He is here
I know he is somewhere near
I can feel him looking at me
It is him again, I see
I say, “What do you want?”
“You”, he replies
He is a creep
He gives me shudders
I scream, “Go away”
He says, “I can’t”
People are looking
I say to them, “He is troubling”
“Who?” they ask
“He” I blast
They are looking weirdly at me
Oh, why can’t they see? Why can’t they see?
They go away, I am mad it seems
Oh why can’t they see him? Why can’t they see him?
“Come with me”, he says
My footsteps sways
He is coming forward
I move to run backward
But I can’t move...
My legs are rooted to the ground!
He is coming near, he is coming near
“No” I scream,
“Help someone help me with the fear!”
Mom hugs me close, “I am here, I am here”
“Shhh...” she says
I mutter, ‘The same old dream, the same old fear’

Tags: Hate

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