You build a castle, you weave a nest,
You make huge plans and give it your best.
You wait for the moment, to show what you have done
You settle your nerve and give it all a rest.

You fix the bugs, you fill in the gaps
You outshine yourself and hold back the brags
You make the world wonder what could possibly go wrong
You are all set, to put that feather in your cap

Just then you see the wave coming
Not long enough you hear your heart screaming
Why is it your sweet little house of dreams
That the capriciously gushing wind had to find alluring?

You try to save your dominoes from the destructive force,
You panic and try to look for the source
You wish the tide could screech its tires somehow,
You wish it could change its course

The tower of cards is blown away,
The sand castle is washed away,
Before you could gauge the brutality of life,
Your wishes in the sock, are burned in hay

You see your castle on the ground,
All the glitter and colors scattered around,
Your once smiling future, now helplessly gasping for air
The torn cape which once had your globe surround

You sob, you weep and you get your hopes crushed,
You kick the broken pieces on the ground with a thrust
You cut out from the world, sit in the corner cussing
You stare at the tittered castle turned into dust

You blame your life for what it turned out to be
You shut out, to all the possibilities there could be
You forget that your life has given you a lot to remember
That this is the life, which has always set you free

Suddenly a little voice pierces in your head
Like a mother splashing water while you are in bed
Something propels you to yank the reins of your life’s doom
You decide to march ahead leaving d titters that have spread

You once again start weaving the web of dreams,
You set your foot in the ever changing stream
You once again put your armor down
And chase the new start...running away from the fading screams

An enigma of the morning dew,
A belief that you were always chosen and one of the few
And yet seldom when you past those shards,

Deep down, you silently wish that someday it stops haunting you.

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