Consuming thoughts
Consuming minds
That’s what I’ve learnt living in a society like mine
Religion, sex, money and drugs
These are the anthem of our times
Man kills man for a piece of land
Wages war for what’s never his
To search for the truth is long over due
For all that matters is power that consumes
Black, brown or white you may be
You’re still a slave of your thoughts you see
The world defines you for what you have
The less of heart and less of conscious intact
Consuming thoughts
It’s a mind control
Fame, money and power replaced human soul
The more you strive for it the more emptier you grow
Humanity lost its honor in course
What you’ve become is a slave you see
You appear free but you’re not free
Caught in the clutches of time and present
The real purpose of life lay forgotten
Wake up while you still have time you see
For it might be late when you realize it’s all just a dream
The reality is not what you perceive
As it’s hidden in the soul you’ve lost you see
Truth be told I’m a slave too
But I’ve let myself free from this thought control

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