You decided to be a writer but there is a problem that you don't know anything about writing in first place.Not to worry a bit, as I will show you in eight simple steps how you can be a really famous writer even getting many speechless polls :-).

All set ? here comes out the cat step by step ..

Step one :
Learn to use Google for certain key words like love , romance, true love, quotes, article.If that is too much of work you can start at

Step two :
Scan for complete small articles which are not superimposed on some image, otherwise you might have to type the whole thing and that defeats the purpose.

Step three :
Use the IBM's most useful key combinations ,that is, ctrl + C and ctrl + v. Keep in mind you will also need to use del key, but that will come later. For now, click on the start of the article & press left mouse button and drag till the and of the article. Leave the left mouse button and press ctrl + C.

Step four :
This guide assumes that if you are reading this article you already have a WB account, good, now login to your account and on home page you will see big WriterBabu image.
Below that there is a box with grayed out letters "click here to write" . Just click there and it will transform the screen into a writing area having two boxes.

Step five :
Click on the bigger box, press the IBM magical key ctrl + v , you have just written your first quick post. But wait a minute, read the contents and if there is any author name (these fellows!! why they need to leave their names, anyways its easy to find this part, generally there is some special character around the end of the article separating it from the rest of the article)select it and press the Del key.

Step six :
Now comes the hard part - The Title, yes , because the copycats generally lack the creative function in the brain region this is the most complex step.But hey, what are guides for ? Don't start to sweat just yet. The trick is to use the original topic from where you copied (oops.. created) the article to honor it.Just add some adjective to it or few words in the end. If that is not flowing with the contents don't worry, after all its your article and you have all the rights to amend the title.
Just make sure the length is less than fifty characters.

Step seven :
proudly click on public check box ,after all babus must know who is the creative genius around. Select category to philosophy or love which ever is applicable. If you are not sure which category this article of yours should go just select philosophy, people don't know much about philosophy anyways.

Step eight :
Press the publish button.congratulations!! you are officially an author :-).

Oh and don't forget to ridicule those who write any comment saying its a shared article, or anything to that effect. Don't let anyone steal your hard work and fame, NEVER. Fight hard if anyone dares do that, delete those unworthy comments.
Let your name rise the charts of weekly, monthly top authors and enjoy those comments praising your thought process and depth of understanding, while you figure out how to write a nice title.
:-) :-) Bhaiya ji smile ...

Keep writing ....

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