The sky had borrowed the colors from the German flag: red, yellow and black. Christ, The Redeemer was watching over the proceedings. It was time to redeem the Deutsch pride. The odds and Gods, both were with the Germans. People in Rio were busy, not with the usual carnivals or festivals, but with silent prayers. After all, it was the clash of the titans. One must be proud of his/her nation, but every four years there comes a time when crazy loyalty takes over patriotism. It was one such day, when the world was once again divided into two groups. No borders, no barriers. Just pure faith and support. Our ancestors would be so proud...

Right from the beginning, Germans dominated the game. Their infallible passing troubled the Argentine defense throughout. The ball just refused to play in the German half. There were glimpses of Messi's brilliance, Javier's talent and Higuain's mistakes, but that was not enough to put the ball into the nets. And when they did score once, the referee was compelled by his own conscience to raise his flag. On the other hand, Germans were doing everything right, yet were being denied the glory. Klose, Mueller, Ozil, and Kroos were giving their best but that was not enough to please the Gods. They wanted something else, something more. They wanted sacrifice. And hence, one was made in the form of Kramer, who had to be substituted in as early as 30th minute due to injury. As Schurrle entered the field, the German gladiators were filled with a new sense of energy and they dominated till the end without much luck. But now, the search for the glory was to be made in the extra-time. Germans looked up at the sky as if asking what else the Gods want. The World Cup had lured them for almost a quarter of a century. Every time they labored and sweated hard in the arena but the trophy just slipped through their damped hands . This time they needed something more viscous. And then they remembered . What good a war is until some blood is spilled? But who will accept to offer the blood? It had to come from the best. Gods deserve the best. And then it was spilled. An offering was made by Schweinsteiger as his thick, red fluid, mixed with his sweat fell on the ground. Gods must have loved its taste for 3 minutes later, Goetze scored like a graceful swordsman killing the dreams and hopes of the Argentines.

Victories make histories, they say. Germany became the first European nation to win the title on South American soil. Klose became the highest scorer of all time. Also this was the first win after the re-unification of Germany. The title would read: WORLD CHAMPIONS GERMANY. No indication to the direction. Yes, the honor, the prestige are beyond the world of discrimination !! Failure has its own charm. The world champions of the two previous world cups were knocked out in the group stages. Cristiano Ronaldo's skills could not take Portugal to the pre-quarters. England continued with her disappointing performance. Also we saw some serious revenge with Dutch defeating Spain by 5-1 (revenge of WC 2010) and then Germany beating Brazil in their home by 7-1 (revenge of WC 2002). This world cup will be remembered for all these and much more.

The next world cup will be held in Russia. There will be enough excitement but sadly the end of this world cup has left a big void in terms of players which will be difficult to fill. Pirlo and Buffon's presence shall be missed. We shall miss Klose, Sweinsteiger, Podolski and Lahm and their passing skills. We shall miss Robben, Sneijder, Van Persie and their Dutch attack. And how can we ever forget Villa, Iniesta, Xavi, Alonso and their supreme game. We would like to forget England's performance but how can we not miss the universally loved Gerrard? The next cup may not see Ronaldo and Messi either and even if they do play, it won't be the same. But like new waves take away the old and bring new stuff to the shore, a new tide of players will be ready to charm the spectators. Old gladiators shall be replaced by new ones, while they will enjoy their freedom. Sanchez, Rodriguez, Ochoa, Benzema and Neymar will start with a huge fan following. It will be their opportunity to shoulder the responsibilities and hopes of their respective nations and we hope that they prove their metal.

The sky has now borrowed the colors from the Argentine flag: white and blue. Sun rays of motivation have started to penetrate the surface of sorrow and disappointment. Christ, The Redeemer is smiling and asking the runners up to accept the defeat with a smiling face and open arms. People in Rio are back to what they are good at: partying and celebrating. The world unites once again. No borders, no barriers. Just pure admiration and support. After all, it was the clash of the titans !!!

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