Chapter-1 The Magical six

Wind blew through the icy coat of the north pole of the star planet. A cold morning with a pleasant sun on the sky. Well, Hello I am Eron a star wizard. I am going to tell you about the most wonderful journey of my life. But first let me tell you about my planet cosmic wizardry and the Moon lord. We live in the star planetary system, a system consisting of six planets out of which star planet is the largest and is the home of the main governing bodies. The most exclusive thing about we people is that we have special powers. There are basic six type of wizards over the system- The comet benders, The moon wizards, The element breakers, The light Wizards, The energy benders and the Star Wizards. These all six type of wizards are arranged and are named by their power and efficiency. The comet benders are the wizards that have abilities to drew power from energy sources and use it to create their magic. They have supernatural ‘comet’ gene. The moon Wizards has the ‘Moon’ gene that enables them to control emotions energy of any creature. The Element wizards have one ‘element’ gene in every 10 genes that is a combination of all the energy of almost every element in the world that make them to control and take out energy from elements. The light wizards that have ‘light’ gene that helps them to get destructive power from any type of electromagnetic radiation. The worst thing about them is that they sleep with all over shining light beams because it is their power source. Then comes the Energy wizards that have the abilities to control energy the reason of their immense and eternal power is still unknown. Then at last The Star wizards the most powerful wizards that the world ever has their can only be one star wizard at a time to maintain balance in the world. He is the wizard that has mastered the cosmic wizardry the power to bend space time, to control the cosmic energy and at last to create and destroy the world…

Tags: Fantasy

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