[Scene 1]

(In the slums of Dinim)

TERRORIST 1 - Camera!

TERRORIST 2 - (Kicks the victim, making him kneel, and all tied up) Ready!

TERRORIST 3 - Mr. Gains, this is your final warning. I'm not asking for your family, your loved ones or anything. Just two things.....$10 Billion, as well as your company assets. Five seconds! 5....4...3-

MR. GAINS - (Panicking and was too slow of a decision).

TERRORIST 3 - 2...1...0! (draws a knife from his pocket his kills him).

TERRORIST 1 - (Uploads it on Youtube).

[Scene 2]

(Many people across the world see it)

PERSON 1 - Oh god! guys! come see this!

PERSON 2 - Oh jeez! owch!

(On the News)

NEWS REPORTER - Top story: Mr. Gains, CEO of Expo has been murdered by the Tsoro terrorist group. The event was noted to have taken place earlier on today, in the afternoon. Sources have noted that the group is on a wild spree, demanding heavy loads of money as well as assets.

[Scene 3]

(Crime Scene: Viraka police assemble)

POLICE OFFICER - Control the crowds! mark the body outline!

CONSTABLE 1 - (Using a chalk draws the outline of Mr. Gains' body).

CONSTABLES - Stay back! no one allowed!

POLICE OFFICER - (On the phone) Yes? hello? Commissioner sir! yes sir! right away! thanks! (drops the call) Everyone! barricade the crime scene! don't let anyone in! your new orders are to track Tsoro down!

(Constables barricade the crime scene).

[Scene 4]

(Tsoro Hideout)


CHIEF - Yes?

TERRORIST 2 - Police are on a serious look-out this time.

CHIEF - What do you suggest?

TERRORIST 2 - I mean this time...t-they're tightening things up.

CHIEF - Damn it! (reads the newspaper, and is struck by one of the articles) Guys! gather around!

(Group gathers around)

CHIEF - Listen, police control is really tight by the looks of it. On the plus side, I've found a golden opportunity. Look at this article (shows it to them).

TERRORIST 5 - (Reads) Xynton: World's most expensive city/country in the world.

TERRORIST 10 - (Reads) As of....the current year!

CHIEF - Right! no point looking for more rich people here in Dinim.

TERRORIST 2 - Certainly no one back in Viraka.

CHIEF - Yes, so next location. I want all of you to go to Xynton. We can accumulate more than $20 billion there. We'll finally be in for some fun! hahaha!!

GROUP - Hahahaha!!

[Scene 5]

(At night time: police are quite spread out)

TERRORIST 1 - (On the phone) Jimmy you there? get the ship ready, we'll be there.

TERRORISTS - (Guns loaded, knives ready).

TERRORIST 2 - (Goes behind a constable and kills him with a knife).

CONSTABLE 2 - What was that?!

CONSTABLE 1 - (Falls and bleeding).

CONSTABLE 2 - Y-You okay?

TERRORIST 3 - (Kills him with a knife).

CONSTABLE 2 - Gah! round up! round up!

(Constables get ready in their positions)

TERRORIST 5 - He's alerted them! fire!

TERRORISTS - (Shoot all over the place, 360º. In the end everyone's gone. More police show up and they make their escape).

[Scene 6]

(Reaching the port)

TERRORIST 1 - Come on! come on! run!

JIMMY - Come fast!

POLICE OFFICER - Don't let them escape! (shoots terrorist 1)


TERRORIST 15 - You! (shoots all of them back).

JIMMY - Jump on!

TERRORISTS - (Jump on the ship and set sail for Xynton).

POLICE OFFICER - (About to die) Aw....d-dang it! (dies).

[Scene 7]

(On the ship)

JIMMY - You okay?

TERRORIST 1 - I-I-I need w-water!

TERRORIST 3 - Revive him. You made arrangements for someone at Xynton?

JIMMY - Yeah, I got Joe waiting for us there.

TERRORIST 3 - Good, how long is the journey?

JIMMY - Um....about 3 to 4 days.

TERRORIST 3 - Right.

[Scene 8]

(Meanwhile in Xynton)

JAMES - Anna! is dinner ready?

ANNA - Coming! wow, you're always rushing things.

JENSEN - You've been in there forever.

ANNA - I'm coming alright?! jeez, what does it take to make lasagna.

DEAN - Yo Brett?

BRETT - Coming! what up?

DEAN - Grab a drink! (tosses a beer).

BRETT - Thanks.

(They join at the dinner table)

DEAN - What's up?

JAMES - The ceiling.

DEAN - Haha! so funny, can I laugh in the bathroom?

JAMES - Don't laugh. I'm hungry, don't make me mad.

BRETT - What happened to dinner?

JENSEN - She's still making it. It's lasagna for crying out loud!

BRETT - Calm down Mario! she'll be here.

ANNA - (Coming with a pan of lasagna) It's ready!

JAMES - Finally, I was going to die of malnutrition.

JENSEN - You had a snack just an hour ago.

JAMES - Don't say an hour! say 3600 seconds.

JENSEN - Can you believe this guy? I mean as much I'm hungry he wants to gobble everything up. He might as well eat me up! by accident.

JAMES - Nah! you stink, you never shower on the weekends.

OTHERS - Hahahaha!

JENSEN - Shit dude! shut up.

JAMES - Just a tip!

JENSEN - That was not a tip.

DEAN - I don't why though, watching the J's fighting over each other is always entertaining.

ANNA - I know right.

(Eating lasagna)

JAMES - Lasagna.....is very good.

ANNA - Less talking, more eating.

JAMES - But-

ANNA - Shush.

JAMES - Don't you-

JENSEN - I'll take the last slice.

JAMES - No!!

ANNA - You can't stop him, that's why I said more eating.

JAMES - You suck.

ANNA - Hahaha.

JAMES - You all suck.

EVERYONE - Hahaha.

JAMES - Society sucks.

DEAN - Because you're part of it hahahaha!

JENSEN - Hahahaha!

JAMES - Jensen, get glass of coke.

JENSEN - Get it yourself.

JAMES - I'm warning you, get it for me.

JENSEN - You're just lazy, get it yourself.

JAMES - I warned you (takes out his phone, it's playing the duck song: quack quack...)

JENSEN - (Eyes open and mad) Turn it off.

JAMES - (Increases volume).

EVERYONE - Hahahaha!

JENSEN - Fine! I'll get coke! (gets up to go get it).

JAMES - This never gets old.

ANNA - Yes, despite the fact that you play it everyday.

BRETT - Hahahaha!

DEAN - Eh?

BRETT - What? it was funny.

JAMES - I won't laugh.

BRETT - Okay. Tough crowd.

ANNA - Hahahaha!

