[Scene 1]

MUM - Dear, I'm worried. He's five years old, and still not talking.

DAD - I'm worried too dear. He's going to be in Year 1 next month. Doctors said that he has no such illness affecting his ability to talk.

MUM - He's just adamant.

DAD - Joey, please just talk. D-Do it for us.

JOEY - (Remains silent and innocent).

MUM - Joey, here. Sit on my lap. Time's flying by sweetie. You've got to talk. At least make a weird noise. A-All you've ever done is cry and laugh. Ever since you were born, I don't know if it's by nature. You just wouldn't make weird noises like...dada! mama! goo goo! none of that. T-That's why we're worried. P-Part of our job, outside earning money and taking care of the house is helping you get ready for the real world. You just have to talk, you have no other choice, dear. We're not like fish who make bubbles in the water. That's what we're trying to tell you.

JOEY - (Stays silent).

DAD - Honey, sometimes I think it's his nature.

MUM - Yes, but he's got to come out of his shell someday. I-I don't mind if he's shy but at least, s-say something.

JOEY - (Remains silent).

(Dad and Mum look at each other, sad)

[Scene 2]


MUM - Goodnight Dear (kisses).

(Lights off)

MUM - (Breaks into tears).

DAD - D-Dear why? d-don't.

MUM - A-Are we such bad parents? please tell me. W-Why can't he talk?

DAD - (Hugging her) Listen dear, no need to shed tears. I-It's just his nature. H-He's such an introvert child.

MUM - That's what I'm worried about.

DAD - Dear. Y-You know, i-it's not too late till Year 1 starts for him.

MUM - What do you mean?

DAD - Well....w-we're hopeless now. W-We can't help him.

MUM - Oh. (Cries) D-Do we have to?

DAD - I-It's for the best. H-Hopefully Joey will learn from them. If so, then we are bad parents.

[Scene 3]

(Orphanage Entrance)

DAD - Here, Joey. T-This is your new home.

MUM - (Cries on his shoulder).

DAD - I-It's okay dear.

MUM - (Goes to Joey) J-Joey. C-Can you talk for me? p-please j-just o-one last time before you lose your mama. J-Just one mumble, goo goo? ga ga? didi? a-anything.

JOEY - (Sad, and remains silent).

MUM - (Gasps and in tears. Hugs him) Well, o-of course y-you won't. W-We're bad parents, t-that's why right? d-don't worry. Your dad and I, found the solution. (Shows the orphanage to him).

JOEY - (Sees it).

DAD - (Goes to Joey) Joey. Y-You've been a great son. (Points to his heart) As long as this is with you, you're never away from home. Just a one piece advice for you. You'll do great things in life, I-I just know that. How I say that? look (shows the orphanage) wonderful talents, unpredictable miracles, they happen here. Nowhere else, and um...w-we are bad parents, if you do come out great. G-Goodbye son.

(Hugging him)

JOEY - (Walks to the orphanage and looks back).

(Mum and Dad hugging each other, wave to him)

JOEY - (Sad, and moves on).

MUM - D-Dear. I-I want to prove myself again.

DAD - Y-You want another child?

MUM - (Nods) Who knows, m-maybe his nature is just like that.

DAD - Yes, maybe it is.

[Scene 4]

(Days at the Orphanage pass. Joey is still upset about losing his parents)

(20 Years later. At the national art academy)

SENIOR ARTIST - (Looking at everyone, working).

(Joey is painting)

SENIOR ARTIST - Ah! Joey. W-What are you working on now?

JOEY - Um....This is my fifth edition of "Darkness within".

SENIOR ARTIST - Hmm....(observing) This um....looks quite similar to the other four editions. The texture on this....you've only added one or two more primary colours to the work. Otherwise, you've used the exact same pattern and texture style to it.

JOEY - Well....I-I can't find anything else.

SENIOR ARTIST - Well....move away from dark art. Make this your last edition, o-or maybe the previous one your last one. Unless you experiment with variety will you then get more ideas. Focusing one just one element isn't going to get you anywhere.

JOEY - (Silent).

SENIOR ARTIST - You're not going to survive with just fire, you need water, air, and earth. You see what I'm saying?

JOEY - I-I see, b-but it'll be hard because-

SENIOR ARTIST - You just have to relax. Expose yourself to other components of this world. The world is art. You don't just see huts, you see buildings, houses, condominiums, malls, many things.

JOEY - O-Okay sir.

SENIOR ARTIST - Well then, back to work! (walks off).

PHILIPPE - Y-You like my work, sir?

SENIOR ARTIST - What's this?

PHILIPPE - A-Abstract.

SENIOR ARTIST - I'm pretty sure I've seen this work before.

PHILIPPE - R-Really? w-where? is anyone copying me?

SENIOR ARTIST - No one's copying you. You on the other hand, you're copying someone.

PHILIPPE - What? that doesn't make any sense. Who am I copying?

SENIOR ARTIST - Andy Warhol.

PHILIPPE - What? really? b-but mine is abstract.

SENIOR ARTIST - I'm pretty sure that's pop art.

PHILIPPE - B-But he just randomly splashed colours. Mine is different.

SENIOR ARTIST - That's a pop art of Michael Jackson, that's one of his work.

PHILIPPE - Darn it.


PHILIPPE - Sorry, sir.

SENIOR ARTIST - I say you get back to doing your artist research, and um...start over.

PHILIPPE - Okay (fed up).

[Scene 5]

SENIOR ARTIST - Artists! (claps) gather around!

(artists gather)

SENIOR ARTIST - Right then. As you can see, the annual selection day is tomorrow. It's going to be the same drill all over. For those who are new, this day goes on for 24 hours, and within that time you're required to produce a work of art. May the best be put on display at the national museum art gallery. Let the public lend their eyes to the best work. Once again as usual I have here (takes out a magic hat) a hat, containing various areas of art. Each of you have to pick one out of the hat, and that will be the work you produce. Line up! one by one! no seconds!

(they line up and get their area of art)

DAVID - (Sees his area of art) Yes! impressionism! (walks off).

JOEY - (Steps forward and picks one. He sees it and walks off) A portrait. Really?

PHILIPPE - What did you get?

JOEY - Portrait.

PHILIPPE - Ooh nice! I got lino print.

JOEY - (Sarcastic) Great.

PHILIPPE - (Walks off).

JOEY - This is going to be hard.

[Scene 6]

(At Joey's home. Joey walks upstairs, looking at all of his dark artworks on his way).

(He plops himself on his bed)

(Meanwhile at the national art academy. Senior Artist's room)

SENIOR ARTIST - (Hears knocks on his door) Come in.

SAMANTHA - (Enters) Hi, I-I'm Samantha.

SENIOR ARTIST - Yes, how can I help you?

SAMANTHA - Actually um....I came to get my portrait done. I want to have it hung on the walls. C-Could you do it?

SENIOR ARTIST - (Thinks) Hmm.....sure why not. You see um....right now it's closing time. The artists would've head home by now. Oh! come tomorrow! it'll be perfect! come tomorrow at 7:30am.

SAMANTHA - Oh okay, thank you.

SENIOR ARTIST - You're very welcome madam. Now then um....you want to um...

