[Scene 1]

(At Xynton International Airport)

ANNOUNCEMENT - Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please, Pacific Airlines flight PA 911, bound for Jasshire is now ready for boarding. I repeat....

PASSENGER 1 - Come on dear, let's go.

(Passengers now boarding the flight)

AIR HOSTESS 1 - Welcome on board Pacific Airlines sir!

AIR HOSTESS 2 - Row 20 is straight down.

AIR HOSTESS 3 - Boarding pass please.

(When passengers are on their seats)

PASSENGER 3 - Mum! look! a toy catalog!

PASSENGER 4 - That's great dear. Don't worry, we'll find plenty of toy stores in Jasshire alright?

PASSENGER 5 - Can't wait to get back.

PASSENGER 6 - To see your wife right?

PASSENGER 5 - Yes, I really miss her. I've been here on a 2 year business stay. I'll call her.

WIFE - (On the phone) Hello?

PASSENGER 5 - Honey, it's me.

WIFE - Oh dear! it's you. You're on your way back right?

AIR HOSTESS 3 - Ladies and Gentlemen, may I please have your kind attention as we'll be performing the safety demonstrations....

PASSENGER 5 - Yes, flight's about to take-off. Just wanted to let you know. How are the kids doing?

WIFE - George is doing his homework, Jenny is sleeping.

PASSENGER 5 - Still doing his homework? it's 10:30pm already.

WIFE - I know but he says it's really important. He had a game today after school, so he had no time.

PASSENGER 5 - Okay then.

WIFE - How long is the flight?

PASSENGER 5 - Three and a half hours. I'll be home late.

WIFE - It's okay dear. Really happy you're coming back.

PASSENGER 5 - Me too.

ANNOUNCEMENT - Ladies and Gentlemen, we are preparing for take off. Please ensure your seat belts are fastened, tray tables are tucked in, bags are kept in the overhead compartment or under your seat, and finally switch off any electronic device...

PASSENGER 5 - Honey, we're preparing for take off. I'll see you soon.

WIFE - (Kisses) Bye dear.

PASSENGER 5 - (Kisses and drops the call).

[Scene 2]

PILOT 1 - Runways clear?

CONTROL OFFICER - Yes, take off permission granted.

PILOT 2 - You have the weather reports?

PILOT 1 - Yes. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, our flight to Jasshire will be approximately three and a half hours. Weather seems....pretty clear. Cabin crew, prepare for take off.

(Lights out)

(Flight takes off)

[Scene 3]

(At the Control tower)

CONTROL OFFICER - Yes, weather seems pretty clear for the next 50km.

NAVIGATOR 1 - Sir, are we ready for the next take off?

CONTROL OFFICER - Not yet, wait another 10 minutes then we'll launch it.

[Scene 4]

AIR HOSTESS - Drinks? Hot meals?

PASSENGER 10 - One Sprite please.

(Meanwhile in the cockpit)

PILOT 1 - Well then? coffee?

PILOT 2 - Yes.

PILOT 1 - Put it on auto-pilot, I'll be back with coffee for both of us.

PILOT 2 - Yes sir.

(Leaves the cockpit)

PILOT 1 - Madam.


PILOT 1 - Two coffee.

AIR HOSTESS 5 - Yes sir, coming.

(Prepares coffee in front of the pilot)

PILOT 1 - My oh my do you look dashing today.

AIR HOSTESS 5 - (Blushes) Really?

PILOT 1 - Your perfume, Gucci?

AIR HOSTESS 5 - Nice, how did you know?

PILOT 1 - I know my perfume.

AIR HOSTESS 5 - (Giggles) Well then, here you go, sugar, stirrer.

PILOT 1 - Thank you very much.

(Flight shakes all of a sudden).

AIR HOSTESS 5 - Ah! (falls down).

(Tray tables shake and wobbly)

PILOT 1 - What the heck? (rushes into the cockpit) what's going on in here?

PILOT 2 - Captain! help me! I c-can't control this by myself!

PILOT 1 - Oh dear! (plops himself down) What's happening?

PILOT 2 - I don't know sir. We were just entering a cloud and something struck and made this place wobble.

PILOT 1 - Let me check the weather report. (Checks it) It says the weather's pretty clear.

(Lightning strikes right in front of them)

PILOT 2 - Oh dear!

PILOT 1 - My god!

PILOT 2 - S-Sir i-it's a f-f-forked lightning!

PILOT 1 - God! it's a huge thunderstorm! w-we're done for i-if we can't get out safely.

(Forked lightning strikes the aircraft)


(Flight wobbles like a see-saw)

AIR HOSTESS 4 - Sir please! remain calm.

AIR HOSTESS 2 - Don't worry, w-we've got it all covered.

