Have mercy on me, my Lord, today.
According to your great compassion, always.
Have mercy on me. Wash away my iniquity,
And cleanse me, Lord, please cleanse me from my sin.

Create in me a clean heart and
Give me a fresh new start
Surely I’m a sinner, but you saved me.
Create a new spirit in me
Set my soul and wicked flesh free.
From all my sin. Create in me a new heart.

I truly know my heart, and my sin
Against you, Lord only , and deep within.
Pour out your mercy on me and set my spirit free.
And make me whiter, whiter than the snow.

Lord, my Lord I will declare your praise.
You desire a sorry heart and my hands raised.
My sacrifice is a broken spirit before you.
Cleanse me Lord, from deep within then
I will teach the young to stay from sin.
Please don’t turn your heart from me.

Tags: Devotional

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