We are the same bunch of hypocrites who strongly condemn what happened to Nirbaya in Dehli but we smile when a friend comments on the girl going by. We boast publicly of having watched all the latest Hollywood movies , being of the new generation, till someone with mini skirt comes along in our small town.We close our doors to watch pornography while we go in public to pass nasty commentary on her personnel life. We say that we believe in gender equality, but we still know somewhere that 'a guy smoking' & 'a girl smoking' are two different phenomenons. We believe that each one of us is a free citizen in our country ,still we fail to question our mother when she refuses to send her daughter to a friends house on a evening. "It's not safe out there" she says, & it will never be unless that attitude changes. We preach to people that the hard-work is the key to success, but when we look at a woman in a top corporate position we wonder how she got there. We say that our cinema has moved on ,when we see in every movie that the female lead is no more than a trophy for a hero's goodwill over villain's lust.Where countless of girl child are killed everyday, where parents refuse to send their daughters to schools, where schools have no toilets for girls, where a system like dowry eats countless women, where the acid attacks on girl are often, where crime against woman is booked under "eve-teasing" , where domestic violence is one of the marriage rituals, where a corrupt police man offers 2000 rupees to a father ,whose 6 year girl old daughter has been raped.
"Into the hell of hypocrisy, my mother let my country sleep!!!

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