Imagination is not something people are born with.They developed it through out there life.This Imagination comes handy with Computer Programming.we can say that, One with Logical Intelligence are Pretty good Programmers but Imagination is what Really Matters.
In Programming,Logic is important.Knowing Syntax and mastering it won't take more than one month but building logic can take years.
In daily life,Mom is Programmer and Child Execute it.
Buy 6 eggs and bread.if eggs are not available then buy milk and Maggi.
In this simple example,
eggs,bread,milk & Maggi are variables.6 is the value of variable eggs.and everything else is conditional statements.
First we will check if 6 Eggs are there if there are then buy bread and eggs else buy Milk and Maggi

if (eggs are equal to 6)
{buy eggs and bread}
{buy milk and maggi}

This code smells Right? eh?
but what's the quantity of eggs? what if there are more than 6 eggs? Still you gonna buy Milk and Maggi? Believe me,I Tried and Output was erm... not very good.

if(eggs are more than 6)
{buy 6 eggs and Bread}
{buy milk and maggi}

This will work great. just follow what mom said and That's what exactly Compiler will do.Follow user Instructions in a systematic manner.
Now we are not learning how to become a compiler but how to become a Programmer so Imagine every scenario,every possibility.
If Bread is not there you will only come with Eggs because there is no separate condition for Bread. so think about every Possible Scenario.For building Logic start Writing Pseudo code on daily Life.
Always Remember.
Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

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