Dear Daughter,

It's going to be a long time before you come into my life and before you could even read this letter. Maybe one day you will read it and hopefully understand what I am trying to tell you. The phase of life which I am currently placed in makes me think quite a lot about you, about someone who I wish would not go through what I am. I just wanted to tell you things which I wished someone told me, no matter how small or irrelevant they might seem to you.

In this life of yours, you will be faced with numerous challenges and difficulties. And let me tell you, you might not conquer them all, in spite of what those fairy tales tell you, and it's alright. You don't have to emerge victorious wherever you go. You don't have to excel at everything you do. You can fail, you can fall, you can perform poorly, you can be average; but that does not mean you are failure. You will be a failure when you don't dust off yourself and stand up again. Keep trying, honey; and that's your biggest victory. Never fail to have big dreams, but acknowledge the surroundings you have been placed in and its limitations; workout your way through it and try to reach that goal, fulfill your dreams. After all, darling, sky's the limit.

They say you need to have a plan, sure you do. But, you really don't need to have everything figured out right now, there's time for more and make sure you allow yourself that liberty. You don't really have to be perfect at everything you do, you can falter, once a while. But if you turn out to be perfectionist, I assure you, honey, that's okay too. You can be anything you wish to be. You can be a little touchy person or a quiet one, you can be slow or unsure of yourself - I'll be there for whoever you are and choose to be; and love you for that.

We'll giggle at our little shared secrets, we'll fight over petty issues, we'll love each other at our worst selves. But, darling, most importantly, we'll be a family. We would understand each other, inspire each other, and no matter how our relationship turns out, we will be there for each other. 

In all my relations, be it family or friends, the one thing which I have always craved for is respect. Let me tell you, it is the crux of a relationship and it's not earned through years. It should be mutual, and I have always felt its inadequacy in my relations. I never hope the same for you. Make sure you are respected for who you are, what you stand for and what you do.

Lastly, live your life the way you wish it to be. Don't compare yourselves to others, it is okay if you are a slow achiever or do not share the same interests as others.    Don't let people define your smallest interests or habits, and nevertheless pursue them. Be receptive of criticism, have a positive outlook to this cynical life, make yourself the source of your happiness, don't be a people's pleaser rather be a self pleaser, widen your horizons of knowledge, read those old books stacked on the shelf, watch a film in once a while to give yourself a break, put that music player on loud volume and sing to it, enjoy long showers, get lost in that dreamy paintings, be stupid sometimes and smile often. Life is not always how you make it, it is little bit of fate there as well. Now you can't control the latter part but you sure can work with the former and be sure to make it worthwhile, darling.


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