I'm very sore with my fellow writer babus. For they don't laugh anymore.

Why, O why is every one SO serious out here? I wanted to ask you this question many times? Now I gathered some courage. Ha ha.
I mean, we have articles covering almost ALL issues under the earth. Except humor. Why O why is every one so serious out here?

Come on guys, come on gals...the world's problems aren't going to end just by our worrying over them. We think of them, highlight them in our super write ups... But then now let's leave it there. Trust in Him to take care.

Let's just laugh sometimes. I know you are so stressed out already. Work pressure, failed friendships, parental pressure. The list goes on. It'll only get longer and longer. And our frowns deeper and deeper.

Just laugh. Think of funny situations, crazy people you meet everyday. Go through some Santa-Banta jokes. By the way, most of them are desi, copied versions of western ones. Nothing original. I know. Because I do scan the net. What's the net for?

I have an awesome memory for the humorous. I just laugh and laugh non stop when I think of Mr Bean's antics or even Munnabhai in his movies. I'm used to the Mumbai slang. They use 'tu' instead of 'tum' quite a lot. The hindi's usually mindi. That is marathi-hindi mix. So just listen to their lingo once in a while and you'll get your full dose of laughter.

God commands us to be like little children. Not childish, but childlike. Innocent, pure, simple. Spontaneous. And always giggling.

I know you're getting an overdose of me. I can't help it. I'll just keep writing till ...maybe I get a termination notice from WB.

Maybe then you might really laugh.

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