Few minutes back I read the post culture beyond borders. I thought a single comment was not sufficient to answer the issue raised. So thought of writing this post.

I don't know the technical definition of culture but what i understand by culture is that it is a person's way of living, his beliefs, his day to day practices. Culture is not something which is confined to boundaries rather it is free flowing and adapted by people as per their needs and preferences.

We live in an era where most of the time we are free to choose what to wear, what to what to eat.. Wearing western clothes is not an indicator of following western culture. The first question that comes to my mind is What exactly is Indian culture? Respecting elders,being available for ur family in the hour of need.. Yes. Asking women to stay at home, restricting them from wearing western clothes. No.

Many Indian families travel abroad for better future and settle there. But when their kids are growing up they want their kids to inculcate Indian values and for that sake they want to come back.

Girls wear western clothes but that does not define their character. Wearing full clothes isn't an indicator of a person's chastity. Its high time we stop linking clothes to character or culture.

At the end of the day what matters is your moral values. Coz they are the basis of any culture. Beating up women, ill treating aged parents, misuse of power; any person doing all this and proclaiming himself as a patron of Indian culture is nothing but a fool and a hypocrite.

Finally no culture is good or bad. Every culture is just an indicator of the respective people's thinking and their preferences. Everyone has their pros and cons.

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