PILOT 2 - That's it, I'm contacting the control tower. Hello! Hello!! why isn't this thing working?

PILOT 1 - Oh no!

PILOT 2 - What?

PILOT 1 - Look!

PILOT 2 - Oh god, the navigation system broke because of the lightning strike.

PILOT 1 - No, No!!

(Flight in panic)

(At the control tower in Xynton)

NAVIGATOR 3 - Sir look! we lost contact with PA 911!


(Entire crew reacts)

CONTROL OFFICER - H-How?? w-when did this happen?

NAVIGATOR 3 - Just now sir.

CONTROL OFFICER - (Trying to reach the flight using walkie talkies and all, but no can do) Shit! contact the airport authorities!

[Scene 5]

(Meanwhile the CIO, hanging out at Anna's place)

JAMES - Yay!! goal!!

JENSEN - Way to go Rooney!

ANNA - Aw this sucks, come on Arsenal!

BRETT - Like they're going to win.

DEAN - They will win.

BRETT - When?

DEAN - Um...pretty soon.

BRETT - I am waiting.

JAMES - Yo! get me some chips!

JENSEN - Get it yourself.

JAMES - Don't make me do it man!

JENSEN - D-Do what?

JAMES - (Uses his arms as duck wings).

JENSEN - Alright Alright! I'll get the chips, jeez.

BRETT - Dude enough messing with the duck.

JENSEN - I am not a duck!! for Pete Sake! god damn it.

JAMES - Haha....never gets old.

[Scene 6]

A. OFFICER - What's the problem?

CONTROL OFFICER - We've lost contact with PA 911.

A. OFFICER - What?? how??

CONTROL OFFICER - I-I don't know! i-it just happened.

A. OFFICER - (Getting a headache) Oh dear.

CONTROL OFFICER - S-Shall we contact the press?

A. OFFICER - Not yet! it just started okay? I-I don't want to deal with a heck load of crying and pinching around this place. If things don't work out in the next hour, then we'll issue it. Any other options?

CONTROL OFFICER - The CIO! t-they're an excellent intelligence organisation. T-They can help us solve this case.

A. OFFICER - Brilliant! c-call them at once!

[Scene 7]

PILOT 2 - Sir what now?

PILOT 1 - Try going safe. The lightning currents are too strong, I never expected a forked lightning to appear! t-this is crazy.

PASSENGER 2 - Oh don't cry dear i-it's going to be okay.

PASSENGER 1 - A-Are we going to die mummy?

PASSENGER 2 - Don't say that dear. Believe in here (points at her heart) everything will be okay alright. J-Just go to sleep, t-this is all just a bad dream.

PASSENGER 1 - O-Okay mum (goes to sleep).

PASSENGER 2 - (Breaks to tears and scared).


BRETT - (Phone rings) Hello? oh....oh my god!!

ALL - (Reacts).

BRETT - Right right. Yes, yes I'm on my way (drops the call).

ANNA - What happened?

BRETT - New mission, let's go!

JAMES - What? be specific.

BRETT - Control tower lost contact with flight PA 911.

JENSEN - Pacific Airlines?

BRETT - Yes, the flight's in great danger. We need to investigate. Let's go!

[Scene 8]

A. OFFICER - Yes, I want most of the crew to work on getting contact with them alright?

CREW - Yes.

(Brett and his team arrives)

CONTROL OFFICER - Oh CIO! very glad you're here to help us.

BRETT - Don't mention it. Right then, shall we begin?

TEAM - Yes!

CONTROL OFFICER - We want you to try your best to crack the case in an hour.

DEAN - The heck? why an hour?

CONTROL OFFICER - No because......airport authorities are contacting the press over in an hour if things aren't ship-shaped.

ANNA - Oh okay, don't scare us like that. This is an overnight chaos.

CONTROL OFFICER - Indeed it is. Right then....w-where would you like to start?

BRETT - First we're going to start by checking the navigating system. Seeing if it works or not.

CONTROL OFFICER - Yes, yes. Right this way.

(Shows him to the navigating system)

CONTROL OFFICER - This is the main control, taking care of all navigating devices in this control tower.

JAMES - I'll take charge (checks over everything) i-it's perfectly fine. There's nothing wrong, all the lights are on, no critical signals.

BRETT - Hmm.....c-can we check the operating system for that flight?

CONTROL OFFICER - Yes, this way.

(Reaches the operating system)

JAMES - Okay I got this. (Browses through all the commands and functions) The operating system is working perfectly. Nothing wrong or lagging in the commands and controls, we've just lost contact with the flight. Other than that, everything is fine.

JENSEN - So are you saying that the flight's navigating system isn't working?

JAMES - Well....that can be one of the possibilities. A-Are they trained pilots?