SAMANTHA - Oh right! the charges. How much will it be?

SENIOR ARTIST - Depends. What size do you want your portrait to be? small, medium, or large?

SAMANTHA - House is quite big, and I um...want it to pop out so...large!

SENIOR ARTIST - Okay, will do. That'll be $50.

SAMANTHA - Here (hands over the money).

SENIOR ARTIST - Thank you madam. Have a goodnight. Tomorrow 7:30am.

SAMANTHA - Yes, I-I'll be there. Thank you! (leaves).

SENIOR ARTIST - Hmm.....she's gorgeous. I wonder how her portrait will turn out.

[Scene 7]

(Next Day)

SENIOR ARTIST - Alright! artists! time starts....now! you have 24 hours.

(Samantha enters)

SAMANTHA - H-Hi, I-I um came to get my portrait done.

SENIOR ARTIST - O-Oh yes, I remember. Here, Joey! come forward.

(Joey comes to them)

SENIOR ARTIST - This is um...

SAMANTHA - Samantha.

SENIOR ARTIST - Ah yes, Samantha. You'll be doing her portrait.

JOEY - (Looks at her and is lovestruck).

SAMANTHA - When do we start?

JOEY - U-Um right now. C-Come, follow me.

(Walks with her to his work station)

JOEY - Um....sit down, on the stool.

(She sits down. Joey gets his art tools and canvas ready.)

JOEY - Um....just have your face ready. Let me know when I can start.

SAMANTHA - Okay (picks up a mirror and figures out ways).

(Joey admires her)

SAMANTHA - (Finally has her face ready).

JOEY - (Stunned by her cute look).

SAMANTHA - I'm ready.

JOEY - O-Okay, j-just stay still. T-Try not to move a lot.

(Joey draws her portrait. At the same time admiring her. He finally adds colour to his work. As well as adding extra texture to let out her admiring charm which struck him)

JOEY - I-I'm done.

SAMANTHA - You are? phew! that was tough. Like they say, you can't rush art.

JOEY - True, y-you want to see it?

SAMANTHA - Sure. (She sees it) Wow....I-I love it!

JOEY - Y-You do?

SAMANTHA - I-It's amazing. I-I'm not lying, I-I've never seen myself....t-this gorgeous.

JOEY - W-Well um...hehe.

SAMANTHA - So, can I take home?

JOEY - W-Well um....the paint needs to dry so...

SAMANTHA - Oh okay, so um...tomorrow?

JOEY - Y-Yes, tomorrow.

SAMANTHA - I'll make a move. Thank you so much.

JOEY - My pleasure.

(Samantha leaves)

JOEY - (Sits there admiring at the portrait)

[Scene 8]

(At Samantha's house)

DAD - Hi Sammie, got your portrait done? where is it?

SAMANTHA - It's at the art studio. It needs to dry.

DAD - Oh I see.

(Mum enters with letters in her hands)

SAMANTHA - Mum!! (grabs the letters and looks through them).

MUM - What dear? what're you doing? it's not there.

SAMANTHA - (Stops) I-It's not there?

MUM - Nope.

SAMANTHA - I can't believe it (plops herself on the sofa, sitting with mum and dad) I sent my bio data and photo to Glamor, a-and they still haven't got back to me?! after 8 months?!

MUM - Dear listen, I think this is awfully too long. You've got a master's degree in business administration. You took the 8 months to try become a model and look what happened, it never took off.

DAD - But, you tried, and that's good. Don't feel bad about it, I mean, back in college you did some fashion runways for the fashion students, and you got good comments. At least you had that bit of spotlight.

SAMANTHA - B-But, I-I only chose MBA, with hopes that it'll be my full time career, once I retire from modeling.

MUM - Well, in this case, modeling didn't take off right? so, for now just stick with MBA.

DAD - You had your moment in the spotlight, dear. It's okay, because careers like these don't take off for much people. Begin your MBA career. We won't push you to begin early. Take your time, and find a day to go for your interview.

SAMANTHA - O-Okay dad. You're right. I tried, I got a moment in the spotlight. Thanks.

MUM - We're your parents, Sammie. Don't be ridiculous.

SAMANTHA - (Giggles).

[Scene 9]

(Lights are off in the national art academy studio. Everyone left)

SENIOR ARTIST - (Going around, looking at all the artworks. He's struck by the portrait) W-Wow (touches the canvas) I-It's um.....colour? how? (on the phone).

(At Joey's house)

JOEY - (Narrating) Three types of people make man happy in life: Friends, Family, and your love. I've lost my family. Friends? do they even know me? love, it's my last chance to keep me satisfied with life. (Walks up the stairs in his house, skimming through all the dark artworks done by him on his way).

(Joey picks up a new canvas, and begins spraying colours, randomly all over it)

[Scene 10]

(Next day)

SENIOR ARTIST - Alright everyone! you know the drill! check to see if your artwork is missing.

ARTISTS - No, I have it.

JOEY - U-Um sir...I can't find mine.

SENIOR ARTIST - It's at the art gallery.

ARTISTS - It is?!

JOEY - It is?!

[Scene 11]

(At the national art museum)

KELLY - Yes, I'm so excited!!

CHLOE - I can't believe we're going to see the actual Mona Lisa exhibit, in this very museum!!

SAMANTHA - I know right? it's amazing.

TOUR GUIDE - Hello everyone. I'm Dave, your tour guide. As you may or may not know, the famous Mona Lisa, is in this very museum. Flown all the way from France, the original piece. Prior to that, we'll be exploring portraits in today's tour.

(they enter the art gallery and see all the portraits)

TOUR GUIDE - And finally, the one you've all been waiting for: The Mona Lisa. Come in.

(they see it and admire it)

TOUR GUIDE - Please, no photography or videography.

SAMANTHA - It looks great.

CHLOE - It, it's magnificent. I-I've never seen such beauty.

KELLY - The detail, it's, I can't even describe it!

CHLOE - It'll be long until we see another piece, matching this.

KELLY - Da Vinci, made the girl look so desirable, attractive, and classic.

CHLOE - Yes.

VISITOR 1 - Woah!

VISITOR 2 - What is it?

VISITOR 1 - Look at that one!

(they see Joey's work on the opposite side)

VISITOR 3 - What is it?

VISITOR 2 - Look at this! it's amazing!

VISITOR 3 - Woah!

VISITORS - (They all rush over to get a glimpse of Joey's work).

CHLOE - Where's everyone going?

KELLY - They're all crowded up back there.

SAMANTHA - What is it?

(Samantha breaks through the crowd and sees her portrait)

SAMANTHA - (Shocked) W-W-What?!!

KELLY - (Breaks through) What is it? (sees it) Woah!! i-is that you?!

VISITOR 5 - W-Woah!! i-it's a portrait of you!! guys! it's her.

VISITORS - Oh wow!! amazing!! she's here!!

SAMANTHA - (Stunned) Oh god, w-what just happened?

CHLOE - Y-You've never looked more attractive, babe.

SAMANTHA - (Mumbles) T-That artist (leaves the museum quickly).

CHLOE - Where are you going?

KELLY - Come back! that's weird.

[Scene 12]

(At the national art academy)

JOEY - (Working on his new colourful work of art).

