Every time I look into your eyes,
It makes me wannna hug you tight,
So c'mon, c'mon be mine
for tonight.....

Everything will never be the same,
If you meet me in the dark lane,
And we can run away,
Where no one will find us by any way.

So just pack your bag and hop in my car,
And I will take you as far as the white star,
To have fun in a bar,
And to be with me somewhere far.

Baby, don't leave me all high and low.
We can be together under the mistletoe,
Just say,"I love you, Joe",
And I'll be standing next to you in the church, taking the vow,

You'll be mine and I'll be yours,
Forever will be the love of ours,
Poems are something I suck at,
For you I have even written that,
Don't you go away leaving this lad,
Or else he will turn mad...........

P.S. - Last line sucks....sorry...but couldn't come up with anything better.

Tags: ROMANCE, Love, Crazy

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