CONTROL OFFICER - Yes, one with a 20 year experience and the captain with a 35 year experience.

JAMES - Okay then....they should be able to hang in there without the use of navigation, right?

CONTROL OFFICER - Yes, but not for longer than an hour.

ANNA - That gives us an hour to find out what the possibilities were.

BRETT - Sir, we would need to borrow one of your meeting rooms. Can we?

CONTROL OFFICER - Yes, ask the airport authorities. They'll take you to the meeting room. Why, are you going to host a meeting?

BRETT - L-Let's not jump places here...it's just going to be the five of us planning the various possibilities. Once we've decided to test each possibility we'll ask for your help.

CONTROL OFFICER - Right sir. Thank you.

[Scene 9]

(In the flight)

PILOT 1 - Passengers this is your captain speaking. Yes um.....firstly no need to panic, a-although it is rather a harsh sight out the window. I-If you feel uncomfortable you might as well shut the windows...

(Passengers shut the windows)

PILOT 1 - Yes, apparently we're traveling through a storm. Not to worry as we'll pass this place over the next 10 to 15 minutes. I-If you feel any turbulence sensation during the course of time, do not panic. If something serious is heading for you we'll give the command. That doesn't stop you from reading the safety pamphlet in the front pockets of the seat.

PASSENGER 7 - (Grabs a paper bag because air sickness).

PASSENGER 12 - (Sleeping in distress).

PILOT 2 - Sir what now?

PILOT 1 - Keep navigating the flight. Follow my commands, and we can possibly escape from this nightmare.

PILOT 2 - But the weather report said it's a clear sky.

PILOT 1 - Yes I know.

[Scene 10]

A. OFFICER - Here's the meeting room.

DEAN - Thanks.

(They go inside)

JENSEN - Right then, what do we do now?

BRETT - (Picks up a marker and begins writing something on the whiteboard) Right, so we're now coming up the various possibilities of what might've happened.

ANNA - Right.

BRETT - (Writes down in brainstorm format: Scenarios) Right then, any ideas?

JENSEN - Definitely not navigating system issues. It could possibly be the flight's navigating system.

BRETT - Yes, it could be (write is down as a point) anything else?

JAMES - H-Hijack?

ALL - (Turn to look at him).

JAMES - What? I'm damn serious! stupid things happen on flights these days because of pilots and passengers.

BRETT - Could be (writes it down) anything else?

DEAN - Bad weather? y'know like lightning.

ANNA - Flights are all built to be lightning proof, unless the lightning is dangerous like a forked-lightning.

BRETT - Okay then (writes it down) anything else?

ANNA - Nothing from me.

BRETT - Anyone else?


BRETT - Right then....(analyzes the brainstorm plan) I'm now going to expand on the plans (expands on each idea) right then, here's what we have in the end: 3 main ideas which are acts of terrorism, bad weather and flight's navigation system. Sub topics for terrorism are the passengers, pilots and the crew. For bad weather: terrible weather in the area and incorrect weather reports. For navigation system: it's quite obvious, it's either the control tower's navigation or the flight's navigation.

ANNA - Where do we start?

BRETT - We've already done navigation. Control tower's navigation system is working perfectly. For now we'll keep the flight's navigation problem on hold, we'll have to further investigate these other possibilities, then confirm it.

JENSEN - Shall we begin with terrorism?

BRETT - Yes. You and James investigate on the pilots, likewise Dean and Anna on the crew. I'll be investigating on the passengers.

DEAN - Let's split.

(Team splits)

[Scene 11]

(Control tower)

A. OFFICER - Well? any luck?

CONTROL OFFICER - We're still searching sir.

A. OFFICER - What's holding you back?

CONTROL OFFICER - Firstly we don't have navigation contact with the flight because of some incident. We only have 5 minutes to find out what, or it's too late.

A. OFFICER - Why 5 minutes?

CONTROL OFFICER - We are able to track flights only within the 50km barrier. If the flight crosses the barrier, the navigation control lies in the hands of neighbouring places within the 50km. This flight's only an A360. If it's an A380 then we can track it within a 125km Barrier.

A. OFFICER - Goodness me.

CONTROL OFFICER - Worst of all, the flight's navigation system is probably all jacked up. So we don't know when it'll cross the barrier. It could be going straight throughout, or flying in circles.

A. OFFICER - God damn it! w-what are the CIO doing?

CONTROL OFFICER - They're investigating.

A. OFFICER - Well push on! time's running you know? if nothing happens within the next 10 minutes, I have no choice but to call in for a press meet.


A. OFFICER - We need media's attention to reach forces who can help us, as well as awareness.


(Brett enters)

A. OFFICER - Ah! Brett, you're here!

BRETT - We've planned out our approaches. We need everyone in the airport to stay alert because we're going to be all over the place asking for information.

