anna! w-will you marry me?!

ANNA - (Shocked).

JAMES/JENSEN - (Shocked) The heck??

TIM - I mean come on, you know how many times I've said "I love you" to Anna and things would never work out, I decided to be different this time and go with "Will you marry me".

ANNA - (Pissed, feeling bad for Tim sarcastically).

JAMES - Tim, come here. Sit down. Now then where were we?

TIM - Planning our wedding?

JAMES - Ah yes! Tim let me give you a piece of advice. It's not really advice, it's more of General Knowledge: If "I love you" doesn't work out then "Marry me" won't work either.

TIM - But why? come on! I mean I even wore her favourite perfume today!

ANNA - Oh, you. Wearing my favourite perfume, what is it?

TIM - Lynx, make the girls go Meow!

JENSEN - Jeez man, enough. Right, that's not her favourite perfume!

ANNA - It's Versace, not Lynx. One more thing, don't believe everything advertisements say about these products alright?

TIM - Why would they lie?

ANNA - Because they think these scents attract women, when they don't!! they just make us more cautious about when a guy's about to hit on us.

TIM - D-Did I do that?

ALL - (Nods) Yes.

TIM - Man this sucks. At least does-

ANNA - No Tim, this cat will not go "Meow" no matter how hard you try. It's always a growl.

TIM - Cats don't growl! unless you're a lion, or a tiger, or or-

ANNA - I'm a Tigress.

TIM - Damn girl.

ANNA - Don't even think about it.

TIM - Can I at least-

JENSEN - Sorry, we ran out of tissues. You're most welcome to cry outside!

TIM - (Leaves).

JAMES - Man what is it with this guy?

JENSEN - Can't he just hang out with us for once, y'know like a guy!! spending time with a guy!!

JAMES - Ew...what, are we gay?

JENSEN - You and your sick mind. Stick a soap in your mouth. I'm talking about Man time!

ANNA - What is this "man time" you so call?

JENSEN - It's complicated you girls won't understand.

ANNA - I'll understand when I live a life with my man.

JAMES - Oh really?

ANNA - Yes, he'll just cut me off and say "Oh I've got a party to go to" "Oh I'm all drunk again" "Oh I'm too lazy to clean my room".

JENSEN - You're mocking us?

ANNA - Not mocking, it's the reality. We outgo you in activeness.

JAMES - Oh really?

ANNA - Yes.

JAMES - Start talking.

ANNA - Okay I will. Can you tell me why men are so lazy?

JENSEN - Huh! lazy?! when have we ever been lazy?

JAMES - I know right?? totally a flaw.

ANNA - Oh, what do you call it then when I say you're lazy?

JENSEN - I'll say I'm not lazy, I'm just tired and need a break.

ANNA - Really? you take a huge 16 hour break? what are you? sleeping on a flight that's circling the globe?

JAMES - Listen Anna. In your girls language it's called "lazy", our language it's called an "art".

JENSEN - Good one!

ANNA - An art, how c-can you please explain?

JAMES - Y-You see, when we're taking a huge break like you said we men have what's called the power of imagination. While taking a break we control our imagination to paint pictures, moments and stories in our minds with our eyes closed. When our eyes open in the end, we don't recall what we've just created. The fun part is that you don't need to even try to paint these things in your mind, it just happens once we close our eyes (winks in the end).

ANNA - (Sarcastically) Oh so your huge definition for art is nothing but....dreaming.

JENSEN - (Pissed).

ANNA - Simply just day dreaming or dreaming in sleep am I right?

JAMES - (Pissed, scratching his head).

ANNA - Ehem, what happened? you both broke your fuse box? hahaha!!

JENSEN - (Whispers to James) I ask you to say something that'll freeze her, instead you're freezing us? The entire worldwide association of men is going to spit on you.

[Scene 19]

(At the police station)

POLICE OFFICER - Right then, carry on.

DEAN - Thank you sir, (brings him into the room).

DRUG POLICE - Let go of me! I will not tolerate such acts!! I will report you to the police!!

DEAN - This is the police!

DRUG POLICE - (Silenced).

DEAN - Sit down!

