We met like spirit
And vigor ablaze.
We stranded time
With romp frolics of gaze.

We mingled rainbow
In black & white.
We blasted our feet,
Gloom turned bright.

Days deemed shine.
Dimes lost worth.
We rambled on hard stones,
And obliterated earth.

Dismal tinkered.
Dull surrendered.
We stepped ahead.
Eye to eye, & reality rendered.

You kept me thriving,
Like rains on the desolate.
You altered my insight,
Like a dame to relegate.

You held my hands,
Like smoke on ice.
The ride turned pleasing.
Remitting an era won’t suffice.

Realism is conventional,
Living impracticality we try.
We were the winds,
Dispersed as gusts we fly.

Blown thru a fife.
Strangers just a day back,
Now friends for life.

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