A. OFFICER - Yes will do (takes his walkie talkie) Yes! airport crew and staff to stay alert for the night. Yes! attend to it at once. Right then, what do you need help with?

BRETT - One possibility could be a terrorist attack.

A. OFFICER - What?! in Xynton?!

BRETT - Sir calm down. I'm saying that it is a possibility. People can trick us at anytime.

A. OFFICER - Okay then.

BRETT - So yes....I want information about the passengers on board that flight.

A. OFFICER - Sure, give me a second while I contact the Pacific Airlines crew.

[Scene 12]

ANNA - Yes, can we please get information?

P. MANAGER - Yes. Here (hands her information on the crew and pilots)

JENSEN - I'll be taking the pilots!

DEAN - Right.

(Anna and Dean browse through the names)

DEAN - Look suspicious?

ANNA - No....not yet.

(Phone rings)


A. OFFICER - (On the phone) Yes, can you send me the list of passengers on board PA 911.

P. MANAGER - Why what happened?

A. OFFICER - Confidential. Things will get around in a few minutes or so.

P. MANAGER - Okay (sends the list). I sent it.

A. OFFICER - Thank you (drops the call) Officer! I need to use your laptop to check my email.

CONTROL OFFICER - Sure (gives him the laptop).

A. OFFICER - (Checks to find the email).

[Scene 13]

DEAN - What about him?

ANNA - No....he's experienced, 20 years.

DEAN - Oh.

ANNA - I'm not really getting anything. I mean.....they're all fully qualified, have no terrorist background by country or group (closes the crew file) Here thank you.

P. MANAGER - Your welcome.

DEAN - James, you guys getting anything?

JAMES - No. I've web searched them, LinkedIn, nothing. They're all in the clear.

ANNA - Strange. Crew have nothing to do with it, as well as the pilots. What are the chances of having a passenger do it?

JENSEN - I'm quite lost, to be honest. I can't tell who's in the wrong.

[Scene 14]

BRETT - (Answers his phone call) Yes?

ANNA - Nothing, Brett. The crew and pilots are all in the clear.

BRETT - Did you search about them, in more depth?

ANNA - We did. There's nothing. How about the passengers?

BRETT - I got the list, now I'm just going through each and every passenger.

(Brett finds two passengers on the list very suspicious while on the phone)

BRETT - Guys...I-I think I've got it.

A. OFFICER - You got it?

BRETT - Ssh....yes come up to the control tower (cuts the call).

A. OFFICER - What did you get?

BRETT - You see these two passengers? they're both from Viraka.

A. OFFICER - Wait what?! V-Viraka??

BRETT - Y-Yes.

A. OFFICER - Oh god, I'm scared! d-don't tell me! that Tsoro terrorist group has hijacked the flight!

BRETT - Sir please, just calm down.

A. OFFICER - It's easy for you to say. Who'll answer the public?! and families of the affected??

BRETT - I'll be involved in all that too. Let us do our job.

(The four team mates enter)

DEAN - What did you get?

BRETT - These two passengers, they're from Viraka.

JAMES - God damn it! hijack?

BRETT - Probably.

ANNA - How do we trace them? they're on a flight. We can't reach their phones because they're on a flight. More over, the flight's navigation is probably jacked up already so it's.....tough.

BRETT - It's not.

DEAN - How?

BRETT - Who said we need to trace them? we'll trace their origin.

JENSEN - Viraka.

BRETT - Right, so we fly there. We find their homes using their passports addresses.

JAMES - Brett...in case you haven't noticed. We don't even know if the weather is a problem. We could go in search of them and die halfway through.

BRETT - Jasshire is on that side, Viraka is on the other side.

ANNA - So?

BRETT - If weather's a problem there, then flying to Viraka won't be an issue.

ANNA - Right then, who's going to Viraka?


ANNA - Come on! we need someone to go.

JAMES - So I can die?

ANNA - Right then, James, you're going.

JAMES - Wait what?

ANNA - No excuses, you called for it.

JENSEN - Haha.

ANNA - You're going too.

JAMES - Thank you Anna, the J's never split.

JENSEN - God damn our sucky rule.

ANNA - Officer, private jet bound for Viraka please.

A. OFFICER - Will do.

(The private jet takes off, for Viraka)

[Scene 15]

ANNA - Now what?

BRETT - Alert. We need to alert nearby cities and countries. Remember, the flight has no form of navigation so they could be going in circles. We don't know when they cross the 50km barrier. We need all nearby places to stay alert.


BRETT - I want them to give an attempt in trying to track it down. If not just tell them to stay on guard with flight take-offs and landings. The flight can hit another flight without knowing anything.


A. OFFICER - (Cuts the phone call) The media's here.

DEAN - Already?

