Writer. A person blessed with the gift of transforming the feelings and ideas into words and therefore helps others to feel the same... People say that I have this gift... and I should never let it go..


At times I have n number of Ideas and at times there is none!!

When I am so full of Ideas that my mind doesn't rest even while sleeping, I don't get the time to pen them down... and then helplessly watch these Ideas fade away in the darkness of my ignorance... Later do I realize that there could have been a million dollar idea among Ideas that would have made my dream come true... but i had let it go.... thinking that it might come back when i will have time to put it into words... but not realizing that its gone.. gone forever..

Then there are times, when I have so much time... I think to write... I think hard.. harder even... but nothing would come to my mind.. all Ideas playing hide and seek.. my mind gone blank!! As if these Ideas are playing a "tit for tat" game with me!

And then there comes the time when I have time and I have lots of ideas too... desperately wanting to pen them down but.. but there is something that still stops me to do that and i procrastinate... procrastinate further and further.. until either Time leaves me or the Ideas.. and I am left feeling guilty... just feeling the pain of not writing when I had both (Time and Ideas) in my hand!

That's my story! What's yours?
Let me just ask the fellow writers... do they feel the same as I do? Go through the same as I do?

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