(Samantha enters)

SAMANTHA - Where is he?!

(All artists turn and see her)

SAMANTHA - There you are!

JOEY - (Gulps).

SAMANTHA - What are you trying to do? huh?!

JOEY - (Scared) Huh?

SAMANTHA - Don't act all innocent! this is unacceptable. I ask you to give me my portrait, and what do you do instead? you hang it up in the art gallery! what do you think about yourself? y-you think you're so great?!

(Senior artist breaks in)

SENIOR ARTIST - Madam, what's the problem? why are you creating a huge fuss?

SAMANTHA - It's all because of him! I asked specifically for a portrait of myself, so I can hang it on my wall. Instead, he hangs it in the museum art gallery. You're trying to make a fortune out of my stuff?! who do you think you are, huh?

JOEY - (All upset).

SENIOR ARTIST - Madam, c-come to my room. W-We'll talk this through.

(they go to his room)

SENIOR ARTIST - Listen madam, this is not the artist's fault. In fact, it's mine. I'm really, really sorry. I-I should've told you that day itself that the winning artist's work, will be put on display. I'm awfully sorry for publicizing it.

SAMANTHA - Well you should be, people around me in the art gallery were stunned and kept following me.

SENIOR ARTIST - I-I'm really sorry. I-If you don't mind we could arrange for another portrait, for you.

SAMANTHA - Oh, and this one's going to put on display at the British museum?!

SENIOR ARTIST - No, no, no. Trust me, dear. This time, just for you. I-I'm sorry. I just request one thing: if you can allow the original portrait to remain at the art gallery, it'll be great. Please, it's a work of an artist, an artist's work is his soul.

SAMANTHA - Well....alright. As long as I get my portrait done, for me only.

SENIOR ARTIST - Sure, sure madam. Thank you very much.

(Samantha leaves his room and searches for Joey)

SAMANTHA - Um...excuse me, you know the artist I just yelled at? d-do you know where he is?

PHILIPPE - He packed up, and went home.

SAMANTHA - Oh, I need to apologize to him.

PHILIPPE - Well um....probably not a good time. He uh, broke into tears on his way out.

SAMANTHA - (Stunned and upset) Oh dear.

[Scene 13]

(At Joey's place)

(Joey cries his way back up to his room)

JOEY - (Hand on his heart. Tears) M-Mum?, D-Dad? I-I think I know why you left me. My attitude possessed me, leaving me silent, even in front of you. (Cries in pain) W-Why?! w-why did this love possess my work? w-why did I give her a bad impression of me?!

[Scene 14]

(At Samantha's home)

MUM - Hi dear! did you get your portrait?


DAD - What? but why?

SAMANTHA - It's at the museum art gallery.

ALL - What?!

SAMANTHA - The artist's portrait of me was the best amongst all.

DAD - Woah. That's, that's cool.

SAMANTHA - I know but-

MUM - But what dear?

SAMANTHA - I yelled at that artist, even though he wasn't responsible for putting it on display. I-I didn't know, a-and, poor guy, he went crying back home.

DAD - Ooh. Tough. D-Did you apologize before he left?

SAMANTHA - I-I was too late.

MUM - Oh. Don't worry dear. See, first thing tomorrow you go apologize to him, and um...I think it's good to have your portrait on display.


MUM - Well, if you can't become a model, at least millions of people can adore your beauty right? you'll feel special.

SAMANTHA - Y-You're right, mum.

[Scene 15]

(Next day, at the national art academy)

CHLOE - And I turned around, he wasn't there.

SAMANTHA - Oh, you need to break up with him.

CHLOE - That's what I'm going to do.

SAMANTHA - Oh, he's there (goes to Joey). Hi.

JOEY - (Scared).

SAMANTHA - I-I'm sorry about yelling at you. I-I didn't know.

JOEY - I-It's okay.

SAMANTHA - We're cool?

JOEY - Y-Yes.

CHLOE - Wow, such a shy guy. I thought artists are very expressive.

JOEY - T-They are. Some people, l-like me just choose to keep it to themselves.

CHLOE - Hahaha.

SAMANTHA - I forgot your name.

JOEY - Joey.

SAMANTHA - Samantha.

(they shake hands)

SAMANTHA - If you don't mind, c-could you do another portrait of me?

JOEY - Sure! w-why not. S-Sit down on the stool.

CHLOE - I-I'll stand here.

(Chloe stands at the back of Joey)

(Joey does her portrait. He finishes it)

CHLOE - Wow.


JOEY - Y-Yes.


CHLOE - It's amazing, look.

SAMANTHA - (Sees it) Wow! i-it's amazing. J-Just like the first one.

JOEY - Y-You really like it?

SAMANTHA - Yes! it's amazing! you know what? (takes out her phone) give me your number. If I, or anyone of my friends and relations want a portrait done. I'll tell them to go to you.

JOEY - O-Okay. Um... 9433 2114.

SAMANTHA - (Types it) Got it. Thank you so much.

JOEY - (Excited) I-I'll be back (goes to the bathroom).

(He drops his wallet)

CHLOE - Hey! you dropped your-

SAMANTHA - He'll be back.

CHLOE - (Checks it out and sees a picture of him with his parents, and is stunned) Woah.

SAMANTHA - Are they-

CHLOE - Yes, yes they are.

JOEY - Hi, I'm back. Um...thanks for dropping by. Hope to meet you soon.

SAMANTHA - Thanks, s-so I can collect it tomorrow?

JOEY - Yes! yes.

SAMANTHA - This time, for me right?

JOEY - Y-Yes.

SAMANTHA - Hahaha. Bye!

JOEY - Bye.

[Scene 16]

(At the museum art gallery. A limo enters)

MARK ZAPFINO - (Enters the museum).

(Public goes wild)

ASSISTANT - Move aside! move aside! he's on a busy schedule!

MARK ZAPFINO - Thank you everyone.

(he enters the art gallery)

MARK ZAPFINO - Right then. Where are the recent displays?

ASSISTANT - (Looking at the brochure) It says it's to the next right. That aisle over there.

MARK ZAPFINO - Right then.

(they reach the aisle)

ASSISTANT - Here we are.

MARK ZAPFINO - Hmm....(viewing them) I'm not pleased with these displays. Nothing fresh.

ASSISTANT - Well....

MARK ZAPFINO - Heh, just look at this piece of junk. It's nothing but abstract art, in the same pattern as other 5 million artists. It's on sale, for $30,000! sucker. You know what, I can't stand them. Why don't you go around and see them for me.

ASSISTANT - Sure sir.

(Mark Zapfino sits down on a chair)

ASSISTANT - (Goes through all of them and is struck by Joey's work) W-Woah, s-so gorgeous (staring at it and snaps awake). S-Sir! take a look at this beauty!

MARK ZAPFINO - It better not be old wine in a new bottle.


MARK ZAPFINO - (Stunned by Joey's work. Removes his glasses in shock) My oh my! w-what a beauty! this is it! these are the ones I'm wanting to collect! h-how much is the price?

ASSISTANT - Let me see (checks below) T-There's no price yet.


ASSISTANT - Well um...for now, yes.

MARK ZAPFINO - I need this! w-who's the artist?

