We are connected
Not just because of we r friends 
There is another analogy
In each other, we both
Seek support and strength
To bail one another out
We will go to any length
It’s almost as if we have
The same line of thought
!!?  Am I kidding might be because we don't come into any conclusion without debate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚but still I love u because our such 
discussion brings good out of each other for  That I love you a lot
You may be just one person
But many entities for me
From a trusted advisor
To my best buddy
You are one individual
But you encompass my universe
Might be over but yeah universe is were I dwell u see 😜 
Without you, my dear friend 
My life would be different may be good may be bad but it would be different but I like the difference with u being in it
Today there is something special in the air this is all comman dialogue u see every now and than 
But its ur day my dear friend 
Who is special to me in every way
Ur presence in my life means the world to me because I have not seen the whole world but I have  seen  things with u which might be compared as whole 😎 (yet to explore ..... )
 All i wish is let the Shadow's of Pain or suffering never bee seen with ur virtual shadow 
Like the sun’s rays which are never off the radar which may not shine in the night but they always exist 
I will be there for u,  forever and always
No matter how much others applaud
I can never feel happy until I get your nod
No matter how much praise others shower
Only I know the secret source of my real power
Which is how you have stood by me, always not that I want u get senti and all
But that's the fact of life and hard truth 
Of my life 😝😘 that u have become so important  πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
 That has paved the way for many a happy days in my life sadly
You are an angle sent from the heavens above. Sorrie cheesy hahah but u r one hell of a devil mr 😜😜
Sometimes you nag me 
Sometimes I dislike your blabber
Sometimes you tell me off like a father which pisses me off ...
Sometimes I hate that you are so clever
Sometimes I see you as my life’s treasure...
Hahah but in short I like the way u r never change for any 
We are poles apart as people
But we have this bond which is special in all terms we might not have a common last name but my dear friend we r friends for life 
Irrespective of our differences
It is never about you or me, always us
No matter how rigorously we
Disagree on petty issues
Whenever you need me
You know I will be there for you and u know where to find me 
Yours always

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