Dear Facebook Friends,


I really don't care if you are flying from Ranchi to Delhi or Mumbai to London, 
I would appreciate if you will be flying to antartica for research or in a warzone to help trapped people.


I don't care if you are eating in a fancy restaurant nor do I like your pout.
I would be your fan only if you are feeding any poor.


I admire you both as a couple but I am not interested in seeing your affection on my laptop.

those romantic lines you can say each other direct instead of posting it on facebook, making singles feel worse.

You are good looking, believe in yourself and not in filters. 


Facebook is a great social platform, to make friends to know what is going on in their life and to stay in touch 
but don't make me hate it by sharing complete nonsense. Your personal stuffs are your timepass, not for others.
but yes,please do share dog and cat posts, I totally love them  :D


No offence to people who do this on fb, just for fun

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