A. OFFICER - I made myself very clear. 1 hour, that's all.

ANNA - Well, okay. Just as long as they don't trouble us. We only have limited time to crack the case.

A. OFFICER - Will do.

[Scene 16]

(Flight lands in Viraka. Jensen and James take a cab)

JENSEN - This address, please.

DRIVER - Yes sir.

JAMES - (On the phone) Brett.

BRETT - Yes?

JAMES - We made it. We're heading for their place.

BRETT - Good, just in time. Make it quick, collect full information and return.

JAMES - Got it. Bye.

BRETT - Bye.

[Scene 17]

(Media gather around the officer at the airport, departure hall)

A. OFFICER - So yes. Apparently we have a missing flight. We lost contact with the flight an hour ago, we don't know what the definite cause is yet.

REPORTER 1 - Have you taken any action yet?

A. OFFICER - Yes, we have the CIO taking the case into hand. They're doing investigation, they can't be seen or stopped for a talk because they have limited time.

REPORTER 2 - Why is that?

A. OFFICER - Our navigation system is perfectly alright. The flight's system is not working, and because the pilots can't navigate properly, we don't know if the flight's going in circles, heading back or forth. We've alerted cities and countries nearby to stay on their guard with this issue.

REPORTER 3 - Have you considered getting help from the Air Force team?

A. OFFICER - It's not required now. We first need to investigate into the problem, come up with plans, then alert the air force team. If we get help now itself it'll be pointless. It can take ages for us to find the solution, and they could still be flying for no reason.

[Scene 18]

(In Viraka. Jensen and James are talking to the mother)

MOTHER - (Translated) These are my boys. They both have Masters degree in Science. They live in Xynton. They work as a professor at the National University.

JAMES - Hmm.....ask her.

JENSEN - (Translated) Do you know why they are flying to Jasshire?

MOTHER - (Translated) Ah yes. They're visiting their sister. I have a daughter settled there, with her husband and kids.

JAMES - Oh okay.

JENSEN - (Translated) If you don't mind.....c-can we have copies of their degrees?

MOTHER - (Translated) Yes, come in.

[Scene 19]

(Families watching the live telecast. Affected families and friends are shocked)

TV NEWS - (Continuing) The Airport Authority Officer has concluded by stating the following: Investigating through the problem, coming up with solutions, and in the end calling the Air Force team for help.

WIFE - (Watching TV, in tears) Honey.....n-n-no! no!!! (cries).

GEORGE - (Wakes up) Mum?

WIFE - Huh?!

JENNY - (Wakes up) What happened mummy? why are you crying?

WIFE - (Wipes her tears) I-I um....

(The kids come to her)

WIFE - (Hugs both of them, cries).

[Scene 20]

(Many cabs arrive at the airport. Families and friends of the affected have assembled at the departure hall)

FAMILIES - (Crying) No!!!!

(Passengers at the check-in notice what's happening)

GUARD 1 - Ma'am, passport.

WOMAN 1 - Move!! idiot!!

(The families are crying all over, spread about the place)

[Scene 21]

(Flight from Viraka lands)

JENSEN - (On the phone) Brett, we've made it.

BRETT - Come to the control tower.

(goes to the control tower)

DEAN - Hey guys! how's it going?

JAMES - Umm....

DEAN - Sightseeing?

JENSEN - Yeah right. I could get killed by someone.

DEAN - You're prepared, well prepared.

JENSEN - Here (Hands the degree copies).

BRETT - Right then let me check. (Checks them on the university websites) Clear, they're original. They are not involved in terrorism.

ANNA - Phew.

A. OFFICER - Hey! how's it going?

BRETT - Clear sir. Terrorism is struck off.

A. OFFICER - Really? phew. Thank god. Did you see what's going on out there? gosh there's a rampage of families and friends crying and rushing in.

ANNA - Depressing much.

A. OFFICER - God, I just hope the media doesn't cause trouble.

BRETT - 1, 2, 3. 3 parties! media, families and friends, and then us. Tough day! tough day indeed.

JAMES - What's our next approach?

BRETT - We're moving on to.....weather. We're heading for the meteorological service office.

JAMES - Right then.

[Scene 22]

(Rough crowds pushing in)

MAN 1 - (Crying) My son!!! h-he was on the plane!!!

WOMAN 1 - S-She last called me....before take off!

A. OFFICER - Listen everyone! just calm! calm down!! alright? everything's under control.

MAN 4 - What action are you taking?! what action?!

A. OFFICER - Eh...um.

MAN 4 - (Grabs his shirt) What action!! what action!!

GUARD 2 - Sir back off!! back!!

A. OFFICER - (Stunned).

MAN 4 - What's it for you?! y-your family and friends are not on board! f-for me? for us!! we're devastated! it maybe your everyday routine! but for us!! it isn't!