ASSISTANT - Joey, of the National Art Academy.

[Scene 17]

(National art academy)

(Joey is working on coloured art)

SENIOR ARTIST - (Coming around and sees Joey) Well, I see you've had a change.

JOEY - Ch-Change?

SENIOR ARTIST - It's quit obvious. You're adding colour to your art.

JOEY - Oh! t-that. Yes, I-I have, haven't I.

SENIOR ARTIST - Yes, and it's rather pleasing me.

(Mark Zapfino and Assistant enter)

SENIOR ARTIST - (Shocked) M-Mark Zapfino!!

ARTISTS - Mark Zapfino!!

(they rush to him, except for Joey who's into his work)

SENIOR ARTIST - W-What brings you about here?

MARK ZAPFINO - I'm here to collect a work of art. It was on display at the art gallery and, I-I don't know what to say about it-

JOEY - (Notices the conversation and pays attention).

MARK ZAPFINO - What's the artist's name again?


MARK ZAPFINO - Ah yes, Joey! can I see him?

SENIOR ARTIST - Oh yes! Joey! come here!

JOEY - (Shy, and heads over).

MARK ZAPFINO - This young man? produced that? my oh my! what beauty.

JOEY - T-Thank you sir.

MARK ZAPFINO - I-I loved it! I was wondering if I could um...collect your piece.

JOEY - (Stunned).

MARK ZAPFINO - Oh no! not stealing. I'm an art collector you see, well um...a critic too. I want to have a copy of your work.

JOEY - Um...s-sure.


JOEY - B-But you have to come tomorrow to collect it. I-I haven't started making copies of it yet.

MARK ZAPFINO - My oh my! you sure you can add the same amount of magic to this too?

JOEY - I painted the original in less than 24 hours. It's a portrait.

MARK ZAPFINO - Wow! I must say, that's really impressive. Well, I'll come tomorrow and collect it.

JOEY - Y-Yes.

MARK ZAPFINO - Thank you sir, I'll be on my way.

(They leave)

SENIOR ARTIST - Well, Joey. Mr. Millions is buying off you tomorrow.

JOEY - Hehehe, yes he is.

SENIOR ARTIST - Well then, you better get to work. You have two orders due tomorrow.

JOEY - You know about that girl Samantha?

SENIOR ARTIST - I overheard.

JOEY - Oh, I see.

[Scene 18]

(At Joey's old home)

(Chloe searches about the house and finds the exact same family photo, which was in Joey's wallet. This photo had him cut out)

MUM - Chloe!

CHLOE - Y-Yes mum?

MUM - Time for dinner!

CHLOE - Coming!

(sits for dinner)

DAD - Chloe, are you okay? you seem a bit dull.

CHLOE - Oh, i-it's nothing dad.

DAD - You sure?

CHLOE - I'm sure.

MUM - Well then, eat up. The heat's killing.

[Scene 19]

(Next day)

JOEY - (On the phone) Hello?

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Hi um...I'm Samantha.

JOEY - (On the phone) O-Oh yes, you're coming to collect your portrait?

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Yes, that's why I called to check. Is it ready?

JOEY - (On the phone) Yes.

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Thank you. I'll be there soon.

(Mark Zapfino enters)

MARK ZAPFINO - Hey! my man, Joey. You have the portrait ready?

JOEY - Y-Yes sir (hands it over to him).

MARK ZAPFINO - Wow! it's perfect. You repeated the magic, once again. Thank you very much. (Sees another copy of the portrait) Joey, there's another copy over there.

JOEY - Oh that. Um...another customer is getting it.


(Samantha and Chloe enter)

SAMANTHA - Hi, Joey!

MARK ZAPFINO - (Turns around and sees her, and is shocked) Wait a minute! (looks at the portrait and at her, back to back) I-Is she-

JOEY - Yes, i-it's her portrait.

MARK ZAPFINO - My goodness! (shakes hands with her) Mark Zapfino. I'm an art collector. I must say, your artist has made you very attractive in this portrait.

SAMANTHA - (Blushes) T-Thank you.

JOEY - Sorry Samantha.

SAMANTHA - For what?

JOEY - I-I forgot to tell you, h-he's taking a copy of your portrait.

SAMANTHA - Oh, okay. I-I'm fine with it.

JOEY - Y-You are?

SAMANTHA - At least you told me right, that's fine, and um...I too know him, as a famous collector.

MARK ZAPFINO - I have two things to say: one for Joey and one for....

SAMANTHA - Samantha.

MARK ZAPFINO - Samantha. First, to Joey: This piece of art deserves all credit and awareness. I want you to have copies of them on sale. The world will love it! what do you say?

JOEY - Um....I-I don't know what to say. I-It's going to go worldwide, I-I need her permission.

(They both turn to Samantha)

SAMANTHA - Well...

CHLOE - Say yes. It'll be cool! the world will know you.

SAMANTHA - Well...okay then.

JOEY - T-Thank you Samantha.

SAMANTHA - Hehehe you're welcome.

MARK ZAPFINO - Second: Samantha, you are gorgeous. Your appearance says that, your portrait says that, pretty soon the world will be saying that. Why don't you try modeling?

SAMANTHA - Oh, about that. I uh...I do want to become one. I sent in my entry forms to people, along with my photo but...they never got back. I just gave up, I'm going to go follow my qualification, which is business.

MARK ZAPFINO - Well, don't give up now. Just look at it this way, as soon as this image of you is recognized by the world. They'll fall for your beauty, and I can already see that happening. With your beauty, and this artist's touch of magic, nothing can shatter your dreams. I say you give it a go, I promise you that you'll be getting several modeling contracts from here onwards. What do you say?

SAMANTHA - Well, okay then!

MARK ZAPFINO - That's the spirit. I'll be on my way. Thank you!

ALL - Bye!

JOEY - Thank you Samantha.

SAMANTHA - Thank you Joey.

JOEY - You're the reason for my fame.

SAMANTHA - So are you.

(Chloe and Samantha scream in excitement)

GIRLS - Ah!! I'm so, excited!


GIRLS - Oh um...sorry.

SAMANTHA - Joey, you must come to my place now. I need you to meet my parents.

JOEY - For what?

SAMANTHA - You! silly, you're painting my dreams, my future. Come with me.

JOEY - Well I uh have work to-

SAMANTHA - Oh, just come.

(They both drag him)

[Scene 20]

(At Samantha's house)

MUM - Hi there, come on in.

SAMANTHA - That's my mum.

JOEY - Oh um...hi.

MUM - Come, make yourself at home.

DAD - Hey girls! who's the new guy?

SAMANTHA - Mum, dad, I want you to meet, Joey. He's the artist I was talking about.

DAD - Oh wow.

SAMANTHA - And look at this portrait!! isn't it amazing?

PARENTS - Wow! j-just. You're gorgeous.

MUM - Honey, how much make-up did you wear?

SAMANTHA - I didn't wear much. He made me look more attractive.

MUM - Woo! I must say you've done a good job young man.

DAD - Well, why is he here?

SAMANTHA - About that. You know the famous art collector?-

DAD - Mark Zapfino?

SAMANTHA - Yes. He came today and talked to both of us.

MUM - You did what now?!

