Would you cry if you saw me crying?
And catch me if I was lying.
Would you feel proud if I came first?
And come forward to quench my thirst.
You are always in front of me
But your silence make me feel lonely
Though we sit together at the table
There is not a word that I am able, to speak
I have so much to say!
About my new friends Tim and Kay
I am still waiting for your soft touch
Which I miss so much!
I show everyone that I am smiling
When in reality I am crying
I remember those memorable times
Where you made me juices with fresh oranges and limes
And the way you fed me when I was small
And always rushed to my call
I wish I was a child again
Thinking about all that I could gain
Even though you are very busy
I know for you it is not easy
I know that you will come back some day
And again come my way
I will wait for the day to come
When i can again shout "Hey Mum"
Till then these tears of mine
Will comfort me till i am fine
And i will think of those sweet dreams of you
And imagine them to be true.... :)

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