DEAN - (Whispers) What's happening.

A. OFFICER - (Whispers) The crowd's out of control.

DEAN - (Whispers) Keep them controlled. We're getting there.

A. OFFICER - (Whispers) Get on with it.

[Scene 23]

(At the meteorological service)

M. OFFICER - Yes sir can I help you?

BRETT - CIO. Crisis Intelligence Organisation. We've come to investigate.

M. OFFICER - Okay. Right this way. What information can I provide you?

ANNA - Regarding PA 911. If we could check over the weather reports for today.

M. OFFICER - Yes. Mason! get me the weather report!

MASON - Yes sir (hands it over).

M. OFFICER - Thank you. Here you are.

ANNA - (Checks over it) When did the flight take off?

JAMES - 10:40pm.

ANNA - 10:40pm you say....(checks over it) ah ha! look here guys.

JENSEN - What does it say?

ANNA - From 9:30pm to 11:30pm, it's a terrible lightning storm in the vicinity.

BRETT - Oh dear.

DEAN - But flights are built to be lightning proof right?

M. OFFICER - Any help needed?

DEAN - It says terrible lightning storm in the vicinity. C-Could you elaborate on that?

M. OFFICER - The code below it says it all.

JAMES - Code?

M. OFFICER - We use coding to indicate what type of weather it is. It's handed over to the pilots like this.

BRETT - Oh okay.

M. OFFICER - This says that there'll be forked lightnings in the vicinity, between 3 to 5 kilometres in the air.

ANNA - Damn it.

BRETT - (Collapses).

JENSEN - Brett!

JAMES - Y-You okay?

BRETT - F-F-Forked lightnings. W-What more is there to say? p-poor thing....t-they don't even know what's g-going on.

M. OFFICER - We're up to date with weather reports. We send weather reports to the control tower, and then it'll be handed over to the pilots, before take-off.

ANNA - It doesn't make sense. I mean, the pilots are well trained. They have experience. You're up to date with the weather reports so.....

JAMES - At what time of the day do you send the reports?

M. OFFICER - At the stroke of midnight, with details for the 24 hour forecast.

JAMES - Right, thank you. Come on, let's go.

(They leave)

[Scene 24]

(Walking through the departure hall: families are crying and news reporters are present)

BRETT - I-I don't get it.

ANNA - Leave it, see we'll come up with a plan or something.


WOMAN 5 - (Crying) It's okay Johnny, daddy will be fine.

JOHNNY - (Crying) I want daddy!

REPORTER 1 - Ma'am, regarding the case of the missing flight. What's your say?

WOMAN 5 - (Crying and sniffing) M-My husband is um...

JOHNNY - (Crying) Why did daddy go!!

WOMAN 5 - (Crying) It's okay dear, listen.

REPORTER 1 - (Whispering) Focus on their emotions.

BRETT - Oi!! Oi!!! what're you doing?


BRETT - (Rushing towards the reporter) What're you doing?! step away!

REPORTER 1 - Sir please leave us alone, we're reporting a live issue.

BRETT - Live issue? live issue! are you out of your senses?! drop the cameras! now!!! (takes out his gun) if anyone dare secretly records this, it'll be sheer murder! now!!

REPORTERS/NEWS TEAM - (Drops their mikes and cameras on the ground).

BRETT - Yes! a flight's gone missing! and we, the CIO are investigating through it! but how can we if this atrocity is going on at the same time?

REPORTER 2 - We have no idea what're you're talking about sir. We're doing our job here, that's all.

REPORTER 3 - In fact it's them, they're the ones causing trouble and crying here.

BRETT - (Slaps the reporter) Y-Y-You all are......gah!! driving me insane! a-are you even human?! what's gotten into you crazy people?! huh?! these people are not the troublemakers, you are! all of you news reporters are.

REPORTER 4 - Sir, we are human, and we're doing our job.

BRETT - Idiotic! c-can't you see that they need time by themselves? t-they're in pain, terrible pain!! because their loved ones are stuck on that flight. Instead of asking people like us about the progress being done with this case, y-you're not giving them their personal space!! she's crying, and she has a child with her! she's in pain! the son's in pain! and you on the other hand, decide to ask them piece of information about this? how ruthless of you people. Leave them alone! they need time alright? they're in terrible pain! I'm now making a move. If I catch anyone of you approaching any of these people, even using their kids for information! I'll report you to your superiors and get you all suspended. Mind it! now go!

(Reporters scram)

ANNA - Y-You okay?

BRETT - (Panting) Insane, just completely insane. People these days don't have hearts. No sense of privacy or anything. Same excuse: just doing my job, and they're on with it.