DEAN - You both are crazy together aren't you?

BRETT - Who me? and her? no! that! that's just crazy.

JAMES - Mmm....hmm....

BRETT - Shut up James.

JAMES - Yo Duck! where's the coke?

JENSEN - Coming sire!

JAMES - He's finally learning his place (opens the coke can, and gets sprayed the drink).

ANNA/BRETT - Hahahaha!

JENSEN/DEAN - Hahahaha!

BRETT - He kind of needed one.

JENSEN - You're welcome.

ANNA - Thanks Donald.

JENSEN - I'm not Donald Duck!

DEAN - It's okay, don't get all hyped. Listen you're Donald Duck, James will be Goofy, I'll be Pluto, and um....these two will be.

JAMES - What are they? oh, Oh!! that's what!!

JENSEN - I got it! I got it!

ANNA - Got what?

BRETT - I don't get it.

JENSEN - You know...you and her-

BRETT - Why did the duck explode?

ANNA - Why?

BRETT - Because it was in Michael's Bay!

EVERYONE - Hahahaha!

JENSEN - What?

JAMES - Y-You don't get it? hahaha!

DEAN - B-Because M-Michael Bay m-movies have, s-so many e-explosions.

EVERYONE - Hahahaha!

JENSEN - Well played kid.

[Scene 9]

(In Dinim: At the port, helicopter).

PILOT 1 - Yes, yes, the entire police force is killed. They're all drop dead, alert the authorities.

MILITARY OFFICER - (Sees the scene) Shit! they escaped!

SOLDIER 1 - How do we know that?

MILITARY OFFICER - Then why are they killed at the port?

SOLDIER 1 - Right, orders?

MILITARY - Clear the place, call the ambulance.

(Ambulance assembles)

SOLDIER 3 - Yes! all of them on stretchers! yes.

[Scene 10]

DEAN - What's on the news? (turns on the TV)

NEWS REPORTER - Top story: Mr. Gains, CEO of Expo has been murdered by the Tsoro terrorist group. The event was noted to have taken place earlier on today, in the afternoon. Sources have noted that the group is on a wild spree, demanding heavy loads of money as well as assets.

ANNA - Oh god, can you believe these guys?

JAMES - They'll do anything for money.

JENSEN - Damn, he was a good CEO.

NEWS REPORTER - Latest reports show that the entire police force was killed later in the night as they were making their escape.

JENSEN - Wait what?

NEWS REPORTER - We don't have information on where they're heading off to. They have only left behind the video of Mr. Gains' death.

BRETT - (Shocked).

NEWS REPORTER - The Prime minister of Dinim has spoken: "Unfortunately we have no point of information, whatsoever regarding their next target. We do urge all nations to stay on their guard as they could be targeting you. We have their identification, being their tattoo. (Displays the image of the terrorist group's tattoo). So it's up to you, to stand up and save yourselves.

BRETT - Shoot! it's a disaster.

JENSEN - Who knows, they might come for us.

[Scene 11]

(Four days later: Tsoro group arrive at an old port in Xynton)

TERRORIST 1 - Is this place safe?

JIMMY - It's an abandoned port, just one person here, we can deal with it.

JOE - Yo! welcome to Xynton.


JIMMY - You dealt with the port officer?

JOE - Yes, gave him $10 million.

TERRORIST 10 - Woo! even these guys are that rich?

JOE - Imagine, how rich the entire city is.

ALL - Hahahaha!!

(In a huge car)

JOE - I'll take you all to the outskirts, to my hideout. You'll be safe there.

[Scene 12]

(They arrive at the hideout)

JOE - Right then, everyone all settled?

ALL - Yes.

JOE - Okay, just going over safety precautions. Yes this place is expensive, but it's a very powerful place. Police forces, military, you name it, they are all tough as iron. That doesn't stop you from getting away though.

ALL - Hahahaha.

JOE - No I'm pretty serious. Keep an eye out for this guy, he's a dangerous guy. Get caught under his spell, and um....you're dead (shows a picture of Brett)..

TERRORIST 9 - You dare say that! (guns raised).

JOE - Oi! drop that damn gun! right, I'm pretty serious. You can escape anyone here, not him, he's the heavy artillery.

TERRORIST 3 - Places of our interest.

JOE - Millen Square: tons of shoppers there, not for the people, the shops there make um....millions of bucks. Second place is Bayshore: Highlight Attraction of Xynton, you can find tons of rich people as well as shoppers there. Finally, Lynx Business District: the heart of the city, and...your treasure. Everywhere you go around that place, you see millions and billions of bucks around you. Go to everyone, I guarantee they all have million bucks in them.

TERRORIST 1 - Hahahahaha!!

ALL - Hahahaha!!

TERRORIST 1 - We need one person to get into disguise, collect information and pictures of these three places. Once you're back we'll plan how we attack.

TERRORIST 6 - I'll do it.

TERRORIST 1 - Right then. Get into disguise!

[Scene 13]

(At Times Square)

ANNA - This is great.

JENSEN - You kidding? I don't like the soup.

DEAN - It's Tea.

JENSEN - Really?

ALL - Hahaha!

JENSEN - Always happens to me.

JAMES - Quack Quack!

JENSEN - Shut up!

DEAN - (Whispers) Guys, lets sneak out.

JAMES - (Whispers) Oh that!

JENSEN - Um...Brett we'll be at home. Playing XBOX.

BRETT - We just got here.

JAMES - Or did we?

DEAN - Shut it.

JAMES - You know....you and her.

BRETT - Me and her?

(They escape)

ANNA - Where did they go?

BRETT - That's great! just great. They think we have a thing going on.

ANNA - Well...I wouldn't say it's a thing. I would say a strong friendship.

BRETT - Yes. Jurassic World came out, you want to watch it?

ANNA - Sure! haven't had a scare in a while.

BRETT - We have to take the metro, it's at Millen Square.

ANNA - Okay.

(They leave after their meal)

[Scene 14]

(On the metro)

TERRORIST 6 - (Staying cautious of his surroundings).

(Everyone's closely packed in the train).

BRETT - And the trailer for the movie was simply mind-blowing! (holding onto a handle).

TERRORIST 6 - (Holds onto a handle behind Brett).

ANNA - (Sniffs) Brett.

BRETT - Yes?

ANNA - Something stinks here. It's an odd smell.

BRETT - Really? (sniffs) you're right. I don't recall this smell on the metro. Where's it coming from?

ANNA - Don't know.

BRETT - (Checks behind him. He sees the tattoo on the terrorist's arm). It's coming from him. Oh wait hold on! (recognizes the tattoo, turns around).

TERRORIST 6 - (Turns around, face to face with Brett. Panics are runs).

BRETT - Anna! come quick!

ANNA - What happened?