DRUG POLICE - Or else what?

DEAN - (Takes out his gun, and loads it).

DRUG POLICE - Okay okay! I will! don't rush me!

DEAN - Now then, (ties him to his chair).

DRUG POLICE - Oi! I'm already sitting down! why are you tying me to the chair?? what am I? a fragile box?

DEAN - Oh you'll see, we don't want you running away in the end.

DRUG POLICE - Running away in the-?

BRETT - Positions!

DEAN - Right! (turns on video recording).

BRETT - (Eye contact with the drug police) Hmm...you were just minding your own job. You should've just done that right? why on earth would you accept a $10 billion bribe?

DRUG POLICE - (Silent).

BRETT - Oh! (gestures money with his hands) this is why right? answer me!!

DRUG POLICE - (Nods his head quickly).

BRETT - Tell me? what're you going to...do with this $10 billion?

DRUG POLICE - J-Just what o-other people do: Spend it, build a house, become a rich man!

BRETT - Necessities, overrated housing and the belly of a rich boy huh? let me clear one thing with you: That money won't last you a year, wait wait: not even 6 months. Do you know why?


BRETT - You got the money by cash or credit?

DRUG POLICE - Cash of course! what do you think?

BRETT - Hmm...Cash. Now then there are two things you can do with that money: firstly you can hide it in your house and spend as much as you want. Secondly you can put in the bank and spend all you like!

DRUG POLICE - Sure sure, thanks for planning my accounts!

BRETT - Let me finish: I can guarantee you that you'll be getting a letter from your bank asking why you deposited $10 billion all at once, they'll even ask where you got that much money from. They are smart people, they can just search up who you are and conclude by saying your usual salary is nothing but $135,000 a year.

DRUG POLICE - (Swallows his saliva in tension).

BRETT - They'll arrest you, for being involved with black money.

DRUG POLICE - (Lets out a heavy breath).

BRETT - Other possibility is that the Income Tax office finds out that you haven't been spending money lately over the past 6 months, they'll investigate through this and come to a conclusion saying that you're still alive, healthy and working. A warrant will be sent out to the police by them and they'll head down here to search your entire house for money, (whispers) they'll even check your bank.

DRUG POLICE - (Tensed, sweat runs down).

BRETT - In the end, you'll get arrested. You see what I'm trying to get through you? now tell me, is this bribe money a good thing or a bad thing? will you still be able to live a good and problem-free life? how many lies will you scream out to your family about your new-found wealth?


BRETT - You won't handle it would you?

DRUG POLICE - Apparently, your possibilities don't apply to me!

BRETT - (Silent) Why may I ask?

DRUG POLICE - Firstly I have a Swiss Bank account: they don't care about how much money I deposit or withdraw.

BRETT - (Silent).

DRUG POLICE - They won't even let the Income tax officers, or even the government to lay hands on my account if it's necessary, do you know why? it's because it's my account! my private account!! something only I can utilize, not the others.

BRETT - Hmm...

DRUG POLICE - My wife and I are divorced! I only live alone! me and my friends next door!! that's my life! alright?! don't think you're so great okay? you're not the world's next avatar: destroyer of all evil. Just because you're the CIO doesn't mean you can do everything perfectly.

BRETT - Ehem! do you know what separates us from you?

DRUG POLICE - Speak up!! you're giving me nothing!!

BRETT - You are in charge of having the teams doing their drug test. Not only that, you're also in charge of checking if their drug tests have been done. That's it! we on the other hand, we deal with problems, huge problems, problems that not only happen here but also connecting from other parts of the world. We plan, serious in a way that we end up 100% successful in the end. We're fit! we're smart! we know each and every move of people like you! and once we've tracked down each and every criminal or black sheep, there is no doubt that he'll suffer by the end of the week. Any questions!!

DRUG POLICE - Hmm!! very good! I-I'm very impressed you could tell me why we're different. I've gone over why I'm clear as crystal, what're you going to do to me huh? huh? huh?

BRETT - Stop recording!


DEAN - Done!

DRUG POLICE - What's going on over here?!

BRETT - Remember how I told you we're smart? we're also well prepared, beforehand!

