Find him in a bar. Find him on the side of the road. Find him down by his office building out for a quick puff. Find on the window of his room. You’ll find him anywhere at all, buried deep in his own castle of smoke and smell. Date a guy who smokes because it is sexy. The way he holds the cigarette between his fingers and twists it around mindlessly. The way his lips make a delicate, rehearsed and perfected ‘O’. The way his eyes shine behind the cloud of smoke. Date a guy who smokes because the smell of his cigarette mixed with musk reminds of all that is right in this world. It reminds you something old, strong, bold and enigmatic. That curious smell of smoke and perfume reminds you of your own personal Rhett Butler.

Date a guy who smokes because smokers are thinkers. And the best thoughts come when he is smoking. Is he thinking of the next cigarettes, or is he trying to vacate his mind – trying to think of nothing, or have you caught his attention. You have no idea but you’d love to find out because the enigma that this look creates is beckoning.

Date a guy who smokes because smokers are storytellers. But they all have one story really close to their hearts, the one that comes last. Why and how he started smoking. Listen to him, don’t say a word. Buried deep inside that story is the essence of who he is. Question him, don’t judge him. Don’t judge him because he will never judge you. He knows a great deal about respecting people’s choices. He knows because he has had his own questioned a lot of times.

Date a guy who smokes because he is a brave-hearted man. You ask how? That stick he holds in his hand is slowly killing him, and he knows that. He has always known, he has been warned. Yet look at him puffing away. Date a guy who smokes because he doesn’t care about what you think. In his world of thoughts and stories and a smoky blur, everything is alright.

If for nothing else, do it because it is sexy.

Or don’t. And save yourself the misery of having to watch him try to quit. Save yourself the constant taste of mouthwash. Save yourself an addict.

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