BRETT - It's him! run!

ANNA - Who is it?!

(A wild chase after exiting the train)

ANNA - Who is it?

BRETT - Tsoro! it's one of them! I saw their tattoo!

ANNA - Oh really! lets speed up!

TERRORIST 6 - (Running and looks back).

BRETT - (While running) Right! this is a dead end alley! Anna, shoot him on the leg!

ANNA - (Draws her gun and shoots him on the leg).

TERRORIST 6 - Gah!! (on the ground).

CROWD - (Panicking).

TERRORIST 6 - (Tries limping his way out).

BRETT - (Grabs hold of him. On the phone) Jensen! we're all meeting at the secret hideout! asap! (drops the call) You're coming with me.

[Scene 15]

(At the secret hideout)

BRETT - In!! move it!


JAMES - Set up the light!

ANNA - I got the chair.

JENSEN - Sit him down.

BRETT - (Sits him down) Sit down!

TERRORIST 6 - Rrrr! (sits down).

JENSEN - (Ties him to the chair).

BRETT - Everyone ready?

ALL - Yes.

BRETT - Now then. I know very well who you are, and where you're coming from. It's all over the news, and we've received alerts too. I don't want to complicate things, let's keep it simple: Why are you here?

TERRORIST 6 - Rrrr.....(doesn't answer).

BRETT - You speak English?

TERRORIST 6 - Rrrr....(doesn't answer).

BRETT - Anna, translate.

ANNA - (In his language) Why are you here?

TERRORIST 6 - Rrrr.....(doesn't answer).

BRETT - Listen, I have no time for games. Do I make myself very clear? why are you here?

TERRORIST 6 - Rrrr.....(doesn't answer).

BRETT - (Huge breath relief. Takes out a blade).

TERRORIST 6 - (Confused).

BRETT - Now then......(takes his left wrist, and puts a blade on it) why are you here?

TERRORIST 6 - Rrrr.....(doesn't answer).

BRETT - (Cross-faced. Cuts his wrist nerve).

TERRORIST 6 - Ah! AH!!!!

BRETT - When I ask you a question, you are expected to answer, not growl like a bear. (Takes his right wrist) I cut off your left nerve, so now your left hand won't function. Last chance, don't lose your other hand carelessly. Why are you here?

TERRORIST 6 - (Gasping) W-We came to know t-that Xynton is the most expensive place in the world currently! w-we used this opportunity to get what w-we wanted.

BRETT - Oh! nice, nice approach.

JAMES - Wait hold on. H-How did they manage to enter Xynton? t-this place is in full security.

BRETT - You're right (turns to him).

TERRORIST 6 - W-We entered via an abandoned port.

DEAN - Abandoned port? Shell Bay, yes! it must be the one! it's not in function.

BRETT - Hmm....bribe? how much?

TERRORIST 6 - Huh? h-how do you know?

BRETT - The port officer, each port has one, even if abandoned. How much?

TERRORIST 6 - $10 million.

ANNA - Woo!

BRETT - Hmm....guys, I'll be back. Take care of him (leaves).

DEAN - Sure.

[Scene 16]

(In the taxi)

BRETT - Shell Bay Port.

DRIVER - Yes sir.

(They reach the port)

BRETT - Here (pays up).

DRIVER - Thank you sir (drives off).

BRETT - (Walks over to the port officer room).

PORT OFFICER - (Wakes up after his nap) Heh! donuts! (eating them).

BRETT - (Taps him on the shoulder).


BRETT - (Taps harder).

PORT OFFICER - What do you want? who are ya?

BRETT - Doing your job lately? or slacking off?

PORT OFFICER - Excuse me? how dare you ask such questions!

BRETT - Answer my question, and there'll be no harm done to you.

PORT OFFICER - Excuse me! (raises his arm).

BRETT - (Grabs hold of his arm, and at the back of him) Listen bub, I know very well what you did a while ago. Don't assume you're safe because this place is abandoned.

PORT OFFICER - W-Who are you?

BRETT - Justice.

[Scene 17]

(Back at the secret hideout)

JAMES - Hey, who's this?

BRETT - Port officer.

TERRORIST 6 - Yes! Yes! h-he's the one.

PORT OFFICER - Huh? weren't you the-

BRETT - Oh, so you do know (pushes him onto another chair).

JENSEN - (Ties him up).

PORT OFFICER - Oi! what're you doing? you know who I am?

ANNA - Oh boy.

BRETT - (Sits down in front of him) Officer! your job was to control who comes and goes.


BRETT - But what did you do instead? you sold our country for $10 million. Moving on....how does it feel to have accepted that much money? do you feel great? do you feel like you've done something good?

PORT OFFICER - (Feeling guilty).

BRETT - What is with you people these days? it's all over the news. Terrorists, rapists, and murderers and all, and when you hear "money" you just toss everything in the bin. Is that right?


BRETT - Money, money, money! that's all you people ever care about! you won't even care about your safety, or the safety of others.

PORT OFFICER - Sir, p-please forgive me.

BRETT - Forgiveness? too late. Country's already in danger. Your action, even though it's careless, it's going to cost you a lot.


BRETT - Dean?

DEAN - Yes, I'm ready (starts recording).


BRETT - (Takes out his gun and loads it).

PORT OFFICER - Huh? d-don't kill me! please!!

BRETT - (Aims the gun at his forehead) Think, before you act (shoots him) good night.

TERRORIST 6 - D-Don't kill me too!

BRETT - Nah. I need you, tell me your plans.

TERRORIST 6 - I won't! I don't care if I die.

BRETT - Oh, there's a better way. (Takes out his blade and places it on his right leg ankle). You already lost your left hand, would you like to lose your feet too? you won't die. You just can't move, you'll be a statue. Pretty soon you'll die off naturally.

TERRORIST 6 - (Gulps) November 9th, that's when the big attack happens.

ANNA - Where?

TERRORIST 6 - Bayshore, Millen Square and Lynx Business District.

BRETT - Hmm....good plan. Guys, these are the key places in Xynton. Now then, my work with you here is done.

TERRORIST 6 - R-Really? c-can I go?

BRETT - Wait! pass me that.

ANNA - (Here passes a lazer gadget).

BRETT - (Inserts a lazer tracker in his arm).

TERRORIST 6 - What're you doing?!

BRETT - This, is a lazer tracking device. I can track your every movement.


BRETT - You're not telling anyone about our meeting. If you do, you see this tracking device? it also records what you say. If we hear you spilling the beans, I'll press this button (showing the tracking device) and you'll blow up.

TERRORIST 6 - B-Blow up?

BRETT - Hey come on! don't act like you don't know the term. You, Boom!


BRETT - Go, and remember. Boom!

