The flame of Glory
But there is a drawback when you are the star wizard. You have to pass the flame of genetically truth that proves that if you are a wizard that is genetically star or you have become a star wizard by yourself, training hard and sacrificing your everything. The one who passes that test is called the cosmos lord the one who is said to be the most powerful and true star wizard but the thing is that there have been 1000 stars over till now and no one of them has ever truly ever done his job. I myself bear the dream that I would be the star wizard some day and also be the cosmos lord ending the flame of glory. But know it’s time to go to a function the flame function today my father is going to enter the flame of glory to prove his prove his true genotype. Actually he is not a true star wizard but he has a spell that he has invented himself namely ‘geno fusion’ this helps him to fuse his star gene by the star gene of true star wizard of my family my grandfather. He entered the hall there were many people shouting some in pride and happiness and other in jealousy and anger. He walked to the fire wind blew and energy purged out of him as he walked but that moment I just freezed my father just turned into ashes and the energy settled into my body at that moment I became the star wizard my clan moon genes shifted the spell acted on me as my father died and I was turned into a star but my powers were of the moon this was how my struggle began to prove that non star can gradually change into stars and they are worth to be the cosmos lord…
Next chapter- ‘Last Cosmos Lord : Lord Cartion The Space Breaker’

Tags: Fantasy

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