Hope you are still there. Please don't give up hope. All's not lost yet.

There's so much to life other than a mere IIT mains. I know you prepared real, real hard. It's really hard on you. Your hopes are dashed. Dreams have crashed.

But life's not about an IIT or a BITS. They serve to only tear you to bits. They're just names.
Life's a series of tests, ups and downs. They'll follow you till you're old and grey, buried deep in the ground.
It's about building character. Earning a good name rather than yearning just to be in that hall of fame.

Life's about bouncing back up like a fine rubber ball, no matter what. Life tempts you perhaps with a T20. Where either you score in fours and sixes or just get out. But YOU need to take it as a test match, a long drawn one. Play consistent like Dravid. Dedicated like Tendulkar.
No flashy shots just for mere name or fame..and then whimper when someone holds that awesome catch.

Life's about not giving up though all around you are going insane. Everything's torn to utter shreds. Can you still hold your head up high? And simply believe in yourself, your incredible self worth?

Life's not about slaving to get into that prestigious institution and get utterly defeated when you miss that mark by few points.
Life's not about chasing that beauteous woman so desperately, only to be rejected in the end. And then downing alcohol to get over the nightmare.
Life's not about getting that lucrative offer..nearly..and then going suicidal when some crafty person grabs it instead.

Life's a continual cricket match. Where you watch each ball closely. Take one ball at a time. Wait...till it comes at you. Don't reach out like impatient Sehwag and hit it onto the stumps or wave a wayward ball into the keeper's gloves.

Have patience. Maybe your talent is elsewhere. You need to take a long, inward look. What if Mom and Dad wouldn't understand? It's your life after all. Don't let anyone, even your own, push you off the cliff, the precipice into deep waters below. You have awesome potential. Simply believe in yourself. So follow your giftings, natural inclinations, artistic ability. Do some research. Query your close, trusted friends. Be ready for real, blunt feedback. Take it humbly. Be realistic still, without day dreaming. It takes a lifetime of hard work to reach the pinnacle of your dreams.

So what if society tags you a failure? You're never one, says your Maker. You're destined for greater things.

Than a mere IIT Mains.

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