SAMANTHA - We met! and had a chat!

CHLOE - I was there too!

DAD - That's amazing!

SAMANTHA - And he got a copy of my portrait.

DAD - That is even more amazing.

SAMANTHA - Wait! there's more. My portrait copy is going to be on sale worldwide!

MUM - Shut up!

SAMANTHA - I'm serious! me! worldwide!

PARENTS - Wow!! (they hug her)

MUM - This is amazing dear. I mean, hey! you still have a chance of becoming a model!

SAMANTHA - I know. So many people were drooling over my portrait back there.

DAD - This is just great. You got the golden ticket.

SAMANTHA - I know, and it's all thanks to this guy.

DAD - Thank you so much for helping my daughter.

MUM - She's always like, I want to be a model! model! nya nya nya!


MUM - Oh okay dear. So yes, finally she's getting the spotlight. Thank you, and I hope your fame grows too.

JOEY - T-Thanks (tears).

SAMANTHA - A-Are you okay?

JOEY - (Tears) Y-Yes, I-I'm okay. Just um....i-it's been quite a while, when I was last with my family.

CHLOE - (Gets interested in his talk).

JOEY - Watching how your family is, just (tears) I-I can't say-

SAMANTHA - Oh it's okay.

MUM - (Tears).

DAD - Why are you crying?

MUM - J-Just, his innocence. I-It's priceless.

SAMANTHA - Don't worry. You know what, drop by here any time you want.

DAD - Yes, yes, definitely. You paint my daughter's future, you're forever welcome.

JOEY - T-Thank you.

SAMANTHA - Here, I'll text my number.

(Joey's phone rings)

JOEY - G-Got it.

SAMANTHA - All better?

JOEY - Y-Yes.

CHLOE - (Thinking hard).

[Scene 21]

(At Joey's place)

(Joey gets down, and starts producing copies of the portraits. He pictures her face in his head and paints them. He enjoyed painting them)

JOEY - (On his bed, thinking about her) (Narrating) I've never felt any better. My fame rose up, her dreams are becoming reality, my love for her grew. So what if I don't have family and friends who know me. At least I have this lucky charm, to satisfy my hunger and thirst.

[Scene 22]

(Next Day. Joey's work is on sale)

(Public rush in to view the work and buy it)

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - Wow! s-she's gorgeous. Excuse me! c-can I have the artist's phone number?


JOEY - (On the phone) Hello?

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - (On the phone) Hi um...is this Joey?

JOEY - (On the phone) Yes, Can I help you?

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - (On the phone) I loved your portrait! I-I'm calling from the United States. I loved it to bits.

JOEY - (On the phone) Oh um...t-thank you.

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - (On the phone) If you don't mind, c-could you give me the portrait girl's number? d-do you have it?

JOEY - (On the phone) Oh yes.

[Scene 23]

(Samantha's house)

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Hello?

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - (On the phone) Yes, um....are you the portrait girl?

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Portrait girl?

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - (On the phone) You know um...the gorgeous girl, whose portrait is gaining fame all around the world.

SAMANTHA - (On the phone and excited) Yes! t-that's me!

(Parents react and come near her)

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - (On the phone) Boy! you are simply gorgeous! sorry, forgot to introduce myself. I'm a modeling supervisor from Glamor, I-I was hoping if you'd like to-

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Me? modeling?

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - (On the phone) Yes.

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Yes!! thank you! thanks a lot! it's a dream come true!

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - (On the phone) Well? when do you want to start?

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Um....could you hold on for a minute. Mum, Dad!! I'm going to become a model!!

PARENTS - Yes!! you did it!

SAMANTHA - And it's from Glamor! United States.

MUM - Go for it.

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Anytime, w-when should I be there?

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - (On the phone) Anytime next week. Just one request. If you could get your full body portrait done before that, it'll be great. I want to get a glimpse of your physique.

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) O-Okay sir. I will.

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - (On the phone) See you in show-biz.


[Scene 24]

(National art academy)

SAMANTHA - (Enters) Joey?

JOEY - Y-Yes?

SAMANTHA - Thank you so much. I got a modeling contract! (hugs him).

JOEY - (Shocked, and hugs her back).

SAMANTHA - You're the best. You may not be just an artist, you're a good friend.

JOEY - I-I'm glad you got the offer.

SAMANTHA - And at my favourite modeling company. Just one more thing to it. They asked for a full body portrait of me, so...

JOEY - S-Sure, why not.

(they set up for the portrait)

JOEY - (Admires her physique and finishes the portrait) d-done.

SAMANTHA - Cool! can I see?

JOEY - Here.

SAMANTHA - W-Wow!! you are amazing. I'm dead serious.

JOEY - Y-You like it?


JOEY - (Silent).

SAMANTHA - I love it!

JOEY - Oh! I-I got scared.

SAMANTHA - Hahaha, funny guy.

JOEY - Well um...see you tomorrow for collection.

SAMANTHA - Right then! bye!

JOEY - Bye, sugar.


JOEY - Whoops! s-sorry, I-I meant Samantha.

SAMANTHA - Hehehe (leaves).

JOEY - Phew! that was close.

[Scene 25]

(Glamor company)

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - So yes, I contacted Samantha, and she's coming to join us in a week's time.

CHAIRMAN - That's great.

ZAYN - Sir, um...c-can I take a look at the portrait?

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - Why sure, here she is (shows it to him).

ALL - Wow! s-she's gorgeous.

CHAIRMAN - How much did it cost?

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - $50,000.

ALL - Woah!

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - There goes my 6 months salary.

ZAYN - (Admires the portrait) W-When is she joining us?

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - In a week.

ZAYN - Hmm....(excited and runs off).

[Scene 26]

(Next day)

SAMANTHA - Thanks for the portrait.

JOEY - My pleasure. When are you going to join Glamor?

SAMANTHA - Next week.

JOEY - (Stunned) N-Next week?

SAMANTHA - Yes, apparently. So um....I'm settling there. I've got a career y'know.

JOEY - Oh, I-I see.

SAMANTHA - Well, forget the distance. We'll keep in touch. We have each others numbers. Friends?

JOEY - (Shakes hands) Friends.

SAMANTHA - Well um...I think this is the last of each other, in person. Bye (leaves).

JOEY - (Sad) Bye.

[Scene 27]

(At Joey's place)

JOEY - (On his bed) (narrating) I can't believe she's leaving me. It all happened very quickly. It was just the start to a perfect life for me, and does it have to end already? like they always say: time flies when you're having fun. I've had my fun, or have I? I have her number, and she has mine. We're friends now and um....what more can I say?

(phone rings)

JOEY - (On the phone) H-Hello?

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) It's me, Samantha.

JOEY - (On the phone) O-Oh um...hi!

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Just one last favour. If you could make copies of my full physique portrait and get it on sale, it'll be great. Glamor can get a glimpse of it.

JOEY - (On the phone) O-Okay, sure.

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Thank you so much, Joey! love you! bye! (drops the call).

JOEY - (Shocked) L-Love you? (drops on his bed, in joy) S-She said it, she said it!!

(He gets down to work, creating copies of her full physique portraits)

[Scene 28]

(A week later, they are in the market)

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Hello?