(Terrorist leaves)

DEAN - What now?

BRETT - Terrorists have entered the building. We need to host a meeting immediately. Contact the Army and the Police Force. We need their attention.

JENSEN - Which hall?

BRETT - Lynx Hotel, Meeting Room.

JENSEN - Got it.

(Everyone starts contacting the army and the police force).

[Scene 18]

(At Lynx Hotel, Meeting room. Everyone busy chatting away)

BRETT - Ehem! guys! can I have your attention.

(Silence in the audience)

BRETT - Now then, coming to the point. Recently over the news we've heard about Tsoro's activity in Dinim, right?

ALL - Yes.

BRETT - Now then. In the end, the group fled Dinim, to move on to the next.

ALL - (Tensed).

BRETT - I think you all know where I'm going with this. Yes, they're plotting on Xynton. As a matter of fact, they're here right now!

ALL - What?! (tense and panicking).

ANNA - Everyone! calm down! listen to us!

BRETT - I was on the metro, and I identified one of their men. I saw their group's tattoo on his arm. After getting hold of him and interrogating, we've received information about their plans. They just came to know that this place has been noted, as the most expensive place in the world. They jumped at this opportunity to attack. They're plotting on three important places here in Xynton: Lynx Business District, Millen Square and Bayshore. They're executing this plan on November 9th.

ARMY OFFICER 1 - T-That's in two days!

BRETT - Which is why I've gathered you all here. These people are cold-blooded terrorists. We all know that this place is a small country, and island. Anything can happen. It's not like any other city or country, because just one explosion and boom! we've lost a sixth of our population. In this case they're plotting on three places, so make that half of our population. We have the security, we have the toughest and bravest of all people in this very room. For the whole of tomorrow we are preparing for the big attack.

POLICE OFFICER 1 - That person you caught on the train, by now he should've told what had happened to the rest of the group.

BRETT - Nah! don't worry. I inserted a tracking device in him. I can track where he goes, and they move in groups so I know when to get us all in positions. The device has a recording system also. If he reveals the secret, boom! he shatters into pieces.

POLICE OFFICER 3 - You're kidding right?

BRETT - Ha! gotcha! I lied. I lied to him that this would happen.

POLICE OFFICER 2 - How do you know if he's not gullible?

BRETT - He's already unfit for the job. During interrogation I uh...kind of snapped one of his nerves. So...he can't move on his hands. He wouldn't take the risk.

POLICE OFFICER 2 - Clever guy.

BRETT - Getting to the point. Commissioner! how many men are part of your force in total?

COMMISSIONER - 1500 men.

BRETT - Okay, divided by three. I want 500 of your men in each of these locations.


BRETT - Commander?

COMMANDER - 1800 men.

BRETT - Right, divided by three. 600 of your men in each of these locations.


BRETT - So now we've done the arrangement. When you get back I want you both to assign who goes to which location, got it?


BRETT - The position format will apply for all three areas. 300 soldiers and policemen making a barrier around each place. So that no one escapes.

SOLDIER 1 - So you mean, we're letting them in?

BRETT - They'll expect it, and it'll be too obvious that we're surrounding the place. I want them to enter each place, after that you form the barrier. After the barrier is formed, I want the rest of the soldiers and policemen to encircle the group inside. They won't be closely packed, they'll be quite spread out so I want you all to keep connected in conference call or a walkie talkie.

ALL - Yes.

BRETT - This is the format for all places. I'll be in Lynx Business District, Jensen and James in Millen Square, Anna and Dean in Bayshore.

CIO TEAM - Okay.

BRETT - The attack is like this: Once they start shooting the air, we'll give the signal on a walkie talkie or conference call. Immediately after that I want all of you to aim for their legs and arms. Not their body! I don't want them dead.

ALL - Right.

POLICE OFFICER 5 - What do you insist on doing if you don't want them dead?

BRETT - They think they're the only ones who know how to terrorize others. We'll terrorize them back. I'll reveal my plans with them at the end of the attack. For now I want you all to gear up for the shoot-out. Remember: You all are encircling the group in two layers. I don't want a single person dead in the action, whether it be the public or the terrorists. Your orders are to shoot them until they're unable to move, not dead, alright?

ALL - Yes!

BRETT - Good. Commander, Commissioner, I'll leave the rest of this to you, to arrange your men into troops. Dismissed.

(Everyone leaves the meeting room)

[Scene 19]

(At the terrorist secret hideout)

JOE - Hey, you got the pictures?

TERRORIST 6 - U-Um y-yes, here they are.

TERRORIST 1 - (Sees the photos) You have done well. Get ready everyone! in two days, we're going to turn Xynton into our playground!

ALL - Hahahaha!!! yes!!

(Celebrations and preparation)

[Scene 20]

(At the police academy)

POLICE OFFICER 1 - Attention!! Right!!

(Troop walks to the right)

POLICE OFFICER 1 - Shooting practice!!

(Troops do target practice)

[Scene 21]

(At the Military academy)

COMMANDER - Drop and give me 100!! yes!!

(Commander resumes, punching a boxing bag)

[Scene 22]

(At Anna's place)

BRETT - You guys ready?

ANNA - Yes.

DEAN - Yes.

JAMES - I'm ready, the duck is ready.

JENSEN - Can you shut up!

BRETT - (Giggles).

JENSEN - Well....this duck has a surprise for you.

JAMES - What're you going to do? quack a joke?

ALL - Hahahaha!

JENSEN - No. Just listen and close your eyes.

JAMES - You're going to sabotage me right? I'm sorry.

JENSEN - Too late.

JAMES - Please, don't sabotage me.

JENSEN - Bro, tomorrow you're up against terrorists. Man up alright? plus, it won't be any painful! not even for a kid!

JAMES - In that case, hit me with it (closes his eyes).

JENSEN - (Rips up a thick piece of tape and sticks it on his mouth).

JAMES - Mmm....Mmm!!

ANNA - What was that about?

JENSEN - It's my surprise.

DEAN - Which is?

JENSEN - Duct Tape.


BRETT - Oh, Oh I get it! hahaha!

ANNA - What?

BRETT - You know....duck and duct.

ANNA - Oh! hahahaha!!

DEAN - Is this how a duck silences someone?

JENSEN - Really effective right?

JAMES - (Rips it off his mouth) Ah!!!! it burns!!!

DEAN - What's cooking scooby doo?

ALL - Hahaha.

JAMES - Jerks.

JENSEN - Would you like some hot tea?

JAMES - No! No! just-just shut up alright?! no tea! only if it's with milk, and um...some sugar.

ANNA - That's coffee.

ALL - Hahaha.

JAMES - Oh god.

(Doorbell rings)

BRETT - Who's that? (opens the door).

