I have been thinking of writing a series of documents to help myself get out of depression which I have been suffering from for half a decade now. I have weighed other options including counselling and psychological help but the main issue I find with these options are that I am very insecure about opening up and speaking about the cause and consequences of the illness, which I believe is a primary requisite towards my healing.

I believe that just spelling out what my occasionally crazed mind sometimes thinks about here, may help me figure a way out. I really wish that I can keep up this process going long enough to know if it could make a difference. I have been finding it uncharacteristically difficult to inculcate a new good habit and stick to it longer than a week. If I am able to keep this up, I will surely take it as a first victory after a long time.

The way I believe that this could work is to have an account here that will never disclose who I really am and any details I talk about here, do not include real names or places to the extent that it does not affect the story.

This feels like a good solution at the moment. What better counselor can I ever hope for, than myself, when I am in my right mind in between my episodes? My sane self after all, is the most critical and yet has the most understanding of my insanity...

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