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - (On the phone) Hi, it's me, the modeling supervisor.

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Oh, Hi!

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - (On the phone) Yes, we all got a glimpse of your physique. We're happy to have you join our company.

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Thank you so much sir! I-I'm really out for words.

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - (On the phone) We're as excited as you are my dear. When are you coming?

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) I-I'm all packed! I'll be there tomorrow morning.

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - (On the phone) Oh that's great! good to hear. We'll come to pick you up. Till then, bye now.

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) B-Bye! (drops the call).

MUM - Well?

SAMANTHA - (Thumbs up).

MUM - Oh that's wonderful dear!


[Scene 29]

(At the Airport)

DAD - Goodbye dear! hope you enjoy yourself there.

MUM - Call us when you reach there.

CHLOE - W-We've had a good run together, babe.

KELLY - I c-can't believe you're leaving!

(Chloe, Kelly, and Samantha hug each other)

SAMANTHA - (In tears) I-I'm going to miss you guys.

PARENTS - (In tears).

JOEY - (Standing all alone, and watching her).

SAMANTHA - And how can I forget the outsider, behind my success!

JOEY - (Stunned).

SAMANTHA - Come here, Joey.

JOEY - (Comes forward).

(They hug)

SAMANTHA - (In tears) T-This was great. First you were just an artist, then a famous artist, and now? I-I'm proud to say you're my friend.

JOEY - (Tears) R-Really?

SAMANTHA - (Tears) A-All I needed, was you. To help me become a model.

JOEY - (Tears of joy) I-I'm really happy for you. I w-wish you all success.

SAMANTHA - Thanks.

ANNOUNCER 1 - Ladies and Gentlemen! Check-in counters for American Airlines, flight AA259 are now closed. Passengers boarding this flight must now head towards Immigration. Thank you.

SAMANTHA - Well, I-I have to go.

MUM - Bye dear! d-do well.

DAD - (Waves bye).

KELLY/CHLOE - Bye, Sammie! a-all the best! keep in touch!

SAMANTHA - (looks back at Joey).

JOEY - (Waves goodbye).

SAMANTHA - (Turns around and leaves).

(Parents, Kelly, and Chloe leave)

(Joey watches her disappear from his sight, in tears. Slowly turns around and walks away)


[Scene 30]

(At a Glamor Runway)

M. ANNOUNCER - Now presenting, our latest fashion design, which will be presented by: Samantha!

(Crowd goes wild)

SAMANTHA - (Walks the runway with class).

(Crowd takes pictures and admire her)

SAMANTHA - (Walks back to her bay).

ZAYN - Hmm....(thinking about her).

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - Good job! fifth runway, and you nailed it.

SAMANTHA - Why, thank you. Where's my PA? I need to ask him something.

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - Coming. PA! for Samantha! right now!

(PA enters)

M. SUPERVISOR 1 - You've done well, Samantha.

SAMANTHA - Thanks.

P. ASSISTANT - What assistance do you require?

SAMANTHA - Just um-

ZAYN - (Breaks in) Hey um...

SAMANTHA - Oh, Zayn! what's up?

ZAYN - Well um...I was just thinking. Coffee?


ZAYN - Costa Coffee.



SAMANTHA - Anything up my agenda tonight?

P. ASSISTANT - Um.....nope.

SAMANTHA - O-Okay, thanks.

P. ASSISTANT - You require anything else?

SAMANTHA - J-Just a bottle of water.

P. ASSISTANT - Coming up!


ZAYN - Thanks! you did great.

SAMANTHA - (Blushes) T-Thank you. You too! you um....did some Michael Jackson steps.

ZAYN - Oh that? (blushes) nothing big really, just killing them moves for the crowd. Improvising you see.


ZAYN - You know? you should do some also.

SAMANTHA - Who me? nah I don't think so.

ZAYN - No I'm serious! i-it'll be great. You'd appeal more to the audience.

SAMANTHA - Well um....okay! teach me.

ZAYN - Well...for a start: when you're half-way through, making it to the podium, snap your fingers with style. You know, either way.

SAMANTHA - Y-You mean like this? (does it).

ZAYN - Y-Yes, just like that. You'll sass it up.

SAMANTHA - But um....I don't want to look like a jerk. Maybe something hot, and sexy.

ZAYN - Well um....you can try change the way you walk.

SAMANTHA - Like how?

ZAYN - Place each foot right in front the other one. You'll be walking naturally, slowly. Making things dramatic and all. You give more time for people to get snaps of you.

SAMANTHA - Ah! I see. Y-You mean like this?


SAMANTHA - Thank you, and um....Zayn.

ZAYN - Y-Yes?

SAMANTHA - Shall we?

ZAYN - O-Oh right! I-I forgot! let's go.

[Scene 31]

(National Art Academy)

(Lights out)

S. ARTIST - Joey? you haven't left yet?

JOEY - (Sitting in the dark, looking at a blank canvas) N-No.

S. ARTIST - But why? it's late. It's dark.

JOEY - No um...just not feeling well lately.

S. ARTIST - Oh (sits next to him), well, I hope you feel better. Tell me if something's bothering you.

JOEY - Nah, nothing's bothering me.

S. ARTIST - Come on! you can tell me. Don't look at me as your senior, take me as your friend for now. Um....a quite old one.

JOEY - It's nothing. After all, I am an artist right? so if I really was bothered, the canvas wouldn't be blank.

S. ARTIST - (Sees the canvas) Oh, right! you must be right. Clever guy, hehehe.

JOEY - Hehehe.

S. ARTIST - Well, you better leave now. I'm locking the studio.

JOEY - Coming (gets his stuff).

S. ARTIST - (Locks the studio) Well, see you tomorrow.

JOEY - Bye.

(Senior Artist walks a few metres away from Joey. Joey is thinking hard)

S. ARTIST - (Turns back) Oh! Joey! forgot to tell you! the art auction is coming in two days! do you want to auction your work?

JOEY - Um.....your choice! I-I don't mind.

S. ARTIST - Well then, fame should belong to you! I'll enter it in, is that fine?

JOEY - Yes! t-thanks!

S. ARTIST - Good on you sport! prepare another copy!

JOEY - Okay!

(Senior Artist leaves)

JOEY - (Heave breath relief, and leaves).

[Scene 32]

(Costa Coffee)


ZAYN - Haha! a-and I told him, dog biscuits? you don't find dogs in them!

SAMANTHA - Oh wow! hehehe.

ZAYN - It's crazy. He's just trying to be funny. Yes, you can find chicken in chicken pot pie, but no dogs in dog biscuits.

SAMANTHA - True. It's quite a crap joke to be honest.

ZAYN - (Mind voice) My jokes are that bad? w-well um....f-forget that fool.

WAITER - Cappuccino, Coffee latte.

ZAYN - Thank you (passes the coffee latte to Samantha).

SAMANTHA - Thanks.

ZAYN - (Drinking Cappuccino) Well um...d-do you have any plans?

SAMANTHA - (Drinking Latte) Plans?

ZAYN - Y-You know um....like, y-your future. How do you like your future husband?

SAMANTHA - Well um....not trying to be picky here but, I-I just want a husband who's honest and, is "down to earth".