TIM - Hey guys!

ANNA - Who is it?

BRETT - Um...Sir Valentine.

TIM - (Giggles).

ANNA - You mean-

BRETT - Yes.

ANNA - Shut the door.

BRETT - (Closes the door).

TIM - W-Wait! I have Pizza!

BRETT - Come in.

JAMES - Oh great, it's you again.

JENSEN - Why did you let him in?

BRETT - The guy brought pizza in.

JAMES - Oh cool! you're my man.

TIM - It's Pepperoni.

ANNA - Nice!

TIM - Nice? y-you're warming up to me?

JAMES - (Whispers) You discontinued the Men's association?

TIM - Um....

JAMES - Carry on.

ANNA - Can you not.

TIM - Okay, okay. Jeez, what does it take to please someone?

JENSEN - Sorry bro, you're um...kind of late.

TIM - What? why?

JENSEN - Because um...you see this guy right here?

BRETT - Jensen, don't! i-it's not-

ANNA - (Holds his hand).

BRETT - (Shocked and is silent).

JENSEN - Eh? what?

BRETT - C-Carry on.

JENSEN - He um...snatched your girl.

TIM - What! this man! this fool! snatched my girl! how could this be!

JAMES - Shakespeare, all over again.

TIM - I had faith in you my good man, I did not expect you to let me down like this.

BRETT - (In jolly mood) Neither did I.

JAMES - (Gasps and Whispers) You're really into each other?

ANNA - (Nods).

JAMES - Huh?

BRETT - (Nods).

JAMES - Give me five Jensen!

(They high five)

TIM - You people suck! you know what? I tried so hard to please you all, by buying pizza for us.

DEAN - Newsflash, you tried hard to please her.

TIM - It doesn't matter! you know how much the pizza costs? huh?

JAMES - 20? 30?

TIM - 35 Bucks! and you people, reward me with such horrible news?! what's wrong with you?

ANNA - For you it was bad news, for me it was good news, and um...no one told you to buy pizza for us.

JENSEN - I mean come on, who brings in pizza before the celebration? they don't even know what's going on!

TIM - You're the worst neighbours, ever!

ANNA - Thank you very much.

TIM - I spit on you, and your tomboy attitude!

ANNA - That's it! (gets up and tackles him).

TIM - Ah!! guys! help!!

JAMES - She did it once, now she did it again.

BRETT - James, this isn't WWF, split them!

JAMES - It's not that easy! it's a guy and a girl situation!

JENSEN - At least it's not a girl and girl situation. I'd be bleeding by now.

ANNA - Don't! bother! us! again!! you hear me!!

TIM - You still owe me 35 bucks!

ANNA - Rah!! listen to me! you creepy troll!

JAMES - (Mouth wide open).

BRETT - Duck, go do your thing.

JENSEN - Got it (kicks James, making him fall on them).

JAMES - Ah!!

(Falls on them)

TIM/ANNA - Ah!!! what was that!

JENSEN - Man down! man down! hahaha!

JAMES - You think it's funny? duck!

TIM - Duck?

ANNA - He's a duck.

TIM - So we're cool now?

ANNA - No!

(they continue, James is trapped in their tackle)

BRETT - Probably not a good idea.

JENSEN - You're telling me. If dealing with terrorists are going to be like this, then um...I'm sorry! pew!

BRETT - Do I have to do everything myself? stand back Jensen (sprays anesthetic at them).

(They all stop and faint)

BRETT - Better.

JENSEN - Brett, I know what you're trying to do here but really? anesthetic?

BRETT - Well come on! they're ruining the carpet.

JENSEN - Dude, that's her problem.

BRETT - Wait what?

JENSEN - This is her house.

BRETT - Oh right.

JENSEN - See, this is why you need think before you act. It's her problem, she has to take care of it. At that moment you just spray whatever you use during duty time.

BRETT - Why didn't you warn me?

JENSEN - Eh what? you told me to stand back! I don't even know what you were going to do then? what am I a fortune teller?

BRETT - You uh...you were.

JENSEN - Oh cut it out.

BRETT - Listen I have a good prank.

JENSEN - Dude, they're out! and you want to prank them? isn't this already enough?

BRETT - You remember the ice bucket apparatus we set up for April fools day? set that up in the bathroom.

JENSEN - Right.

BRETT - I'll sit them down.

[Scene 23]

(In the bathroom)

BRETT - (Places them, one on top of the other in the bath tub) You ready?


BRETT - Pull the rope!

JENSEN - (Pulls the rope and runs out of the bathroom with Brett).


ALL - Ah!!! so cold!! ice! it's ice!!

ANNA - Get off me Tim!

TIM - If your knee wasn't digging into my butt! then we would've got this sorted!


JAMES - Why are we in the bathroom?!

ALL - Brett!! Jensen!!

BRETT - They're onto us, hide!

(they hide under the bed)

ALL - (Leave the bathroom).

JAMES - Alright now! very funny of you two! a clown and a duck! what a wonderful partnership.

TIM - I know I'm annoying, but, you drew the line right there!

ANNA - Right!

(Tim and Anna eye contact, and agree)

JAMES - Where are you two!!

JENSEN - (Whispers) How long are we going stay here?

BRETT - (Whispers) Wait for it.

TIM - Damn those two! (sits on the bed)

BRETT - (Whispers) His legs, bite them.

JENSEN - (Whispers) What? Yuk!

BRETT - (Whispers) Just do it.

JENSEN - (Whispers) Fine (bites his leg).

TIM - Ah!!!

ANNA - What happened!

TIM - An animal!! a-a dog! i-it bit me!!

JAMES - You have a dog? you never told us.

ANNA - Because I don't.

TIM - You don't?

BRETT - (Whispers) It's coming.

TIM - Ah ha!! gotcha both!

BRETT/ JENSEN - (Scream) Ah!!!!!

TIM - Ah!!! ghosts! ghosts!! (runs back home)

JAMES - Ghosts?! (looks under) come out!! now!

(they come out)

JAMES - Listen duck, now I know a lot of ducks: Donald Duck, Daffy Duck, Foghorn Leghorn.

JENSEN - That's a rooster.

JAMES - I don't care! why did you do that to us?! you spray us with anesthetic and do an ice bucket challenge routine on us?

ANNA - Triples huh?

BRETT - (Giggles).

ANNA - Oi!

BRETT - Sorry, w-we were planning on scaring Tim away.

ANNA - Well....it worked. Next time, don't do it on us. I mean it.

BRETT - Okay.

ANNA - (Looks at them and walks out of the room).

JAMES - Hiding under the bed I see. Harry Potters.

DEAN - Well, it was fun while it lasted.

[Scene 24]

(Next day morning at the hideout)

TERRORIST 1 - (Signals to his group) Ready?

