You, with your eyes of immeasurable depth,
Looking hesitantly at what lay around you,
As careful is your nature by heart,
Yet displaying the tenderness that I know only by you.
Such eyes speak volumes that may otherwise go unnoticed;
Unnoticed by all, except me.
I've seen through your falsities and facades,
and have noticed the pain that you refuse to convey.
Truly admirable is your disposition,
As you take it upon yourself
To be no burden to others.
Innocent by your essence,
Never scornful nor bitter,
Wingless angel.

But, how I suffer in my wounds of self-affliction.
The duality of my own nature presents itself.
Reaching for you, yet never grasping,
Calling for you, yet ever silent.
Though on pleasant terms we may be,
the one you love is not I.
Cherished be your companionship,
Though your heart belongs to another;
and by the companionship I speak of,
I may not cross the lines drawn
By the commitment you have made.
The happiness you have is yours to cherish,
and I shall rejoice in your happiness beside you,
Though not in the same manner,
For I dream of myself bringing you said happiness.
I wish for you the best,
As you deserve more than that.
Wishing to be the source of your bliss
Is traitorous of me,
and is the deep-rooted seed of my conviction.
Yet, I long to grasp
For the one who was never mine.

But I shall remain,
As I always remain,
Standing firm
The guardian eternal,
Watching the skies,
For they shall once again
Bring forth the storms
That carry your voice
On their winds,
and speak your name
With the falling rain.
The bittersweet feeling returns,
and I am once again left
Thinking of your melodies
and recalling their haunting,
As the rain continues to fall.

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