ZAYN - Hmm....nice.


ZAYN - Me? oh um....someone I know, like a friend, a colleague maybe. It makes things easy don't you think?

SAMANTHA - Yes, you're right. Not too much complications later on.

ZAYN - Exactly.

(Samantha and Zayn have eye contact)

SAMANTHA - U-Um....everything alright?

ZAYN - (Snaps awake) Oh! I-I'm alright! (spills a bit of his cappuccino)

SAMANTHA - (Giggles).

ZAYN - (Stunned and giggles along with her).

SAMANTHA - Hahahaha.

ZAYN - Tissue please.

WAITER - Here.

ZAYN - Thanks. Well? you done?

SAMANTHA - Yes, yes!

ZAYN - Phew.

SAMANTHA - (Yawns) Well um...tired. I should probably get going.

ZAYN - You want me to drop you?

SAMANTHA - It's okay, I'll take a cab.

ZAYN - I have a car.

SAMANTHA - Well um....okay then.

[Scene 33]

(While driving)

ZAYN - That was fun.

SAMANTHA - What was fun?

ZAYN - You know...runway, coffee.

SAMANTHA - Oh that! it was fun.

ZAYN - Sure was.

(pulls up by her house)

SAMANTHA - Thanks, Zayn.

ZAYN - Welcome.

(Samantha leaves)

ZAYN - (Thinking hard, looks back at Samantha).

(Samantha goes inside her house)

ZAYN - (Takes a look at her house, and drives off)

[Scene 34]

(Next day)

SAMANTHA - (Eating breakfast).

(Phone rings)

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Hello?

JOEY - (On the phone) H-Hello i-it's me, Joey.

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Joey?

JOEY - (On the phone) A-Artist?

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Oh Joey! h-how are you?!

JOEY - (On the phone) I-I'm fine, you?

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) I'm doing great. Thanks again.

JOEY - (On the phone) No need.

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Why did you call?

JOEY - (On the phone) Oh, um...just wanted to let you know. You're getting famous here.

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Really? I-I am?

JOEY - (On the phone) You're on the "Lights Camera Action!" section of the newspaper.

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Oh, wow! I-I never thought it would happen this quick.

JOEY - (On the phone) D-Did you create a facebook page? twitter account?

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Um....no. I only have instagram.

JOEY - (On the phone) Make a facebook page, and create a twitter account. You'll have a huge fan following.

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) You sure?

JOEY - (On the phone) I-It'll work, I think.

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Well, okay then.

JOEY - (On the phone) A-Am I bothering your busy schedule?

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) O-Oh no. Nothing on my list for today. I just have to shoot for an ad today evening.

JOEY - (On the phone) Oh okay. One more thing: y-you're portrait is going to be auctioned.

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Oh, t-that's nice to hear.

JOEY - (On the phone) True.

(doorbell rings)

SAMANTHA - (goes for the doorbell).

JOEY - (On the phone) Anything new?

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) Oh, nothing.

(opens the door. Zayn is seen holding a bouquet on his knees)

ZAYN - Will you marry me, Samantha?

SAMANTHA - (Shocked) (Gasps).

JOEY - (On the phone) Y-You okay?

(Samantha drops the phone)

JOEY - (On the phone) S-Should we talk later?

ZAYN - Well?

JOEY - She's probably busy. (On the phone) U-Um...Samantha, w-we'll talk later. S-Sorry if I caused any trouble (drops the call).

SAMANTHA - U-Um...w-what's this all about?

ZAYN - I-I love you.


ZAYN - I-I really love you.

SAMANTHA - Zayn, stop joking around.

ZAYN - I'm not.

SAMANTHA - (Looks around) Come inside.


ZAYN - Sammie! Sammie!

SAMANTHA - (Plops herself on the couch).

ZAYN - (Plops himself on the couch, sitting next to her) J-Just, I-I'm really into you.

SAMANTHA - (Stunned).

ZAYN - Y-You may not know, but I fell for you, even before you joined Glamor.


ZAYN - Your portrait. The supervisor bought your portrait, I-I was simply mesmerised by y-your eyes.


ZAYN - Your rose-budded lips, y-your cushion-soft cheeks, your silky hair, your physique, I-I'm blinded.

SAMANTHA - Zayn, I-I don't understand. I-It's all happening too quickly, perhaps. I-I mean, we've only done five runways. It's only been ten days.

ZAYN - Yes, we've only done five runways. Don't say ten days, say 240 hours. Pretty long right?

SAMANTHA - Um....I-I don't have a clue right now.

ZAYN - I'm not a good liar, and I don't wish to indulge in it. I don't supporting bragging, or any other rude activity.

SAMANTHA - Listen, Zayn. You're a great guy, I-I appreciate you doing all this for me but, I-I don't think I'm ready.

ZAYN - I-I'm ready. I-I still haven't told my parents about this, no one knows about this. Unless I get your green signal, I'll tell my parents, and you can tell yours.


ZAYN - How about this: close your eyes.

SAMANTHA - (Closes her eyes).

ZAYN - (Puts a diamond ring in her hand, and closes it) Open your eyes.


ZAYN - Check your hand.

SAMANTHA - (Opens her hand, and stunned) W-Wow, u-um....i-is this?-

ZAYN - Engagement ring, diamond ring, your ring.

SAMANTHA - Um....I don't know what to say but-

ZAYN - Close your eyes again.

SAMANTHA - Now you're just playing games (closes her eyes).

ZAYN - Am I? (kisses her hand).

SAMANTHA - (Gasps) (opens her eyes) Y-You love me that much?

ZAYN - Y-Yes.

SAMANTHA - Well....

ZAYN - Well?

SAMANTHA - I-I am your colleague after all.

ZAYN - Y-You're okay with it?


ZAYN - Yes!

(they both hug)

[Scene 35]

(Samantha's and Zayn's parents get a phone call)

S. MUM/Z. MUM - Hello? oh, oh! r-really?! yes!! o-okay! g-go for it!

(drop the call)

DAD - What happened?

MUM - Samantha is going to get married!!

(Zayn's parents)

DAD - What? r-really?

MUM - She's his colleague. The portrait girl.

DAD - Ooh! nice move.

(Samantha's parents)

DAD - I have to say, that's good a good move!

[Scene 36]

CHLOE/KELLY - (On the phone) Really? Ah!!!

SAMANTHA - (On the phone) I'm so happy right now! I-I'm flying back in two days for the engagement.

CHLOE/KELLY - (On the phone) That's great!

[Scene 37]

(Advertising Studio)

DIRECTOR - Lights! Camera! and.....action!

(clapboard cue)

SAMANTHA - Everyone's asking me, what's your secret? Gucci perfume. Now with an extra-strong kick!

AD VOICE - Gucci Perfume! now available!

SAMANTHA - Remember, it's a secret, don't tell anyone (giggles).

DIRECTOR - And....cut! that was brilliant!

SAMANTHA - How did I do?

DIRECTOR - Amazing is the word! good job! and all in one take! we need dedicated models like you. Other models just can't wait till we run out of film strips.


ZAYN - (Claps).

DIRECTOR - Who's that?

SAMANTHA - Oh u-um...

ZAYN - (Breaks in) Fiancee!

