... So I have been unfriending people from facebook lately. It does not give me any kind of satisfaction. But I don't feel there is any use keeping 700 and 1000 friends in a virtual world who are friends just because there's a 'Send friend request' and an 'unfriend' button.

Friendship is valuable. Relationships are valuable to me. I don't play with facebook. I don't play with people's lives. I keep few, but strong and thick kins. Kins who are very close to my heart, who share their problems with me, who look out for me when they really need me. I am not the kind of person who forgets. I remember the day when a very dear person to me asked me how I was feeling, coz I was unwell due to some reason. I hope that person is happy.

I just felt that we became busy in our respective lives and may be unknowingly prioritized work above life. May be we were more interested in concentrating on the so-called milestones of a 'friend's' life rather than anticipating a dip in the quality of life he/she was living, and caring to ask. May be I forgot to share the bits and pieces of small happinesses with those who really needed a listening soul. May be I felt that a real life was more important than the virtual world of unnecessary misunderstandings and unwanted expectations.

I don't know how many times I tried to reach my loved ones through facebook. It was just because I felt that we share common things - way back when we were real thick. I admired them. They are one of those very few who I choose to remember till the end of my life. I'm not sure if they remember.

I am not the one who takes friends and acquaintances as milestones and leave them along the journey of my life.

Some are married, I guess so. Some are happy truly from the inside. I really don't know anything about them. They are just virtuals to me. We have not even met in person. They might be having kids, a wife, a husband. They might be having a great life there thousands of miles away. When you have a life, you will no doubt have issues. I am not judging, just guessing. I can only imagine.

When I felt they were a bit tired, or felt that they were having things in their head, I thought of asking them, because I cared for them. I never felt that they were a formal relative to me. I never took it that way. They were dear to me. But people come and go, right? No matter how much you try to cling to them, if they don't reciprocate the same love and affection, what's the use spending your time and energy on them ? Rather give your everything to the person who needs it the most. Hold someone’s hand. Care for them. Understand their concerns if any. Don’t try to judge, or compare, or assume, or expect. It may be anyone. It may be your mom, your dad, your house owner. It is not drinking water. It is love that is scarce today.

Don’t try to define relationships. Rather, try to live them. Definitions are for this world. The real connect is what you need to feel here, inside.

I am saying this because they pinged me to know why I unfriended them, and may be to know if I was okay in life. However, I hope they are good there, because I don't even know where they presently are. I don't know if they are happy there or not. I sometimes remember them in common cases; such as when I watch a hollywood movie and think how one would be living there. That is all I can muster from what I know about them. Frankly, I know nothing about them.

I don't come to fb often. Though I am just doing a lot in my life lately, I always have time for a little meaningful talk, a holding hand, a listening heart and may be a caring hug. I keep few, but deep relationships. I am not a shallow take-things-for-granted guy.

Do you have someone with whom you can be yourself ? Is there someone in your life with whom you don’t have to fake yourself ? Is there anyone with whom you don’t have to think while talking ?

Is there someone whom you can scold, cry, hug, not talk anything, and still share the same deep love ? Do you have that special someone who makes sure you are happy no matter what happens to them ? Does that person create a rendezvous every moment for you ? Do you have an unconditional lover ?

Do you feel the REAL connect ... ???

Then you are the luckiest person in this world. Because trust me, they are few. But they are there ...

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