ALL - Yes.

TERRORIST 1 - Positions. Sharp 7, shoot.

ALL - Got it.

TERRORIST 1 - Let's split!

(They move to different areas)

[Scene 25]

BRETT - (On the phone) Police, Army, Come in!

COMMANDER/COMMISSIONER - (On the phone) We're here.

BRETT - Positions. No flaws.

ALL - Got it!

(Soldiers and Policemen get into their positions)

BRETT - Get in conference call with these ear tabs. Wait for the call, then begin the shoot out.

CIO TEAM - Got it.

BRETT - Let's move!

(CIO team move to their assigned locations)

[Scene 26]

(At Millen Square, Bayshore and Lynx Business District. Soldiers and police get into their positions)

ANNA - (Conference call) Commander, stay at Millen square. Commissioner, stay at Bayshore.


ANNA - Right then.

(Just outside these three areas)

TERRORIST 10 - (Signals the rest of his group)

(They step foot into Bayshore)

COMMISSIONER - (Conference call) I just recognized their tattoos. It must be them.

COMMANDER - (Conference call) Okay good. Check with the rest of your group if they've entered the barrier.

COMMISSIONER - (Conference call) Have they all entered the barrier?

POLICEMEN - (Conference call) Yes, yes.

COMMISSIONER - (Conference call) They're all in.

DEAN - (Conference call) Okay good, everything is going as planned.

ANNA - (Conference call) Commissioner, alert the inner circle.

COMMISSIONER - (Conference call) Right. Inner circle troop, stay alert, they're in.

INNER CIRCLE TROOP - (Conference call) Right.

(The terrorists enter Millen Square)

COMMANDER - (Conference call) I recognize them. They're in.

JENSEN - (Conference call) Confirm it with your team.

COMMANDER - (Conference call) Are they in the barrier?

SOLDIERS - (Conference call) Yes sir, yes.

COMMANDER - (Conference call) Right then, inner circle troop, on guard.

INNER CIRCLE TROOP - (Conference call) Yes sir.

(They step foot into Lynx Business District)

BRETT - (Conference call) They're in, they're all in.

JAMES - (Conference call) Any time now?

BRETT - (Conference call) Alert the inner circle troop. Wait for them to shoot, or begin the attack.

JAMES - (Conference call) Okay.

BRETT - (Conference call) Everyone! have they entered the inner circle?

ALL - (Conference call) Yes, yes, yes.

BRETT - (Conference call) Everyone! load your guns.

(Everyone loading their guns)

BRETT - (Conference call) Wait for the signal.

TERRORIST 1 - (In Lynx Business District) Ready? (on call) count to 10.

(Terrorists all over the area are ready)

TERRORIST 1 - (On call) 10...9...8...7...6...5

TERRORIST 2 - (On call) 4...3...2...1...Shoot!

(They all shoot in the air)

CROWD - Ah!!!! (running all over the place)

BRETT - (Conference call) Positions!! Shoot!!! (shoots them on the legs and arms)

(Everyone shoots them on the legs and arms)



COMMANDER - Shut down their legs and arms boys!!!

COMMISSIONER - For Xynton!!!

CROWD - Ah!!! (panicking).

BRETT - (Conference call) Everyone stop shooting!! Good job everyone!! Army and Police, arrange for a huge lorry or truck.

COMMANDER - (Conference call) For what?

BRETT - (Conference call) To chuck these bozo's onto.

COMMANDER - (Conference call) Yes sir!

BRETT - (Conference call) CIO! don't let any escape! smash them if you have to!

CIO TEAM - (Conference call) Yes.

(They stop all the terrorists. Truck and Lorry show up)

BRETT - Chuck 'em in.

ALL - Yes.

(They chuck the terrorists onto the truck and lorry)

BRETT - Drivers! go take them to Far-east abandoned atomic factory.

DRIVERS - Yes! (they drive off).

BRETT - Team! I want you to go to that atomic factory. Tie them all up in bunches and leave them in the storage. I want them alive.

CIO TEAM - Yes! (they go).

BRETT - (Conference call) Commander! Commissioner! tell your entire to assemble at the abandoned atomic factory. Bring along a video camera too. We're going to hit them where it really hurts.

COMMANDER - (Conference call) Revenge?

BRETT - (Conference call) Yes.

COMMANDER/COMMISSIONER - (Conference call) Yes!

(They head off)

[Scene 27]

(In the taxi)

BRETT - (On the phone) Anna, you there?

ANNA - (On the phone) I'm here, at the factory.

BRETT - (On the phone) Okay good. I want you and your team to ensure that none of them try to escape. Look around for any left-over explosives and tie it on them.

ANNA - (On the phone) Wait! are we going to-

BRETT - (On the phone) Boom.

ANNA - (On the phone) Amazing! are we getting this on tape?

BRETT - (On the phone) You know it.

ANNA - (On the phone) Oh my! I'm psyched.

BRETT - (On the phone) See you there.

[Scene 28]

(Brett reaches the atomic factory)

COMMANDER/COMMISSIONER - Brett! we got the video cameras and the entire team.

BRETT - Good, come with me.

(They go inside)

DEAN - We got everything set up. We found some seven left-over explosives and tied them to these bozos.

BRETT - Good. Here you hold one camera, James! hold this camera too. I want you both to record what's happening. Dean, you record the explosion process. James, you record what happened after the explosion.

DEAN/JAMES - Got it.

BRETT - Anna, you're done for the day. Take cover.

ANNA - Right (takes cover).

BRETT - Army! Police! this is it! we've gotten hold of their tails! just like how they kill their hostages! we're going to annihilate their troop the same way! are we all geared up?!

ALL - Yes!!

BRETT - Now's the time! this is where you finish the first part of this mission! they're stored in the very first storage here! the one in front of the factory, filled with explosives! one blast and boom! Dean! James!

DEAN/JAMES - Yes! (They start recording).

BRETT - Tsoro has entered our domain, Xynton. Not to fear, as the CIO, the Army, and the Police Force were prepared for this. You may or may not have witnessed the shoot-out encounter. It happened today, 9th November, at Lynx Business District, Millen Square and Bayshore. We've trapped all of them in this very atomic factory storage. The moment you've all be waiting for. Commander! Commissioner! orders!

COMMISSIONER/COMMANDER - Soldiers! Attention!! shoot!!!

(Soldiers and policemen shoot down the storage room)

(They storage room blows up)

BRETT - And......stop!!! guns down! on behalf of CIO, the Army and the Police Force, we are glad to say that the troop is wiped out.

(Meanwhile in Xynton City and homes)

CROWD - Yes!!! we're safe!!

CHILD 1 - Mummy, no more bad guys?

