Dearest Zayn Malik

I am clueless why am I writing this. You will never read this. Expecting you to do so is impossible and impractical. But being a fan I am eager to write to you. Like others I would request you to join one direction again. I do not know why you quit the band all of a sudden. Nor do I want to know. You took a decision and being a fan I should respect it. First let me tell you how I became a directioner.

A few months back I was sad due to some reason and wanted to hear an English song. I opened youtube. However I didn’t know the name of any band. Often I had heard your name from my friend so I just typed it. “Steal my Girl” was the first song I heard. However your accent was difficult to comprehend so I switched on the subtitles. In first go I disliked the song maybe because of the accent. However I liked your appearances so to see you all together I started listening to more songs. I just fell in love with your songs. Now when I had started understanding and appreciating the songs I got a shocking notice.
“ZAYN MALIK QUITS THE BAND” At first I never believed it but subsequently I had to. Can you imagine that you are the first celebrity I cried for. It did upset me a lot. I still cannot accept the reality. I was angry on you. How could you have let your fans down? I am not judging you. Because I can’t. I can never say you are bad or wrong. Once Louis said that true directioners are those who support one direction unconditionally. I am a true directioner, Zayn. I would love you guys irrespective of what you do. But I am no more a directioner. Because you all are no more one direction. They are just four boys- Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne performing.

You all formed a group on X factor five years ago, you are more than best friends so what made you leave them? Can you answer yourself. You are a genius, you sing so well. You will prosper in your solo career. But have you ever thought what will happen to the band? Come back Zayn. Not for me or a million fans, but for four other guys. You all are much stronger and happier as a band. I remain optimistic. Zayn I will have to miss you just one album right? As soon as the promotions of the fifth album is over, some magic will happen and you will come back. I am eager to hear you sing. Please come back.

We all love you Zayn,
Yours lovingly
A crazy fan.

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