[Scene 25]

(Meanwhile on the flight)

PILOT 1 - (Announcement) Attention passengers, I believe we've just passed the terrible storm.

PASSENGERS - (Huge relief breath).

PILOT 1 - T-The bad side being that the impact of the lightning destroyed the navigation system.

PASSENGER 2 - Oh lord.

PILOT 1 - So we're flying without it. Don't panic, as we are trying our best to reach the destination. We are referring to several maps. If none of that works out, we'll call for landing in a nearby place.

(Seat belt sign is off)

[Scene 26]

(At the airport lounge)

BRETT - It just doesn't seem to fall into place.

JAMES - It's official about the flight being struck right?

ANNA - Pretty much.

JENSEN - S-Shall we call for back up? you know....the air force.

BRETT - (Looks at him) Excuse me?

ATTENDEE - Yes sir?

BRETT - You have an tablet I could use?

ATTENDEE - Yes, I'll bring one for you.

DEAN - What's it for?

BRETT - I'm think I'm out of options. I'm going to check something really quickly.

ATTENDEE - Here sir.

BRETT - Thank you.

ATTENDEE - WiFi password is TheLounge@Pacific.

BRETT - Thank you very much. (Types www.Pacificairlines.com, and checks the flight schedule for today) (Shocked) Shit!

ANNA - What happened?

BRETT - PA 911, it was scheduled to take off at 12am.

ALL - What?!

BRETT - Yes, look. PA 911, scheduled to take off at 12am.

DEAN - They took of at 10:40pm. But why?

BRETT - Attendee?


BRETT - Call the officer.


(Airport authorities officer comes)

A. OFFICER - How's it shaping?

BRETT - It was scheduled to take off at 12am, not 10:40pm.

A. OFFICER - Yes, I am aware of that.

ANNA - Why?

A. OFFICER - Initially it was planned for 4pm today, but the engine had a failure so they had to cancel the flights. Most of the passengers I believe were on a urgent business trip, so due to pressure we scheduled for 12am. No flights were due for take-off at 10:40pm so we got everyone to board the flight early and leave.

BRETT - Sir, a terrible thunderstorm in the vicinity at that time.

A. OFFICER - What?

JENSEN - Forked lightnings.

A. OFFICER - Oh dear!! how come? the weather reports declared a clear sky.

JAMES - What? a clear sky?

A. OFFICER - Yes, the meteorological service sent the reports over to the control officer, and he would distribute the weather copies to the entire team, so they can alert the pilots before take-off.

BRETT - Ah ha!! black sheep!! we've got it!

ANNA - Got what?

BRETT - The meteorological service officer sent the weather report to the control officer, and he would give the reports to everyone to alert the pilots. So, to sum it all up: either the control officer, or the other officer, is at fault. (Takes out his phone) Hello? Police? yes, we're in need of an.....arrest.


[Scene 27]

CONTROL OFFICER - (On the phone) Yes, have spotted the flight? no not yet? alert nearby locations, within the barrier, yes, thank you very much.

NAVIGATOR 1 - Sir, any luck?


(CIO enter)

CONTROL OFFICER - How's the investigation going?

JAMES - Oh quite well....we're almost done.

CONTROL OFFICER - Oh really? what's the case?

BRETT - A forked lightning.


(Everyone reacts)

BRETT - Yes.

JAMES - (On the phone) Guys any luck?

ANNA - We're checking in with the officer at the meteorological service.

JAMES - Right then.

(At the meteorological service office)

JENSEN - Can I see the report once more?

M. OFFICER - Yes, here it is.

JENSEN - Proof? that this indicates the lightning storm?

M. OFFICER - Here, this is the weather coding chart. These are the many codes we use to indicate what weather it is. For example: this 5th code indicates a mild haze towards the northwest. If codes get you confused you can always refer to our radar on the big screen.

(They look at the big screen)

M. OFFICER - As you can see this weather radar records the 360º weather within the barrier. After the flight crosses this barrier, the weather control is with nearby locations and not us. By looking here, the direction towards Jasshire shows a heavy lightning storm, just by referring to the yellow and dark cloud on this side.

DEAN - Right. How do you send the reports to the control tower?

M. OFFICER - Through email of course.

ANNA - If you don't mind, may we check the email you sent?

M. OFFICER - Sure, (opens his email) here.

JENSEN - Thanks.

ANNA - (Checks his email and finds the sent weather report). Got it, pass me the hard copy.

DEAN - Here.

ANNA - Hmm....(checks the coding) yes, i-it's the right report.

JENSEN - So.....he's off the hook?

ANNA - Looks like.

(Control tower)

BRETT - (On the phone) Hello?

ANNA - The officer here is off the hook. I checked the reports he sent out, they're correct.

BRETT - Right then, bring the police in, in about five minutes time.

