Their eyes were burning, burning with lust, passion and contempt. He could see all that contempt in her eyes as did she in his, while he increased his thrusts and she , her moans. Intertwined like the shoots of a banyan tree, inseparable and inescapable, they kept pushing into each other, like two crazy, wild pigs,clawing each other like two fighting eagles.
Two years is a long time, long enough to build or destroy something and in their case it had been more than two years, two years of a roller coaster ride, of a downhill journey, two years of building and destroying.
No matter how fast or slow, how mannered or ill mannered a river flows at the end it runs its course and merges into the ocean. So does passion.
So does life. Everything that has a beginning has an end Mr Anderson, Smith had said in Matrix, such is the case here.
The hands which had traced exploringly the outlines of her body earlier, clutched convulsively at her tee shirt while the other hand feverishly squeezed the breast popping out of it. As he lowered his head to suck at her black nipple, their eyes left each others for the first time .
the eyes which were half closed with pleasure till then, suddenly lost all their blissful languor and instead remained open as if in horror.
this was happening for the first and probably last as well, a sort of parting ceremony, a contemptuous gift from one to another, something to remember each other by.
his eyes, traced the pattern of the pillow she was resting her head on, while her gaze vacantly followed the rotation of the fan. its was dead as meat, cold as a corpse. for more than two years they stayed together, for two years they had shard everything, mind body soul, but now it was going to end, she would leave in a week, never to come back again, and he was leaving city to try his luck in a different on. the young and vigorous river of the mountains, turns into an old haggard river before merging into he ocean.
suddenly his dick slipped out of her cunt and he started rubbing it hard against her clit, and she started moaning harder. their eyes were into each other again, she looked into them with and was filled with a new angst, almost bordering on rage, towards everything, her home, her mom, her dead father, her grandparents, her life in general, missed opportunities and in that moment that all got directed towards him, and she dug her long nails deep into his buttocks and started pulling him into her. he looked into her eyes and gave a short ahhh and started pushing harder, while he thought of all his disappointments in life, his failed attempts to establish himself as an artist and in that moment he blamed her all of that and as he increased his thrusts he stooped down and part kissing part spitting, he hungrily sucked at her mouth, drinking from her mouth, at the same time cursing her under his breath, ' Bitch, you cunt, you bloody cocksucker'.
as if responding to the filth he was muttering, she said, in a voice that was drained of all emotion and power, "turn around". as if a button had been turned off, his strokes slowly died down mechanically like a killed motor.
Sisyphus was condemned to carry a rock uphill only to see it fall down and do the whole thing again. I carry her out of her gloom just to see her go down into it again. I hold him tight to me for a while and then he runs away like a wild child. we carry a relationship uphill as high as we can and then wee have to throw it away. what a shame. what a pity. poor Sisyphus. poor us.
he turned around, she got on top of him and slowly let the dick slip into her cunt, with a soft ummmahh,riding him. this was her favorite position, she always orgasm-ed, just a few strokes were enough, but this time something was off, her eyes were closed and her mind was reeling back in time....
...' I came back just for you, I could have stayed , but I chose not to, and what did you do? acid?hash? in Kasol when you knew I was coming back, coming back just for you. ' for some reason she couldnt bring any good memory about them to her mind, all she could think of was pain, hurt, loneliness, being taken for granted, so in exasperation she brought herself back and saw him with his eyes closed, his hands clutching her hips, his mouth open, exhaling and inhaling air, she was repulsed by it all, by him particularly, for wasting their, his and hers, three years, but that thing inside her cunt, that elongated pleasure pole, wouldnt let her move away, so she started pushing harder.
he in turn was in his own world, though even he was thinking how much trouble she had given him in the last two years, but he was feeling sad, sad for them, his only concern at that moment and all the others, past present or future, was to make her happy, to see her smile, talk lovingly to him, something which she had'nt done in months, their relationship at that time was what could be called strained.
he had been inconsiderate and taking her for granted, but his intention was never to hurt her, never to make her suffer. he had showered all his love on her but somehow it wasnt enough,, somehow he always fell short of mark, always lagged behind and it infuriated him, to know that even though his feelings were pure he wasnt able to make her happy and he felt impotent and frustrated.
do we want a life that is well settled like a box, which has everything in it, like a self-sustained economy, which has no links with the outside world? or do we want a life free of all the burdens, all responsibilities, free as a bird, soaring high and then going low?
as she looked at him, his face withered with pain, which she could clearly see, she was suddenly overwhelmed by love and affection, and in the same moment he opened his eyes, slightly watery with tears, and he saw her face, for the first time in months he could see the vestiges of love which was there when they started. we always hit a plateau. he had told her that he had hit the plateau, and hit it long ago, but her response that she is still climbing hills and made him stay and to some extent feel the same. but now the both had climbed whatever there was to climb and now a plateau had been reached definitely. a dead lock, no movement in any direction, stagnant, as a dirty pond.
in that single moment, in that moment alone, their eyes for the first time left their contempt, angst, disgust and became glassy with love, affection and tenderness, and both their bodies moved as if responding to some kind of music.
suddenly partly frowning and opening her mouth a little, she started moaning louder. looking at her, her naked body, her twisting mouth, something inside him suddenly started building, and he too started moaning, and instantly their dance changed its momentum and intensity and turned into something else entirely. Almost jumping on the bed they both simultaneously orgasm-ed, shouting and screaming they both collapsed into each others arms.

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