MUM 1 - No more bad guys.

CHILD 1 - Yay!

(At the atomic factory)

COMMISSIONER - A job well done Captain Brett (shakes hand).

BRETT - My pleasure.

COMMANDER - Quite an attack you put on there (shakes hand).

BRETT - None of this is possible without you both. Police Force and the Army are the real heroes of the nation. You both proved yourselves and did us proud.

COMMISSIONER - Well then. We'll be heading off.

BRETT - Yes, and thanks for the help.

COMMANDER - That's what we're here for. Don't hesitate.

(They leave)

ANNA - That was great, Brett.

BRETT - Thanks.

CIO - Three cheers! three cheers!! yay!!

JAMES - So, time to wrap up this mission right?

BRETT - Wrap up this mission? who said that?

JENSEN - Wait what? but we just annihilated the entire troop. Time to go right?

BRETT - Nah.

DEAN - This mission's not over? but why?

BRETT - We just did 50%, I told you and James earlier that we just did the first part.

JAMES - Wait what?

BRETT - Listen. It's not that easy, wiping out an entire terrorist group. We call half of them. The rest are still in Viraka.

ANNA - B-But, how can you say that?

BRETT - They're clever. They know very well that if they get caught in these type of situations, they shouldn't die as a whole. They split and travel. Keep in mind: behind every group there is a leader.

ALL - Oh.

BRETT - We're going to lure him in, along with the rest of his troop, and then-

ALL - Then?

BRETT - We need a speak-breaker until then.


[Scene 29]

(In Viraka)

TERRORIST 99 - Sir! look!

CHIEF - What?!! t-t-they-

TERRORIST 96 - They wipe out the other half of us!

CHIEF - Shit!!! (throws his cup down) I can't believe this!!! R-R-Rah!!!! no!!!! You! go! arrange for a helicopter!! now!! and you!! arrange for some bombs! now!!

ALL - Yes sir!! (they leave).

CHIEF - Tomorrow morning! we're blasting that place! once and for all!

[Scene 30]

(At Anna's house)

ANNA - What's your guarantee that they'll come for us?

BRETT - Along the way we left a trap, to lure them in.

JAMES - What trap?

DEAN - I don't recall a trap.

BRETT - You guys remember the viral video we posted?

JENSEN - Oh, Oh!!! s-so they'll see that and um....(scared) w-we're not safe.


JENSEN - W-We're not safe!!

DEAN - What're you saying?

JENSEN - Guys! they're terrorists! god know what they'll do to this place. They're not going to just show up at the old-abandoned pier like the rest!

BRETT - Hmm....he's right.

ANNA - I'm guessing.....bomb storm.

ALL - (Stunned).

ANNA - I'm serious. They're terrorists, w-what else will they do? I'm saying they'll conduct a bomb storm.

BRETT - Bomb storm, hmm.

JENSEN - We need to issue another meeting with the army and police, Brett. We don't when they'll show up.

DEAN - He's right, t-they could be on their way right now. I-It won't take them longer than a week to bomb us you know.

BRETT - (Thinking) Hmm.....

JAMES - I have an idea. Like Jensen said, they won't arrive at the pier. That doesn't stop them from taking an aircraft right?

ALL - Aircraft?

JAMES - They could be taking a flight, o-or a helicopter. They're quite clever too, they'll know that they'll be dead when they touchdown.

ANNA - That's a good point. They'll definitely be intimidated by our forces. So that....that might as well be their only option.

JAMES - Coming to my idea. Brett! you remember the attack plan we had?

BRETT - Yes, why?

JAMES - Why don't we do the same? instead, it happens in the air.

BRETT - (Stunned) In the air?.....(stands up) You my friend!! genius!

JAMES - Really?

BRETT - We'll contact the Air Force Team. Dean! call them up! tell them we need their entire troop to be with us. Dogfight planes, soldiers in choppers. Get them all at the meeting room.

DEAN - Okay! (leaves).

BRETT - Jensen! contact the police force! and tell them to be in-charge of the grounds. We need them to secure the entire island. They'll contact us in action in case a bomb's about to drop.

JENSEN - Right.

BRETT - Let's do this!

[Scene 31]

(Meeting room)

(Everyone talking amongst themselves)

BRETT - Ehem....attention everyone! yes, thank you for being here. Yes, let me break this to you.....the Tsoro attack is not over yet.

ALL - (Shocked) Huh? what?

BRETT - Calm down! yes I remember what I said in the video. Here's why I lied: that was a trap set by me, to lure the other half of the group. Remember: there's a king behind every troop, every group. We're going to destroy them, here! in this very country!

ALL - Yes!!

BRETT - We need your help! the terrorists are clever people. They won't fall for the trap by attacking at the ground like last time. They'll take advantage and attack above ground, yes in the air.

ALL - (Thinking).

BRETT - They would be here anytime, anywhere around this island. They will bring bombs, I'm quite certain about that because of the video they watched. Soldiers!! Police!!

SOLDIERS/POLICEMEN - (Salute and give their attention).

BRETT - You remember the plan we had previously. We're executing the same plan here, but....in the air.

ALL - In the air? what is this? what?

BRETT - Listen up! the police force will not be involved in the attack. They are going to be covering the island's ground security. Ensuring that no one leaves their home, and alerting those in the air if a bomb is about to drop. Tell this to everyone in the island through the local news channel. I want everyone to cooperate with us. Home delivery should be of their convenience over this course of time.


BRETT - Soldiers!! you are to get into the choppers, and do the same drill. Shoot them on the arms and legs. Not the chest!!! this time I'm pretty serious. I don't know who's the king of that troop. Understand?!


BRETT - And Air Force Team. You're all in-charge of flying the aircrafts. Whether it be a dogfight, the choppers. You are to fly them. If soldiers give you directions to go here and there, listen to them. Got it?


BRETT - One more thing: Bombs. If anyone of them drop a bomb. Alert the police force to scram. Got it?

ALL - Yes!!

BRETT - Let's hit the air!!

(Everyone gets a move on)

[Scene 32]

(On the news)

NEWS REPORTER - Latest Headline, the Tsoro invasion is not over yet.

PUBLIC - (Shocked) What?? it isn't?

NEWS REPORTER - The plan put up by the CIO, Army and the Police was to lure the other half of the terrorist group into the country, to finish them off, once and for all.

PUBLIC - Woah.

NEWS REPORTER - They've got the help of the national air force team as they are expecting them to arrive through air. Police Commissioner, Zayn Schmitz tells the people to stay under-cover because over the course of time from now, there will be bomb blasts, fights in the air, crashes etc. So the people of the island, you are all told to stay under-cover until Police Commissioner, Zayn Schmitz gives you the green signal. Until then, home delivery hot-lines for food, shopping etc are made convenient for you. The delivery men will be traveling to your places via the underground metro.