ANNA - Right.

BRETT - Officer!


BRETT - Can you ask everyone to give me today's 24 hour weather report?

CONTROL OFFICER - Of course, everyone! hand over the weather reports!

BRETT - James, tell Anna to send a picture of the weather report coding.

JAMES - Okay.

BRETT - Okay, thanks. I'll check over them.

JAMES - Here, the report.

BRETT - Thanks (checks over them and finds fault) Bingo!

JAMES - What?

BRETT - The report, it's the wrong one.

JAMES - It is?

BRETT - Look, the date is written at the bottom in small font.

JAMES - March 5th, that's yesterday!

BRETT - Yes. (Claps his hand) everyone! gather around!

(Control tower team gathers)

BRETT - We have cracked the case. The problem was awfully simple, just a careless action by someone here.

(Control tower team confused)

BRETT - Ehem! yes, what date is it today?

CONTROL TEAM - March 6th!

BRETT - (Waves the weather reports) You know what date this says? March 5th.

CONTROL TEAM - (Gasps) Oh dear.

BRETT - A certain someone here, has distributed copies of the wrong reports to everyone. Now we just need to find that black sheep!

(Sees the control officer trying to sneak his way out)

JAMES - Ehem! sir! no one's allowed to leave.


JAMES - Everyone's leaving only after the culprit has been identified.

CONTROL OFFICER - Right then! who's the culprit?! huh? who gave the wrong reports to everyone?!

(James and Brett stare at each other in amazement)

BRETT - Ha! hahahaha!! sir, sir, come here. Yes, yes, you, come here. What're you trying to do here? you know how sarcastic we can be right?

CONTROL OFFICER - (Eyes wide open, runs away).

NAVIGATORS - Sir!! where are you going?!

JAMES - Calm down! calm down, (draws his gun).


BRETT - 5....4....3....2....1!

JAMES - (Shoots here and there to scare the officer).

CONTROL OFFICER - Gah!!! no no!! don't k-kill m-m-me!!

JAMES - That's better.

(Police enter, with the rest of the CIO team)

BRETT - It's him officer!

POLICE OFFICER - Right then! come on boys! lets wrap it up.

(Officer is handcuffed)

CONTROL OFFICER - You don't know what you're doing. I have a lawyer!

BRETT - Keep your lawyers and carelessness, I don't care about that. But keep in mind just one thing......I have justice in my hand. Take him away!

POLICE OFFICER - Yes (takes him away).

JENSEN - Great! now what?

BRETT - Alright team! PA 911 can be anywhere! I want you to alert all nearby locations and tell them to shine a hologram "reading PA 911", shine it strong enough to reach their altitude.

TEAM - Yes!

NAVIGATOR 1 - (On the phone) Yes! shine a hologram!

NAVIGATOR 2 - (On the phone) Strong enough to reach the altitude, and keep a look out too.

NAVIGATOR 3 - (On the phone) It's night time! of course they can see!

[Scene 28]

(Nearby locations)

OFFICER 1 - Yes! prepare the hologram!!

OFFICER 2 - Keep a look out!

(Meanwhile on the flight)

PILOT 2 - I can't believe it's going to end like this.

PILOT 1 - There's no land, if there was then we can't find the runway.

PILOT 2 - Dang it, are we almost out of fuel?

PILOT 1 - That's the bad part, we're down to 55% fuel.

PILOT 2 - Jeez.

(A strong hologram is shone)

PILOT 2 - Sir what's that?

PILOT 1 - What's what?

PILOT 2 - Look, something like a hologram in the distance.

PILOT 1 - Land! that's it! I think we're close! let's move to it!

(Flight moves to it)

PASSENGER 5 - Woah! we're going faster?

PILOT 1 - (Announcement) Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Yes, apparently we may have found land, and with hopes we're hoping to land soon so please buckle up.


(In the cockpit)

PILOT 2 - Sir! we're getting even closer! the light is very strong!

PILOT 1 - It's a hologram alright.

PILOT 2 - Wait, it says something.

PILOT 1 - (Reads it) P...A.....911! that's our flight! we've got help! (announcement) cabin crew prepare for landing.

(At the runway)

OFFICER - Yes, everything's under control. (Sees a flight approaching) Sir, I-I'm seeing a flight about to land here. Yes, I-I'm guessing it's the missing flight. Yes, I'll alert the authorities.

[Scene 29]

ANNA - Brett! we've received reports! I think we've got the flight.

(Team reacts)


ANNA - Yes, in Swinton.


(at the runway)

OFFICER - Yes, the flight's landing.

(Flight lands)

OFFICER - Sir! it's pacific airlines!!

(control tower)


JAMES - We did it!!

BRETT - Case closed.

DEAN - And all.....in one night.

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