Dear mommy
I miss you. When are you coming home?
I have no one to play dollies with?
And I can't do it all alone
Who's gonna tell me "sweet dreams" and tuck me in at night?
Daddy tries to help, but he just doesn't do it right
Daddy says that cancer came
And took my mom away
And If I be a good girl,
I can see you again one day
But I want to see you now
Why can't you come and stay?
Why does that thing called cancer have to take my mom away!?
I love you mommy
You're the bestest mommy in the world
Come back really soon
Love your baby girl

Dear mommy
Merry Christmas mommy!
daddy decorated the tree
And he let me open presents
Like you did, on Christmas Eve
I know you're not coming back
Daddy said you're in a better place
But I still hung your stocking up
Above the fire place
i still really miss you
I wish you could come back home
Come and watch me ride my bike and see how much I've grown
I'm a big girl now mommy
And daddy says I'm just like you
He says I have your eyes, and they're the perfect shade of blue
I love you very much
And I know you love me too
Because daddy tells me every day
That I meant a lot to you
you're the best mommy ever
And I'm missing you like crazy
But I'll see you again one day
Love you're little baby

Dear mommy
I still miss you everyday
And I just started junior high
It's kinda tough being a teen
Without my mother by my side
I have so much to tell you
I just wish I could get the chance
And I wish you could help me
find a dress for my first dance
Daddy works so hard, but it's just a lot for him alone
I help him when I can,
But we both wish you were home
Things are getting a little easier,
But we still miss you more than anything In the world.
And we both love you very much
Love your little girl

Dear mommy
You're little girl is growing up
It's graduation day
I just wish you was here
To see me walk across that stage
I'm going off to college
and I know you'd be so proud
I just wish you could be
with the other mother's in the crowd
I love you mommy
and i'm ready to face the world
I miss you everyday
Love you're little girl.

Dear Mommy,
I said yes! And today's my big day.
I just wish you could be here
when daddy gives your little girl away
Grandma let me wear your dress
she just stood there and smiled.
she said i look like you
the day you walked down the aisle.
I have something borrowed
and i have something new
all that's really missing
is a hug and kiss from you
I wish you could be here,
as we say our wedding vows,
but i know you're with me
someway and some how
I love and miss you mom.
and i know that you have pride
i'll always be your baby girl
love your little bride

Dear Mommy,
You're a grandmother!
She's a perfect little girl.
She's more beautiful
than anything in this world.
I named her Anna Faith,
I named her after you.
She looks so perfect
and she has our blue eyes too.
I wish you could hold her
and kiss her on the cheek
i just wish you guys
just had the chance to meet
I still miss you mommy!
I wish you wasn't gone.
but ill see you again one day.
Love your little mom.

Dear Mommy.
I got bad news from the Doctor,
it seems to be my last few days
i guess that thing called cancer,
is now taking me away.
Little Anna Faith
just doesn't have a clue
she reminds me of myself
the day that I lost you
I hope she'll be okay
because i know the road is rough
but if she's anything like me
I know she's plenty tough
Well i'll see you soon
i'm gonna leave this world.
i can't wait to be with you
Love your little girl.

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