My dad's not like every dad
It was probably three in the morning, and I was up with my twin sister studying for exams. I have always liked exams. They charge you up, exciting as they are. I love the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night by the sound of my alarm clock and knowing that I have yet to study a lot. Honestly, the best time for studying for exams is the one right before it. I know many of you will disagree, nevertheless it's true for me. The best part of having to give exams for me, however, is a very unique one. Because it's the part where my father comes up every night to our room, his hands either full of snacks or a pair of extra blankets. My heart is moved beyond every measure to see him there standing in the door with a smile on his dear dear face. His little actions of endearment lights up my world with blazing torches. He always wraps the blankets about us and kiss us, and tells us that his daughters are his pride. Those words are what I wait for whenever exams come around because nothing can match the worth of those few words and the happiness they bring with them. I smile for I know my dad is not like any other dad in the world.

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