DIRECTOR - Fiancee?!

ALL - Fiancee?!

SAMANTHA - (Whispering) What? already?

ZAYN - (Whispering) It's true right?

DIRECTOR - Really?

ZAYN - Well, she's about to.

DIRECTOR - Oh wow. Samantha and?

ZAYN - Zayn.

DIRECTOR - Zayn! hmm...quite good. Well then, carry on! bye dear.

SAMANTHA - Bye! what is it?

ZAYN - I booked tickets.

SAMANTHA - You came all this way to say this?

ZAYN - Yes.

SAMANTHA - Stop lying.

ZAYN - Alright, alright! j-just felt like seeing you.

SAMANTHA - You couldn't look at my portrait?

ZAYN - Portrait?-

SAMANTHA - (Giggles and walks away).

ZAYN - Sammie! come on! why are you trying to run away from me?

SAMANTHA - Who said I'm running away? just playing a joke on you.

ZAYN - That was quite funny.

SAMANTHA - Why so serious?

ZAYN - Then? (walks off).

SAMANTHA - (Grabs hold of his arm and pulls him. They kiss).

ZAYN - W-Woah, that was amazing.

SAMANTHA - You should've told me you wanted a kiss in the first place.

ZAYN - H-How did you know?

SAMANTHA - (Sarcastic) Boys. Isn't this too much?

ZAYN - I'm not a stereotypical guy.


ZAYN - Okay, maybe a little bit. Not entirely, that's for sure.

SAMANTHA - Hmm....

ZAYN - Drive you home?

SAMANTHA - Sure, got to get packing.

[Scene 38]

(Next day, at the auction)

AUCTIONEER - Right then! calm down! calm down! everybody! first piece of work (picks up a work of art) Can I hear a $1000?!

VISITOR 1 - $1000!

VISITOR 2 - $1050!

VISITOR 3 - $1051!

VISITOR 4 - The hell? who bids a dollar extra?

VISITOR 3 - Cheep?

VISITOR 4 - That's crap you know?

AUCTIONEER - $1052? anyone?! sold!

VISITOR 3 - Darn it.

(everyone claps)

AUCTIONEER - Next! we have! oh! this will be good! (holds up Joey's work) Can I get a $1000?

VISITOR 1 - $1000!

VISITOR 2 - $2000!

VISITOR 5 - $3000!

VISITOR 1 - Damn you! $3010!

AUCTIONEER - $3011? $3020? anyone?!

VISITOR 10 - $4000!

VISITOR 1 - Oh no you didn't!

VISITOR 10 - Well, I just did!

VISITOR 5 - You must die! $4090!

AUCTIONEER - (Mind Voice) Boy, am I going to get rich.

VISITOR 2 - $5600!

VISITOR 8 - Suck it in losers! you can't bid! ha! $9000!

AUDIENCE - (Gasps).

VISITOR 8 - Take that! losers! eat a lemon!

VISITOR 6 - I'll turn you into a lemon! $10 000!

AUCTIONEER - Once! Second! Third! Sold! sold for $10 000!

VISITOR 8 - Well played, you walrus.

VISITOR 6 - Uh?! what's that? oh that's right! the elevator! I'm going up! because you're not on my level!!

ALL - Oh!!! Burn!!!

VISITOR 6 - Get some ice.

VISITOR 8 - For what?

VISITOR 6 - Too cool your burn, it's hot here.

ALL - Oh!!

VISITOR 1 - Burn!!

VISITOR 8 - Oh shut up! at least I made a higher bid than you.

VISITOR 1 - Say that to her face!

VISITOR 8 - I can't.

VISITOR 6 - And why is that?

VISITOR 8 - Because! what's that on your face?

VISITOR 6 - Eh what?

VISITOR 8 - Oh wait! that is your face!!

ALL - Oh!!! burn!!

VISITOR 8 - (Escapes).

VISITOR 6 - Oh shut up! sitting ducks.

[Scene 39]

(Flight arrives)

(Arrival Hall)

KELLY - Can you see her?

CHLOE - Not yet.

KELLY - Now?


KELLY - How about now?


KELLY - Okay, okay.

DAD - Found her! she's got her luggage!

ALL - Yay! Sammie!!

(outside arrival hall)

SAMANTHA - Hi guys!!

MUM - I missed you so much! a-are you good?

SAMANTHA - Yes, I'm fine.

KELLY/CHLOE - Ah!!! (they hug her).

SAMANTHA - Mum, Dad, this is Zayn.

ZAYN - Hi.

MUM - Wow, I'm out for words.

ZAYN - Hehehe.

DAD - What're we waiting for? let's go.

(they drive home)

[Scene 40]

(At Samantha's place)

DAD - How are things going, Zayn?

ZAYN - Everything's going good, sir.

DAD - Very good.

CHLOE - Good choice, Sammie.

SAMANTHA - Um....t-thanks.

KELLY - She's shy (giggles).

ZAYN - U-Um....s-should I call my parents, and tell them to come over?

MUM - Sure, sure, why not? go for it.

ZAYN - Thanks. (On the phone) Hello? yes it's me, yes, you got the address right? okay. (drops the call).

SAMANTHA - Oh wait I forgot. How did your parents get here?

ZAYN - They live in London, they immediately booked tickets and made their way here. They'll be here.

DAD - Good, good.

CHLOE - Oh Sammie! d-do you have a facebook page?


KELLY - Twitter account?

SAMANTHA - (Silent).

CHLOE - No because, y-you can have a fan following.

SAMANTHA - (Remembers Joey).


ZAYN - Dad! Mum! you made it!

(they hug)

Z. MUM - How are you dear?

ZAYN - I'm fine.

DAD - Hi! come on in! make yourself at home.

Z. MUM - Thanks. Oh! and this is the girl?

ZAYN - Hehehe, y-yes mum.

Z. MUM - Oh just look at you, nervous child. Samantha, right?


Z. MUM - I'm so happy, y-you're so gorgeous.

SAMANTHA - (Giggles).

Z. MUM - Hehehe even your giggle is cute.

SAMANTHA - Hehehe.

MUM - Well? what're we waiting for? Zayn? you have the ring?

ZAYN - Yes, right here.

MUM - Well, engagement.

ZAYN - Samantha.

SAMANTHA - (Gives her right hand).

ZAYN - (Holds her right hand, and puts the ring on her finger).

ALL - (applause).

ZAYN - I'm really happy.

SAMANTHA - So am I. Oh wait! one more thing!

KELLY - What?

SAMANTHA - We should get a couples portrait done.

ZAYN - You're right.

SAMANTHA - And I know just the man.

[Scene 41]

(National art academy)

JOEY - (Drinking water).

(Samantha, Chloe and Zayn enter)


JOEY - (Turns around and is shocked. He's coughing).

CHLOE - (Giggles).

SAMANTHA - C-Calm down! a-are you okay?

JOEY - Y-Yes, I-I'm okay.

SAMANTHA - Hehehe. Oh! Zayn! m-meet Joey, the genius behind my portraits.

ZAYN - Oh wow! (shakes hands with him) you sir, are amazing.

JOEY - Thank you.

SAMANTHA - Joey, this is Zayn, my um....fiancee.

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