Hello writers, hope you people are enjoying this place.

Though I don’t visit the site daily but I do read the post which Srijan shares on facebook (assuming they would be of my taste and mostly they are). But I have a good connection to this place and people here. So, wanted to tell you people something and here it is:

I and Srijan are very good friends. Mmmm.. you guys must have heard “Nothing else matters” from Metallica (one my favourites), so I kind of relate that song to our friendship.

I have seen him building Writerbabu from scratch, from the day he started writing the code for "hello world". And I really admire him for the persistent and commitment he has put in. I tell you guys this Writerbabu will become huge soon and you guys are lucky ones to be a part of it from the beginning. From a very basic site to such an awesome place for writers with so many features in place, it’s actually amazing to see how far a dedicated person alone can come. There were ups and there were downs but the in average things moved.

I know people here but from Srijan eyes, (we together spent time taking and discussing things, important things in life, we call it satsang :P, though the discussions are short and not too often but they are awesome and much required). There is long way to go for Writerbabu and Writerbabus too, many more features to added, many new things, better user experience and blah blah….. we want to give you all that. But as it grows bigger and bigger improving it becomes lot more difficult.

I really feel there’s there a lot of work load on him, and one the main reason is definitely me. Apart from writerbabu Srijan dose a job for sustenance, and he is also building a website for me (me and my partner, I mean for our new venture). So in nut shell he flooded with coding, coding and coding….

Having said all this I would take the risk of explain of venture. So, Srijan is also building a website named “Inspired We”. As the name suggest it’s for bringing in the sense of inspiration and togetherness in the society for….... for doing GOOD.

It’s an online platform for the all the people / organizations engaged in social service, volunteers, people curious to know about the good work happening around can come in (like the writers here) network, colaborate and take the so much of social work going on ground, online; tell it to the world and inspire more and more people to take part in it. These will revolutionaries the whole movement of doing good, doing something for the society (already happening on ground but most of us don’t know about it, thanks to the awesome media), online (which is the future).

So this is the bigger picture or the vision, but we can’t start straight away from such level, so are starting small and with a basis website and gradually when we will have a community of people as trustworthy as you guys are for Srijan, we will expand. Srijan is just helping us till we launch it. We have certain deadline to meet in order to collaborate with some NGO’s and stuff, so we requested Srijan to help us especially this weekend giving it a presentable shape.

This weekend may be you won’t see new things happening in Writerbabu from Srijan’s side, so you can put the blame on me. I request writerbabus to please bare with us and definitely during this time something good (I hope it turns out that way) is taking shape. So stay tuned for more.. :P

I may not have written in awesome literary language (I am a tech guy, can’t help it) but I hope I am clear with my message and I am able to convince you.

I will keep you people posted on the progress.

So guys keep writing coz it’s fun… and may be, you can also start writing for a good cause..

Inspired We

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