I wrote this when i was in 10th Standard -.-' so please don't mind the grammatical mistakes, i know my grammar sucks -.-''

All the things in the world.
Make me wonder how absurd.

I am born without a fin
And yet i can swim.

I can jump from the plane
And soar through the sky's flying through the wind.
I don't need any wings or rings or bling
But then again,
I would fall again straight dead in without something to catch me uphill.

I have only two eyes in front of my face
Enough to see the magnificent world around me
But i wouldn't notice if a burglar slipped around me from beneath

My nose can smell all the sweet scents
and breath to get fresh air
Until it is blocked and i am suffocating with a stuffy nostril
With a mucus trapped in

My mouth will taste all the mouthwatering cookies
and stuff itself until it is choking.

My body is tall,slim and lean
Tall enough to bang my head on the ceilings

I have five fingers
Unless i decide to give away some to that linger
My hands are two
So please don't make do your chores too

I work for a living and go to school,
Cause money doesn't come out of stools.

People die and people are born.Somethings are to our advantage and something to our damage but if we look at the good and leave behind the bad then we will find a greater reason to live in this crazy world :)

Tags: Motivation

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