dad, i hate her even more than words can say
her smile makes me feel like disgusting her away
when you ask me,"why can't you love Ur mother?', frustrated,
"STEP-mother" with a heavy heart,to you I'd corrected,

"you'll be a good writer" mom had always said,
but watching this stepmother, my dreams have fade.
i won't be writing at the competition held this weekend,
all of my precious writings, to the dustbin I've lend.

dad, how could you think that she could replace my mother?
because i hate her, and would continue that forever.
i hate her cat eyes, and the morning breakfast that she gives,
i don't even eat the tiffin, it is the mom's memories where my hrt lives.

the winner of the weekend's writing competition will be announced today,
they say my name, i stood thr dumpstruck, while my frnds say "hurray"

i took the prize and went straight to home,
asking myself one que-"how i have won?"
i read the article tht i never wrote, agn and agn,
then i found a black diary with my stepmother's name.

i was certain that she hated me too,
so i flipped the diary pages, to have a clue.
but what i saw thr, shook earth beneath my feet,
it had the winning article of the week.

i felt guilty for hating her all along,
now i realise that she just wanted to be my mom,
now all i wanted to say her was"thankyou mother"
bcz dad, i couldn't hate her anylonger..

Tags: Hate

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