Dim red lights and the cold marble floor. A silhouette on the wall and palms infused with smell of hash. Cigarette burn on your legs and trembling fingers. Making way to the shiny object laying on the floor 3 inches far from where you are. Joy,Pleasure and pain awaiting a demented soul. Fingers quiver from the ecstasy to come, capillaries awaiting the joy.
A single slit-maybe another one- your legs loosen up and muscles twitch a little-pulse rate rises-another slit. A fissure on the wrist and now the show began. Droplets forming at unsteady distances on the track. You look at it. Smirking. Lanes of red with clots of red. Watch it form into a beautiful waterfall it will build up to be in a while. Anticipation lingers in every pore and every muscle. You don’t blink an eye just so you don’t miss the whole show. One drop makes it way down the circumference of your arm and falls. Gravity consumed it and the cold marble floor now stained. Watching your inner demons fall, all hot and fire lit into the pits of cold and bleak floor.You watch it stain. You watch it fall. You watch it all.

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