Recently, I came across few news -
- A 17yrs. old guy with other 12 people aged b/w 14-22 beat another 17 yrs old to death over some girl matter .
-Few 10th grader killing their own classmate .
-8th graders smashing face of another child with a cricket bat .

After going through these horrifying happening ,I was literally shaken from inside . Mere children who are supposed to PLAY with cricket bat ; studying to shape their future have taken over things which were supposed to be work of a mafia or something of that sort .
Plunging a little deeper into topic , it seems like this violence has become a part of them from very childhood . Mom's a fan of action movie , a growing fetus unknowingly picks up these traits. A little baby taught -"See there's a cat , hit it". A young boy playing PS3 constantly yelling "Die! Die! Die!" and last but most contributing -Movies. Actor's face is splattered with blood of a guy he just killed but he is still unmoved by it . A heroine comes running and embraces the one who killed the person who called her pretty. Is this what these kids want ? Some appreciation from the people they admire ?
All this put together and violence becomes a part of a child's genetic make-up .
A dog bit a person , what the person does after he gets better ?
Hurt that dog or any dog for that matter .
Hatred for what it is ! Such hate that you could see a living being shrieking in agony and still you want to hurt more ?
These children, when grow up for them any another human being is also nothing but a dog .
Little children who should be scared to death at sight of blood are the ones who are spilling it and laughing .
Well ! May be I don't Know ; May be this IS Today's generation (And let me make it clear I'm not 35 or something ,I'm mere 17 yrs old girl) ; Today's trend .
And all the people out there who made someone's life hell , who killed some son of a single mother , who took away someone's happiness ...Well HATS OFF TO YOU GUYS .

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