Amitabh Bachchan's heartfelt letter to his granddaughters is something that everyone must have read till now. But, were we unaware or ignorant to it before Mr. Bachchan's letter boomed over the social media. Every family, every parent teaches their daughter to be independent. Independence here is related to independence of thoughts, independence of likes and dislikes, and independence to make choices.
Contrarily to this in our Indian society people do impose boundations on the girl who comes to their house from another family. They become judgmental towards all her activities. Her choices are overheard and if considered, they are evaluated on the scales of family preferences. Yes, this does give rise to a question that, why is she even asked. What Mr. Bachchan states is correct, that it is a difficult, difficult world for women, where he tells his granddaughters to grow into women who will bring about the the change. But, what I feel here is that the change needs to come first in the mentality of people. Be it your daughter or someone elses, it is your duty to pamper her, love her and treat her the way you treat your son. Let them have their choices once if not always. Ask them for their suggestions and value their opinions. If not praise them for their qualities then at least be not harsh on them for their shortcomings. Girls aren't any alien, they are normal humans. It takes time for them to learn, adapt and grow, because every human being has different nature and capabilities. It would be incorrect on our part if we judge them for the things they can or cannot do.
It was yesterday when my dad had sent me an overwhelming message. It said that a little girl asks his father why she can't shift the old banyan tree in the courtyard to another block when it was blocking all the space for her to play and dance around with her friends. Her father said that the tree's roots are adapted to the soil there, and it may not flourish well enough in another soil. Listening to the dad's reply, the girl innocently questioned him back that, why then a 20 year old human who was born, grown and played around in his home was made to go and adjust herself in an all new environment. What will happen to her. The father was stunned and replied to her with a pause, that in the entire universe only a woman has the strength to adjust and mould herself to new environment amongst different people. She lives for them as a daughter, sister, granddaughter, wife and mother.

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