DRUG POLICE - (Shocked).

BRETT - Let me tell you how our team's interrogation works: We bring people like you into the room, tie you up, we video record what's going on inside here.

DRUG POLICE - V-V-Video record-

BRETT - You heard me! video record. Every single step you said you would take to clear your $10 billion problem is all in our hands. I'm not afraid to send this to the Olympic committee, The Government, Income Tax office or Swiss Bank. Gosh! that's a lot actually, you'll get attacked on all 4 sides.


BRETT - That's not all. Do you know what happens in the end? we finish with a bang!

DRUG POLICE - With a...bang?

BRETT - (Draws his gun and loads it. Points it towards the drug police's head).

DRUG POLICE - Huh! no!! no!! please!!

BRETT - You see the last one is optional. During the interrogation time I give you solutions as if I'm your guiding angel. From then on your fate is hanging off a cliff. You chose not to listen so what does that mean?

DRUG POLICE - No!! No!! No!!!

BRETT - Good night Sheep!! (shoots him in the head) on the bright side, you won't have to face arrests, sacks or court orders after this.

DEAN - What do we do with the recording?

BRETT - Keep it. If anyone asks you can give a copy of the recording.

DEAN - Okay. So now we conclude Day 2 right?

BRETT - You betcha. Gosh, lots of work man. What does it take to tell the accused to go by my solutions?

DEAN - Tell them the disclaimer beforehand?

BRETT - Nah! won't work. They won't mean what they say. They need to make a decision that comes from here (hand on heart) not over fear of death.

DEAN - Right.

[Scene 20]

(At the airport arrival hall)

JAMES - Is he coming?

ANNA - The Athletics Club gave me the coach's number. His flight arrived 30 minutes ago right?

JAMES - Yes.

ANNA - He should've cleared everything by now. I'll give him a ring (dials the coach's number).

R. COACH - Oh what? (picks up the phone) Hello?

ANNA - Hi, this is Anna. I'm told to pick you up. A-Are you here yet?

R. COACH - Ah yes, the Athletic Club told me. Yes I'm coming with my luggage, there was long queue at the immigration.

ANNA - Oh okay.

R. COACH - I'll be coming out shortly. How can I recognize you?

ANNA - I'll be holding a placard written "Dalek Coach".

R. COACH - Right then, see you shortly.

ANNA - Okay.

R. COACH - (Cuts the call) Hmm...that must be them.

JAMES - Anna is that him? he's coming for us.

ANNA - Probably.

JAMES - Dalek Coach?

R. COACH - Yes, Hi nice to meet you! the name's Johnston.

JAMES - James.

R. COACH - Anna right?

ANNA - Yes.

R. COACH - Ah yes. Nice to meet you.

ANNA - You too.

R. COACH - Right then. If you can show me where the restroom is, I have to go really badly.

JAMES - Just there.

R. COACH - Thanks, be back in a jiffy.

JAMES - (Starts suspecting something).

ANNA - What's with you?

JAMES - I'm just thinking. The head coach said they introduced this drugging strategy to everyone in Team Dalek. I'm getting the feeling that even athletes other than the team athletes are being drugged.

ANNA - That's a good point. No worries about that, I searched this coach up. He is a top-notch clean coach. Head of the athletics department at the club. I browsed several drug markets; legal and illegal ones. He hasn't made purchases of drugs. In fact he's one of those coach's that believes in a healthy lifestyle, rather than risky ones.

JAMES - Nice move you made there.

ANNA - Told you women can multitask.

JAMES - When did you say multitask?

ANNA - Oh I didn't mention that? now you now.

JAMES - Gosh Anna. What's with you and being sexist?

ANNA - Ehem, I only said women can multitask. I didn't attack on the men did I?

JAMES - Technically umm......No, no you didn't.

ANNA - Ha!! just got burned by a girl!

JAMES - A girl who's the size of-

R. COACH - Hey, I'm back. Shall we go?

ANNA - Sure.

(The coach and Anna leaves, James stays to finish his line)

JAMES - The hell? I didn't even finish? how come they get to finish their lines and not me? timing (sighs).