(People are tense and scared)

[Scene 33]

(On the way to Xynton)

CHIEF - Are we almost there yet?

T. PILOT 1 - Yes, fifteen minutes.

CHIEF - Good, good. Get the bombs ready!!


BRETT - (on the phone) Commissioner, change of plans. They're going to drop bombs at a random. Tell everyone to move to the boundary of the island.

COMMISSIONER - (On the phone) Yes, got it! officers!! get the news!!

(News reporters are filming the attack and they rush over)

NEWS REPORTER - We are rolling live into the attack. When are you expecting the them to show up?

COMMISSIONER - Leave that aside. For now!! people!! everyone!! we need you all to move to boundary of the island. Yes, I mean move to the outer ring! bombs will be shot at random, we can't afford to lose many innocent lives. I want everyone to move now! I mean it!! they'll be here anytime!!

(the public panic and move to the outer ring)

BRETT - (On the phone) Did it work?

COMMISSIONER - (On the phone) Yes, I'm in Lynx Business District and I see many people rushing over, catching the underground metro.

BRETT - (On the phone) Good, good luck!

COMMISSIONER - (On the phone) Let's finish this shit.

(they both drop the call)

[Scene 34]

T. PILOT 1 - We're here.

CHIEF - Right then!! launch the bombs!!

(they launch two bombs)

ANNA - Brett!! i-is that a-

BRETT - Bomb!!!

ALL - Bomb?!!

BRETT - Alert the police!!! it's heading for Bayshore!!

COMMANDER - (On the phone) Yes, there are two bombs!! they're heading for bayshore!!! head north!! I repeat, head north!!

COMMISSIONER - (On the phone) Bomb!! move north!!! people!!

(the police head north)

(The bombs have touchdown and blast)

COMMISSIONER - Damn, that's hard.

COMMANDER - (On the phone) Everyone okay?

COMMISSIONER - (On the phone) Yes.

JENSEN - I see flights heading for us, in groups!!

JAMES - It's them!!

BRETT - Soldiers!! attack!!

(Soldiers alert their pilot to go and attack them)

TERRORIST 98 - Chief!! look!! they're attacking us!!

CHIEF - What??? how did they-

TERRORIST 98 - They um....lured us in?

CHIEF - Shit!!

(Heavy gunfire all over the place)

CHIEF - Bombs!!

(they launch bombs)

COMMANDER - (On the phone) Bomb!! heading for Lynx Business District!!

COMMISSIONER - (On the phone) Got it!! people move!! move west!!

(Police move west quickly)

(Bomb blast) (Police jump in the explosion)

COMMANDER - (On the phone) Safe?

COMMISSIONER - (On the phone) Um....

CONSTABLE 6 - Ah!! sir!! we lost one of our men.


CONSTABLE 6 - (Points towards the explosion).

(the lost police officer's body drops from the explosion)

CONSTABLE 6 - Sir!! i-it's the inspector.

COMMISSIONER - (Removes his hat and on his knee) Take his body, put it in the van. (On the phone) We lost the inspector.

COMMANDER - (On the phone) Oh no, poor soul.

(Terrorists are shot at the knee and legs)

TERRORISTS - Ah!! (they fall out of their planes).

COMMANDER - Boys!! grenades!! pelt 'em!!

SOLDIERS - (Use grenade launchers to pelt them).

(they explode)

COMMANDER - Yes!! take that!! suckers.

CHIEF - Shit!!! how many planes left?

T. PILOT 1 - Three sir, we lost eight.

CHIEF - Shit!!! kill 'em already!

BRETT - (Picks up machine gun and shoots people on the third plane)

TERRORISTS - (From the third plane, drop down)

ANNA - (Shoots people from the second plane)

TERRORISTS - (From second plane, drop down)

CHIEF - Damn!!! it's only us!!

DEAN - I'm guessing King Kong is in there.

JAMES - That's what I think.

BRETT - Be cautious on this one!! shoot them carefully.

CHIEF - What're you waiting for? shoot!!

TERRORIST 95 - (Shoots).

ANNA - Watch out!!

PILOT 2 - (Turns the flight at an angle)

CIO TEAM - Woah!

JAMES - (Shoots him).

TERRORIST 95 - (falls down).

CHIEF - (Peeks his head out) You idiot!!! you traitor!!! can't you shoot?!!

BRETT - It's him.

DEAN - Who?

BRETT - He's the King of this group.

JENSEN - How do you know?

BRETT - Look at him?! he's dominant. He's the last one standing, King's get killed in the end, in Chess. He cursed the second last man very harshly.

ANNA - Shall we?

BRETT - Yes, 3....2....1....Shoot!! (shoots him, both his legs)

CHIEF - Ah!!! he, he shot both my legs!!! grab me!! pilot!!

T. PILOT 1 - B-But I'm flying.

CHIEF - Grab hold of me!!

T. PILOT 1 - Okay (tries to grab hold of him).

BRETT - I got this (takes his parachute) wait another five minutes, and follow my lead (jumps off).

JAMES - Woah man!

(Falling down. Brett gets closer to the Chief who's about to fall down. He grabs him by the leg and pulls him)

CHIEF - Hey!!! I'm going to kill you!!! I'm gonna kill you!!! (takes out his knife and tries to stab him but misses)

(they fight in the air)

ANNA - Are they....fighting in the air?

DEAN - I told you Hollywood movies mess you up.

JENSEN - Just live the moment, it's like the only time we see Michael Bay come together with Roland Emmerich.

BRETT - He...hehehehe!! hahaha!!!

CHIEF - W-Why are you laughing?!

BRETT - (Spits) You fell right for my trap didn't you.

CHIEF - I knew that!!

BRETT - Oh you did? how amazing (looks down, and notices he hasn't got much time till impact) (grabs hold of his neck).

CHIEF - Oi!! let go of me, y-you fool!!

BRETT - Good night (kisses the air) let's go!!

CHIEF - What?!! no!! no!!

BRETT - (Grabs a knife from his pocket and kisses it. He flings it with full force at the chief).

CHIEF - (Gets stabbed and dies).

BRETT - (Pulls the parachute string and lands safely).

(CIO team land right after he does)

ANNA - You okay? d-did he stab you?

BRETT - A bit...nothing serious.

JAMES - Intense bro. It was like, Mission Impossible!

BRETT - Well, except this mission was possible.

JENSEN - He dead?

BRETT - He's dead.

DEAN - The rest?

BRETT - I'm gonna leave this to you. Search the entire island to see if any one of them are alive. If they are....hehe.....you know what to do.

CIO TEAM - Yes! (the leave).

BRETT - (Walks off).

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