And after 70 year of Indian independence we are raising our voice for an airport. Ohh stop this stupid screaming and listen to me. Clear your ear and get silent for some minute. I will be giving a stupid lecture to you all. You must have heard about the Gudda and Gudiya play of Rajasthan. Rather than screaming on road you should start playing the same game as your leader are playing this from last 70 years. and the only thing which you do is to make a newspaper heading every 3 month about the reopening of airport.


Ohhh you know, by the way I want to disclose some cruel fact. Before Indian independence we have an Airport in Darbhanga. A small one on which plane use to land. Yes a functional airport which we Mathils are dreaming from years. Yes a functional airport. Yes before Indian Independence. Yes before 70 year. Yes 70 year. Yes we have to fight, Yes we have to organize. Yes we have to Dream. Yes we can…………….. Yes We have Airport in Mithila. Yes Airport in Mithila. Yes in Mithila.


So, now its time for me to ask this question from u guys. I was the mook spectator watching u from some corner, your aggression for the leader. and the way i was isolated in the whole election process. Ohh yes no one care to take my suggestion. Yes all those people who were with me for years fighting for the cause. So start asking question from the man whom u vote this election. About your Airport, Sugar mill, Paper mill, Textile mill and all other things ......

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