[Scene 21]

O. SECRETARY - Sir! Sir! Sir!

O. OFFICER - What! what is it?! w-why are you shouting?

O. SECRETARY - Look at this video recording!

O. OFFICER - What is this?

O. SECRETARY - It's our Drug police! h-he's been interrogated!

O. OFFICER - What?! s-show it.

(Plays the entire video recording)

O. OFFICER - That god damn son of a-

O. SECRETARY - Who are you scolding sir?

O. OFFICER - The drug police obviously! who else? now look! we're going to face a ton of peers if this goes out to public. W-Who sent this?

O. SECRETARY - Brett, a specialist from the Crisis Intelligence Organisation.

O. OFFICER - Okay, he did a really good deed. He saved us from being corrupt. Do one thing, congratulate that agency and keep this to yourself. We'll show this clip to the entire Olympic committee, this will only be between us.

O. SECRETARY - Yes sir.

(Swiss Bank reaction)

S. OFFICER - Oh god! he's trying to corrupt us!

(Income Tax officer)

I. OFFICER - Oh god.

(Back to Dean)

DEAN - Okay is everyone in conference call?

ALL - Yes.

DEAN - Now listen. Don't publicize this okay? it's because the Olympics are going on, the event will be spoilt if this went out. Do your duties quietly so that no one outside takes notice. We've given the players their warning, if this act repeats then we'll allow you to publicize it alright?

S. OFFICER - Sure, but what are we supposed to do? he hasn't deposited the $10 billion into his account yet. What do we do now?

DEAN - For now just keep this event to yourselves. Same goes to the Income tax officer.

I. OFFICER - Got it.

O. OFFICER - Same goes to us?

DEAN - Yes.

ALL - Thank you (drops the call).

BRETT - Done?

DEAN - Yes.

[Scene 22]

R. COACH - Got it? I've made arrangements for your healthy eats.

LILY - (Scared).

ANNA - (Signals towards Lily) Don't worry, he's not evil.

LILY - (Huge relief breath).

R. COACH - Right then, shall we get into training?


R. COACH - Right then, now start your warm up 5 laps, followed by stretches. After you're done, wait for my instructions.

(Team heads out onto the track to warm up).

JENSEN - Thanks a lot coach.

R. COACH - My pleasure, it's been my dream to train the national team. I've been waiting for ages to get this opportunity.

ANNA - Well, wish you and your team best of luck.

R. COACH - Right.

(The specialists turn around to leave but then stopped)

R. COACH - Excuse me? could I clarify what happened to the previous coach?

JAMES - (Stammering) H-he um..

ANNA - Coach, he's been killed.

R. COACH - (Higher tone) What!

JENSEN - Shush! keep it down. Don't worry your entire team knows about this. Anna did you get the video recording copy from Dean?

ANNA - Yes, here.

JENSEN - Watch this.

(Coach watches the video recording and is stunned)

R. COACH - C-Coach d-drugged them??

ANNA - Yes. I know it's hard to take this.

R. COACH - W-Who shot him?

ANNA - H-he's one of us.

R. COACH - Well, I on my behalf have nothing to object about this. He was given various solutions to work on so he could be free, pour soul he didn't listen. Well, he got his treatment.

JAMES - I'm glad you understood sir. Don't take this pressure to your head, we've made arrangements for Estrogen and testosterone control vaccines next week.

JENSEN - We've informed the entire team beforehand to resist taking drugs for another week so that the vaccine could be of good use. You have to make sure that not only are they fit and well trained, but also ensuring they have a proper diet, that includes inspecting if someone decides to take drugs.

R. COACH - S-Sure, I can do that.

ANNA - One more thing, don't publicize this news to anyone. This is between you, us and your team. No third party alright?

R. COACH - Yes, definitely.

ANNA - Right then, we'll make our move. Bye.

R. COACH - Bye!

[Scene 23]

BRETT - (Gets a call) Hello?

ANNA - The replacement coach is into action. He's training the team.

BRETT - Did you further check that he's not involved in any drug activities?

ANNA - Yes, he's clean as a paper. Not to worry, we showed him the video because he asked regarding the previous coach's death

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